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The Racist Side Of The Nation’s Largest Industry: Ghetto Gaggers

By Posted on 231 4 m read

America produces most of the world’s pornography, an industry that grosses $15billion dollar annually in the US alone.  That is with little regulation and the widest audience for speculation known to modern-day man.  You can tickle your fancy with any and all fantasies you so may choose on the world wide web.  And it caters to all races, and unfortunately, even all ages (illegal as it may be).  Some choose the lighter, more subtle route while others may enjoy a raunchier display of affection.  And then there are the other-others, who have chosen a more historical route to sexual encounters.

The latest trend to catch on in the secret world of sex was found by writer/journalist Jamel Shabazz who writes:

One day, I Googled negative terms for Black women just to see what I’d find. One of the phrases was “ghetto bitch,” and to my surprise, a pornographic site called Ghetto Gaggers appeared.

Capitalizing off of the torture and inhumane treatment of Black women, “Ghetto Gaggers” is a site that is new to the mainstream but has been around for some time.  Featuring a group of white middle-aged men, Black women are sexually abused and physically tortured through gagging, humiliation, racist mockery, and violence.  Sounds familiar?

As proven through videos uploaded on the site, most–if not all– of the participants are not under mutual understanding about the actions that take place thereafter signing the agreement.  And many porn stars who believed they were aware of the proceeding details before they agreed have quit the industry after the taping, according to Shabazz.  Read a few more details from Shabazz’s piece below:

“After we get through with them they’re going to have to see a psychiatrist for the rest of their lives,” one attacker boasts on camera. In a typical video, three or four men take turns physically and mentally destroying their victims. During 90 minutes of barbarism, the perpetrators spit in their faces, slap them, stomp them and force some to crawl on all fours with chains around their necks. In other scenes, the women have watermelons smashed on their heads and then are forced to eat the melon, along with the men’s semen. Some women have their faces shoved into a toilet, much to the pleasure of the assailants. During the grotesque finale, the men shove their penises deep inside the women’s throats until they vomit into a large dog bowl, which is emptied on them. As the humiliated women cry, a host promises fans there will be new girls every week!


This new form of psychological warfare is gaining momentum and popularity among racists. There are now hundreds of sites specializing in the sexual destruction of the “ghetto bitch”; from the now defunct “NaziNiggers”, which featured white me in Nazi gear violating black women, to “Exploited Black Teens,” where a white man has sex with underage black girls, to “White Boys Stomp,” where the home page trumpets “We Hunt Down Black Sluts!” Ghetto Gaggers also has a spin-off site,, which shares the same concept as Ghetto Gaggers, but with less brutalization.

I most definitely have been taken aback by this piece of information, but I can’t say that it has surprised me.  In the day-and-age where everything Black women do, see, touch, and think is scrutinized and picked apart by not only the media, but even our very own is a norm for me now.  From a proclaimed scientist releasing “evidence” that Black Women Are Less Attractive to the latest NYT piece entitled Black Women and Fat— who is actually worried about the Black woman?  Besides the rebuttals to these pieces that come after its already popularized publication, what is the motivation for these articles?  Are they written to reveal the truth or to degrade a population?  Is a woman who would assume and interpret misguided claims about her own identity doing so to move herself forward or to gain clarity with an audience?  It seems to be that we’re always on the list for endangered species but never in consideration for preservation.

Jamel Shabazz concludes it best: “When mainstream society can’t see Black women’s beauty, or recognize their worth and dignity, maybe the psychopathic hatred of “Ghetto Gaggers” is the end result.”

The most baffling thing that’s occurred to me in 2012 is the unrelenting pulse for a confirmation that change has come.  Not necessarily Obama’s change, but the change that was dreamt, sought, marched, and supposedly achieved: MLK’s change.  Still, there’s this ever-lasting pull that tugs with Earth’s gravity and Space’s levity, battling the former’s existence through sight, and the latter’s through conscience.  So, everyday, we wake up renewed to a world on television and in walking life that we believe has undergone a transformation like no other country in history.  But then, I scroll down my Twitter timeline: George Zimmerman, Phil Mushnick,  Joel Ward reactions, Fox News’ actions, and so on and so forth.  And then I watch a Black man joke about a Black woman, and suddenly we’re all up for debate in the mouths of the same men who were once our allies against a racist nation and despicable injustice.  Could it be that these Black women have yet to speak out because not only do they believe they would ruin their own reputation against strangers, but also within their own community of misguided anger and ridicule?  Who really knows these days?

Read Jamel Shabazz’s “GHETTO GAGGERS: A Nation Can Rise No Higher Than It’s Women

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  • nba is fixed
    March 2, 2014

    Max Hardcore got locked up for doing extreme hardcore sex scenes. Why haven’t the men behind ghettogaggers been arrested?

  • Jules Winnfield
    March 5, 2014

    While stuff like Ghetto Gaggers completely disgusts me and should in my opinion be banned, exaggerating and in some cases, completely fabricating facts does not help Shabazz’s cause. He suggests that women have quit porn after doing GG, but which women? The main pornstar he uses as a source admittedly never shot for GG, which makes her opinion speculation at best. Also, saying that there are “hundreds” of these sites is highly unlikely. My point is his article would still have been hard-hitting had he not lied and exaggerated. By lying, it not only makes him look bad, but reinforces negative stereotypes of black people in general. An honest truth is much more valuable than an extraordinary lie.

    • leonard
      April 3, 2015

      I don’t no what black porn stars shabazzs used as his examples but all of the top black women porn stars are in those movies starting with number one cherokee the ass, #2 sky black #3beauty dior, #4 jaed fire who has done a lot of these kind of moves she is the go to girl for when an old races white man wants to tide up a black woman outside than slap her around f-uk her in the a-s and then f-ck her in the mouth, marshea has don this on gg and on a so call black site that is really own and control by evil white men, cherish rose did it at lease 2 times,ayna star who claims to have been a star in the bill cosby show spin off it’s a different world has don it at lease twice and there are more I can’t I can’t name them all I don’t know about hundreds but there are a lot of sites that or similar to body’s fabricating any facts look it up for yourself and stop attacking this back man for exposing these nasty black people hating devils.I think some of so call sisters hate blackness so much that you really like this stuff and some black men or starting to understand our most dangerous problem the coon bitches working hand in hand with white male devils to bring the black down to his nees I teach my boys and tell black men to beware of the white mans coon bitch.

      • Disgusting and beyond putrid
        September 29, 2015

        Dont any of these sister have any self respect fuccckkk. Do they not know or are they not aware of the sheer disgust this has them doing. They’re reputation will be shown to the world as being a dog and a disgusting and filthy bitch beyond repairable with this shit. It stays on their fucked up record for life. No sister should ever do this. This should be banned immediately and all those sisters involved NEED HEAVY COUNSELLING and heavy repairments to their head. Because this isnt normal this isnt excusable. This beyond vile. No black man would ever condone this. It is of a racist and putrid nature intended of white racist pigs who are satisfied with demoralising and degrading shit acts aimed at sisters. Fucking hell there’s no amount of money that can restore any self dignity and self respect after that. SMH.

  • Brown
    March 8, 2014

    Listen black people the owners of this existing white came from black blackfolks created whites they serving them rightnow until this lifetime ends they goin bck into slavery for 1000yrs then afterdat laugh but god will kill Satan foreva but before dat black people will have all whites Chinese Japanese Africans Arabs s. As servants. In it a never come bck into this Whiteman world again. This is activity activity

  • CRMB
    April 8, 2014

    Ok, I am a black man that’s been around the block for a while now. I’ll been to many countries and seen many things (even the dark side of things) that most American have never seen or heard of. I will say that most Americans (including myself at one time) has this “holier than thou”, attitude of “if Americans think its morally wrong, than it must be wrong for everyone”. Mostly because it’s something u never experienced nor heard of. So let me school the morally high and mighty for a second. What we see in ghetto gaggers and all associated sites is nothing new . This is the way some, and I dare say most have sex behind the camera… As Americans we don’t like to kiss and tell. But think about it for a sec. If your around your girls/friends and u all start talking about sex how willing r u to say.. “Yeah, my man choke the shit out of me and smacked me silly and the shit turned me on”… Most women won’t say that because it’s a big taboo in our society and most women want to retain the image of being a quote unquote “good girl or strong and independent women”… And all because it’s new to u doesn’t make it new to the world… Google sexually actives in ROME… Trust me, they do more than America will ever allow us to show in porn and happen over 1000yrs ago including homosexuality… Now it’s considered a bad thing, but back then it was common. Overall it’s called being sexually liberated without regulation…most people want to be dominated by someone or be the dominant one in a sexual relationship everyone feels that at one time or another but not everyone shows it because of fear, Taboo, or fear of what others will say or think like on this post. It publicly acceptable to say “that’s wrong”… Last point – we see movies where a beautiful woman will come on a man and the man becomes submissive to whatever she wants because of her beauty and she takes advantage of him (the victim), “no one wants to talk about that”. We see women fighting to be equal to men, In pay, in jobs and in life. But still expect us to pay for most dates, to initiate when courting a women, if a man can’t control there hormones then they are dogs, but if a women can’t control their hormones. Then their on every man and husbands wish-list. somehow in American society if a woman get paid for sex/pleasure than they are considering victims but the man who struggles to find a woman willing to have sex with them but can’t cause they don’t meet societies image of a handsome man. They are the ones that society spits on. But most women can walk down the street and find 10 men willing to have sex with them “no worries” But no one want to talk about that and how women offered that service in the first place (entrapment by exploiting a man’s need) and like “Bill Burr” (a comedian) said at one time. If you’re being robbed at a bank what is the first thing at police officers will to say? Could you please let the women and children to go first… Well what about the men last time I checked we’re just as humans and can died as easily as a women.. Are u seeing the double edge sword we put on ourselves. In conclusion, all women are not victims, because you saw them do something that you don’t agree with (holier than thou attitude) some women enjoy this type of pleasure. In bed, Me and my woman role play, like rape fantasies, bondage, and sometimes she tears up for some reason she’ll cry and shake when she has an orgasm. But in the streets she works at a bank and acts very professional, trust- u would never know how she can be in bed because she acts like a black independent professional women. So don’t judge, so harshly America ROM 3:23, in the end she got what she originally wanted A few hundred dollars or thousand 4, 2-3 hours worth of work/pleasure. He got his rocks off by playing out a fantasy. And we got what we wanted by watching people do the things that secretly we would like to do ourselves. But because America is such a taboo society, that I know someone on here is going to disagree because that’s what society taught them to do… Being sexually liberated truly means being sexually liberated…they are all adults and understand what they are getting into ( if I sign a contract that I don’t fully understand nor read other than the part that states how much money I”m going to get. Then afterwards I lost everything because I didn’t read the contract. Am I truly a victim or just dumb for signing a contract I fully didn’t understand) but if that same situation happen but instead of me signing it a black woman signed and it involved sex. Then she’s a victim.. Do u see the double edge sword.

    Sidebar- back in the 1800s it was unacceptable for women to wear skirts above the knees, but in the 90’s and 00’s now it’s acceptable. Back in the 1950’s in was unacceptable and taboo to do doggy style or BJ’s now it’s a common position… Back in early 90 sexual problems were something we didn’t talked about but now that we got Viagra Cialis and about 100 forms of birth control we talk about it all the time and teach it. We even have commercials and a name for it “erectile dysfunction”… In 2014, extreme or rough sex was just wrong, but in the year 2030.. It a common thing and our society except it now. Do you get it now!

    • Jesse
      February 29, 2016


  • Gus Malzhan
    April 12, 2014

    First of all I would like to point out that I’m black. I find absolutely nothing wrong with this website because most of these girls know what they are signing up for. And the few who don’t are the idiots who probably cannot even speak English properly. I don’t care if your white or black, stupid people who do stupid things are stupid.

    Honestly, I find this stuff absolutely hilarious because before the the madness begins 90% of these women brag on camera about how much they love white men. And they are not just making this stuff up either. Log on to backpage and go to the (escorts) and just see for yourself how many BLACK WOMEN will only provide their services (lol) to white men.

    These stupid hoodrat, strippers, escorts, and prostitutes are nothing but gold digging pieces of meat. And want to know something else funny before you guys begin to netrage at me? There are scenes where the BLACK boyfriends have kicked down the door only to have their stupid women continue to let these white men degrade them for a few hundred dollars.

    And before anyone writes me an angry reply I honestly dare you to watch the introduction to one of these scenes. They always get these women to talk about themselves and you can’t feel sorry for someone when they say “Ummmm what do I do….I dont really work, I have five kids, and I love having sex with white men”

    • Jahknow
      July 1, 2015

      right I’ll bite. You just couldn’t help yourself could you. It’s obvious you despite black women. Since when is “they knew what they were sighing up for” a get out of jail free card for abuse. But this is the typical sort of justification used by men who get off on this shit. You loathesome scum of the earth will rationalize the victimization of people you hate.

      Further, the whole site is scripted. The girls are told what to say. Why they do this, what sort of desperation or fucked up thoughts leads them to make these choices, who knows, but it is disturbing. You do realise porn , particularly this sort, caters to every perverse fantasy, and unfortunately, thanks to sickos like you, there will always be an audience jacking off to the psychogical and physical abuse of others.

    • Lizsa
      November 26, 2015

      None of us know their story. It is quite possible they have chosen to participate in degrading behavior bc it is NOT foreign to them in their history: upbringing, etc.,

      While many won’t say it, it is quite possible that some have been abused thus are not connected w/the impact that has on ones choices even when they claim to be chill with it.

      This world is F#cked up. If it were your child (& don’t say your child wouldn’t do it. We Never know what our child may or may not do).

      In a land of SOOO much the message is clear that sex sells. The rape of children and human trafficking are just examples of our depravity and our cowardice bc we are silent.
      Sad all the way around #IMO

      • Mz Feisty
        November 29, 2015

        Yeah but as a black woman they should be ashamed of themselves for participating in GG and other degrading video all for a few dollars. Their greatest grandmothers are turning over in their graves because they are doing the things that they were forced to do during slavery.

  • ssgtnelson
    May 13, 2014

    So I decided to check this out and I’m not really sure how this is racist when the same guys run additional sites that feature Asian, whites, Hispanics, etc… they even have one on their site called something like black on black, where a black guy does this to black women. Is that racist? In the end both ‘parties’ get something out of this. The owners get another video for their site and the girls get a paycheck; they weren’t kidnapped in the middle of the night and forced into this, they walked into their office and signed the contract.

    • leonard
      May 11, 2015

      yes you herpe packing hill billy craker it’s racist and some of it is border line rape

      • Disgusting and beyond putrid
        September 29, 2015

        These white fuckers always try to deflect the attention over their disgusting and putrid nature. It is all over their faces how fucked up they are. He wants to blame the victim not the abuser at all. This is their fucked up nature and its only running because disgusting fucking pigs like him are still alive. Smh I hope they all get castrated and put on the death penalty. This isn’t exusable.

        • Lizsa
          November 26, 2015

          Don’t know whether he is racist or not…But, wth? We have rappers (rapers) singing about black b#tch this black hoe that. sucking, effing & so more ish and we debate race?

          Black mofo’s degrading is STILL degradation!

    • Slim
      October 20, 2015

      The other sites are nothing compared to ghetto gaggers. There is no vomit poured on faces and heads, drank or vomit poured in anuses (Shae Spreadz), no humiliation nor racist comments like GG. Other wise GG would feature white women……..

  • Laura Aye AKA SLA
    May 22, 2014

    Hey you are right. They are just disrespectful. I want to let you know that their popularity is sinking. I checked their ratings for all their sites. Its pretty sad. Word is spreading and this company also shoots LLatina abuse, in which is failing miserably. Please read my blog at
    ….. It explains all the truth I know about them from personal experience. In addition from meeting the owner of it. They use black media to promote their site to seem like they are at the top of the porn game. They are not. They are the number #23,000 FOR FACIAL ABUSE which is their most popular site. AND GHETTO GAGGERS RANKS AT #40,000 . Its all smoke and mirrors. Believe me they are struggling. Latina abuse has not had talent since January. The word is spreading and people are realizing it is not worth it. But I wish the black community would boycott working for them like the latina community. The production company that produces ghetto gaggers is Satin sheets productions. Im on a mission to bad mouth them and stop woman from going their to get abused.

  • menatplay
    June 10, 2014

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  • lionsroar
    June 15, 2014

    Thank you very much for posting this poignant, considerate and well-addressed article. Coming from a former model of this site, it needs to be addressed that MANY of these models are coerced by those who run this site and don’t fully know what they are getting themselves into when they sign up. To the other former models of this and similar sites: NOBODY’S opinion of you matters if it comes from a hateful, cruel and uneducated place. Therefore, if you went through the same thing I did, don’t give these heartless people any acknowledgement OR let them define you by something you did in the past! If you are dealing with the repercussions of having modeled for these scumbags- don’t let them make you color a negative image about yourself. Don’t let them destroy you- their only objective is to spread hate and make money. That’s it! Don’t give them any of the satisfaction. Use this experience to radiate as much love as possible to others as you can. Solidarity to you, keep on fighting for the greater good. Thanks again to those of you who have the sense enough not to jump on the bandwagon of hate. You can do great things!!

  • tony2014
    June 19, 2014

    My thoughts on the whole thing is this, me being a Blk man will not feel negative about being blk nor will I feel angry because these blk women go to this site to be degraded for money instead of trying to get a job, go to school or find them a good husband… These guys at GG did not force them onto their set…If they want to be made look unhuman, then that’s there choice…. I don’t feel sorry for them because I am sure that most of them have watch skits of this site before they signed up to do the shoot…Guys that are mad,remember they consented…. And guys that posted that they love it, you need help…..ijs!!!!!!!

  • tony2014
    June 19, 2014

    These girls control their own way of thinking…and for the gentleman that posted fuck black men, you’re a SUPER HIGH POWERED COWARD ain’t that right evagas

  • pedicure
    June 23, 2014

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  • hollywood94
    June 23, 2014

    first of all weather its on the streets or on the sheets all sex decisions is up to the women at home women or sexy porn videos if she says no end of conversation its about choice and not force. these people ruined the careers of sexy black pornstars who once loved the industry but all of that changed when it turn from sex to rape and tourcher. but you can belive that what goes around comes around. porn is one thing and rape and tourcher is something else the feds need to shut them down lock up everyone that works for this company and throw away the keys

  • tony2014
    June 23, 2014

    I really think that some may, maybe a few ho in blind. But about the one that come back 2nd and 3rd times???. Before people sign on they need to know what they getting into…They tell the girls that it’s extreme… These people legally a legitimate business maybe not morally but legally.. They have a trademark and a ton of lawyers to back them up..I don’t agree with it but it is what it is….

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  • Blacc Moses
    July 28, 2014

    I dont feel sorry for these hoes. M oney=Sex its been goin on for years! they know how extreme it is before they sign up. Thats like watching female dominatrix porn and feeling sorry for the guy dat wanted his balls crushed by high heels its the same thing basically. Like feeling sorry for a boxer with his jaw broke he knew the risks

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  • shy Gurl
    January 27, 2015

    I Am A Black Woman.Also I love white love to be in Getto Gaggers.I have o sexual Experince so it doesn’t bother me. id give anything to have sex with A White Man they are Gods.And I love their Large cocks.I don’t care if A White man Desires to have&keep me as his Sex Slave I Despratley need Disicpline and whoever wants to Dish it out to me Please go ahead.

    • leonard
      March 29, 2015

      shy gurl quit lying you are not a black woman you are a deciving wickit white male devil

      • Frankie
        August 12, 2015

        Leo you are a dumb negro pretending to be a psychic. All women love white men, especially your dog ass ugly black ones

  • Lewis Placek
    March 15, 2015

    What’s not been brought as seems never is even in regular life is the exact same stuff coming from the other way. Gangland? Black men sharing 1 white woman. Um anyone know Shane Diesel? How many times has he said u like that nigger dick? Or tell me your my black dick slut? Hmmm? I could go on as there’s plenty of black male pronstars who treat white girls like shit in videos but funny I don’t see it mentioned and try to prove me wrong I bet u a million $ u can’t and this is another black female author who has blinders on like it only happens from whites to blacks buncha shit and I’m tired of 1 side acting innocent when it’s everywhere from every race etc! Enuff if ur not gonna educate yourself bout the whole subject don’t start writing articles demonizing white guys. Sick of this bs!

    • leonard
      March 29, 2015

      went these movies are made with black men on white women they are paid for and produced by white women who always stars in the movie. or they or pay for and produced by white men.never have i seen or heard of a black man spiting,slapping,trying to hurt her or cause her any unwanted pain,or harm.they give it to her ruff and hard cause that is what these kinda white women and men porn producers ask and pay for pay for. black porn producers such as west coast production don’t make these kinda degrading movies. when there’s a sex movie where women are tide up,spit on,beat,pissed on humiliated in public ect. there is always an evil white devil male behind it.this is his sexual pleasure

      • Frankie
        August 12, 2015

        Only black women should be pissed on, shit on and cumed on.

      • Disgusting and beyond putrid
        September 29, 2015

        This is they’re way of trying to excuse they’re racist and bigot belief. Fucking pathetic whites. He’s comparing asking if she likes black dick to pissing and assualt on black females. They’re not on the same level. These fucking pathetic pigs need to be all caught and killed off.

    • leonard
      March 29, 2015

      i can prove you wrong. these movies where you say black men treat white women like shit or produced by white women and white men porn producers.

  • roy
    April 2, 2015

    Any woman that signs up for this get everything she deserves.

  • leonard
    April 3, 2015

    they made get what they deserve but the things they are doing hurts all black women,black men,and all black children.not just them selves but it affects all of us who are black.

    • Jude
      April 9, 2015

      You love white dick.

  • Bruce
    April 8, 2015

    Shit! No wonder you fucking idiots were slaves.

    • leonard
      May 11, 2015

      yes has much to do with weak minds of black people, and wicked intelligent plans of white devils,

  • Mike
    April 30, 2015

    No amount of money is worth your self respect. These woman degraded themselves and tarnished their reputation. At the end of the day what do you accomplish doing crap like this except. Embarrassed your family, they should be ashamed of themselves. No body forced them into it what a waist.

  • Booth dweller
    June 28, 2015

    The fantasies these women and men engage in, however degrading can’t compare to the real degradation of black women caused by their own culture by their own males. Being of the background what you call gypsies it always intrigues me how the most self abusing, historical masters of tribal slavery attain such high levels of hypocrisy to still spout the evil white man trope. I suppose the internet was never accounted for when the victim mentality was conceived. Why can’t the half breeds known as African Americans own up like their African dealers have and become humbled?

    • Disgusting and beyond putrid
      September 29, 2015

      Black men have never subjected their own females to this level of disgust. This has only been conjured up by these white disgusting devils. Most black men are either romantically involved with black females or have some positive connection with one. This isn’t even comparable to this disgust. Don’t play the blame game now. We all know the disgusting and vile nature this putrid videos portray and these are lead and run by these racist fucks.

  • TonyUS
    July 8, 2015

    its a shame black men think like this. i am a blackman and i can see the racial context of this site. it may be right that the women went there on their own but then it shows the extend to which black men are not taking care of their women leading to them signing up for stuff like this. i know some just sign up for fun but alot sign up for the money. We as a nation should stop things like this and where white women are treated as queens on pornsites and made to take men as slaves. the black women are treated as shit. this is not good for our women and yes i agree with you shabazz: our nation can rise no higher than her women. these dirty white men know that.

    • LEO
      August 13, 2015

      these women are shit and you treat shit like shit

    • Disgusting and beyond putrid
      September 29, 2015

      I Agree these disgusting fuckers beating and bashing these women are beyond pathetic. This should be banned immediately. All black men should treat our women like queens. This is the lowest of the lowest degradeable shit one can do to themselves. Its our duty to make sure our sisters are in good hands. I dont trust these white pigs and neither should you with the kind of behavior they are being subjected to with abuse such as this.

  • missy
    July 29, 2015

    What ths white men do t my sisters is so so bad..I wish african ladies could just stop entertaining such things.please my sisters dont sign t any porn are beautiful n shouldnt b treated lik ths.i saw ths ghetto gaggers videos n was realy pissed….made me hate white men….thy are so can they throat fuck someon til thy vomit? God wil punish them….I hate them.Our african men are the best.

    • Frankie
      August 12, 2015

      Get the f out of here! You know you want to be in one of those movies.

    • LEO
      August 13, 2015

      Missy stop being such a bitch these are nasty black female dogs being exposed by the nasty white male devils thank you Mr. White Devil

  • Satan
    August 11, 2015

    So a black woman goes to a production site for “Ghetto Gaggers,” doesnt understand the contract but signs it, and thinks “yeah, this is a good idea?!” Whatever happened to buyer beware? If you take out a predatory loan, car title loan or high interest credit card without understanding you might spend 20 years paying it off, thats too bad for you. If you sign up for the military without understanding the consequences, then cry foul all you like youre still going. Lots of elements in our society would love to legally trap you and suck everything of value they can from you. Stop screaming racism and READ THOSE CONTRACTS folks! Those little words they have typed? They mean things. Potentially life changing things. Read before you sign. Buyer beware. Because if youre an idiot, someone out there is prowling for you right now: They may or may not be white, you may or may not be white. Usury has nothing to do with racism, rather with predators seeking an easy mark.

  • Frankie
    August 12, 2015

    I love Ghetto Gaggers!!! I’d love to see Whoppie Goldburg, Moochelle Obama and Oprah in some of their videos.

    • LEO
      August 13, 2015

      from Leo to frankie thank you

  • showtimeman(a black man)
    September 8, 2015

    Well no ones making black women do these ghetto gaggers film it looks like they all wanted to screw white men. I guess white men were right about black women and all black men secretly always knew that, but now it’s out in the open. Don’t be ashamed you black women this is what you are.

  • showtimeman(a black man)
    September 8, 2015

    And let me tell you I see nothing wrong with ghetto gaggers, most black men always knew this is how black women really were. But hey at least you can masturbate to it.

    • Truthbetold.
      August 6, 2016

      And everybody knows that white men are sexual deviants.Why do you think so many of them go over seas to places like Thailand…and pay to have sex with children.Y you can’t even turn on the news without seeing yet another one… being arrested for kiddie porn…or molesting a child.You can’t even trust the priests.They are in to all kinds of filth.They want to be pissed…and sh*ted on…they want to be beat…and humiliated.They even have sex with animals.,? There is something wrong with any woman who sells her body.These men are predators…they know how to get anything to feed their disgusting desires… they’re perverts.They prey on the poor…and those with mental…and emotional issues.

  • Disgusting shit
    September 29, 2015

    They’re being ridiculed and stripped of basic dignity. No sister deserves this kind f treatment. They are being objected to such derogatory manner that involves such a disgusting and gruesome nature it doesnt even classify as entertainment. This is wrongful and it is beyond disgusting it needs to be banned immediately. They are catering to these white pigs who enjoy degrading our females and I will not stand for it. It involves brutal assault and beatings which is against the law. No black man I know would ever condone this behavior it is clearly dedicated to the white filths who enjoy the disgusting ill minded fetishizing pigs. It needs to be taken down immediately and all those involved should be persecuted to the full extent of law. I hope they all die.

  • Disgusting and beyond putrid
    September 29, 2015

    The idiots above me claiming to be of African origins are disgusting, pathetic white european boys none other than the disgusting fucks who enjoy raaking havoc on people like their disgusting grandfathers. This site should be banned. The only supporters of this are the racist white fucks. Ban it and sentence those involved to the death penalty. No sister deserves this sort of treatment.

  • James Donou
    December 24, 2015

    Ghetto Gaggers will be shutdown the day Black Women stop filming with them. But I highly doubt that will ever happen, as there seems to be an endless supply of new women each week.

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