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The Last Lecture: How To Achieve Childhood Dreams As An Adult

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Jackie Robinson had it written in his contract that he could not complain if people spat on him.  What does that mean to you?  For Robinson, it meant to just work harder.  Not only to oppose the negativity, but to transfer the negative energy into fuel for himself.  Frederick “Randy” Pausch presented this lecture on Oprah a year prior to his fatal call home from Cancer.  Written as a guide to life, love, and happiness to his three children, he also shared with a large audience what his experiences were and how he was allowed (and found his way in other cases) to achieve his goals.  The Last Lecture is a testament to understanding the last pieces of the puzzle that you would ever need to complete your goals and find true solidarity and glee in the world.  Suddenly, it’s all in perspective.

If you live properly, the dreams will come to you


Brick walls are there for a reason


Allow creativity to flow, in all expressions


People versus things


Energetic/Optimistic over Pessimistic


No one is pure evil


Show gratitude


Don’t complain, just work harder


And Live Civil

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