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These 10 Celebrity Women Have Aged Beautifully

By Posted on 2 3 m read

The Fountain of Youth cannot be a myth because Hollywood is full of countless beauties that hold the secret to it.From their younger years, these ladies graced the industry from either the runway or in your favorite family shows. Some children and maybe a marriage or two later, they are just as radiant.

A lady never reveals her age, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how gracefully these following 10 women have aged over the years.


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  • Ranjith
    September 8, 2015

    Todd has always been lvnoig, caring, sensitive, understanding and a wonderful son, husband, and father. We have fond memories of him watching Mash. Needless to say we are his proud parents. Love you, Todd

  • Achu
    September 8, 2015

    , they have been flying American flag for a ddecae now but all you have been hearing is endless criticism. When they first turned professional at the very young age, not to mention not via wildcards but through Ranking, people criticized them as being too young, they would burn out, their parents were too ambitious and on and on and on….. bla.. bla…But they let the racket do the talking. Then, when they started winning SLAMS, then these imbecilic talks turned into a fresh accusation:Inconsistent, not giving it all, lost interest, games declining and on and on and on and on…After a ddecae, here they are.Still at their best level when the players that came with them are all crippled and out. Look at the ranking. they are still side by side for a DECADE. Boy, I never knew sisters who have done SO MUCH PROUD TO THEIR COUNTRY and still their own people have been oblivious to it.Thank God there is still an American like Andy who does not only have look, but brain some more.To sum it up, I’d like to share one revolting incident in Australian Open 2005, semi final match between Serena and Sharapova. Pam Shriver and Mary Carillo condemned Serena throughout the match, saying that her game was totally declining, and their parents still stood by their daughters’ game which according to them needed adjustment to cope with these new rising stars in tennis!And Serena fended of THREE MATCH POINTS and showed Sharapova the exit door. and you know what? Mary Carillo said this when the match had ended:”Somehow I think Maria Sharapova is still a better player….”God bless her decimated soul. Amen. Go Serena and win this US Open 2009!

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