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The Sad State Of The CIty Of Chicago

By Posted on 1 2 m read

It seems like only yesterday when Chicago stood out for so much good. Michael Jordan had won 6 rings, The Bears,White Sox and Cubs were all household names. A young vibrant man would come from your city to become this nation’s first black president. But as of late you’ve not only disappointed the heart and souls of many but you’ve also taken a lot of lives and as of right now stopping the process of the children getting their education. Where’d you go wrong?

The city that was once one of America’s shining lights has been shrouded in controversy and murder.

So far for the year they’re pushing 400 murders that’s a 31% increase from last year to now and the year still isn’t over. Not only is the homicide number high but most of these shootings aren’t singular incidents. These murders and shootings claim 4-5 people anytime they happen. On August they tied a record for murders (6). At some point someone in congress or an elected official should ask for help from outside resources. Chicago has been dubbed Chi-Raq and although the name sounds cute to residents it’s a bleak reminder that Chicago is indeed a war zone.

That’s not the only problem plaguing Chicago as of Monday their teachers went on strike. Chicago which has the third largest school system in the nation lost 26,000 teachers to a strike. More than 400,000 students are without a teacher. Of everything I’ve seen this week I haven’t seen either party vying for presidency address this situation which is sad. Is it not a major issue because these young kids aren’t able to vote? Or is it not important because much like everything else going on Chicago people are waiting for natural order to restore itself.

I’m hoping and praying that Chicago has a wake up call and does a major 360 because the events as of now are not only staining the great city but destroying its own residents. Youth killing youth is abnormal but when you have murders being glorified and played out in front of you it can dishearten and change a child. The children effected by the strike need their teachers and education now more than ever. Every day spent striking brings a child who maybe was accustomed to the school being an escape from his harsh reality closer to becoming a product of his environment.


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