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The Importance of Brand Integrity

By Posted on 2 2 m read

There are many keys to being successful as a person, a business, or a brand. A lot are industry specific but there are many traits that can be found in successful entities across the board.

One of these particular characteristics is brand integrity. We all know that integrity is essentially doing what’s right in the face of adversity or when no one is looking. With business integrity, it’s about doing what’s right for the overall message of your brand despite the trends that could bring short term relevance/money.

An example of someone who’s found success in good brand integrity practice is NeNe Leakes. From her earlier days as just an Atlanta Housewife up to now, NeNe has remained the same outspoken, and at times bourgeois, powerhouse that you are entirely familiar with, regardless of whether or not you like her. NeNe has gone through one of the best and most successful transformations, from the reality television platform to being a working actress, model, spokesperson, and recognizable figure away from her Bravo colleagues. NeNe has achieved this by making sure that the moves she has made away from the show were all in line with the particular direction she wanted to take her career in. On NBC’s The New Normal we see her in the role of sassy personal assistant which is a role that was a natural transition from her real life attitude on Housewives. She remained true to what she was projecting just enough for us to be comfortable seeing her on a different channel but brings enough newness to the character that makes us wonder what else she’s capable of.

Additionally, she didn’t fall into the trap of releasing a clothing line, perfume or some other product endorsement that wouldn’t have connected with who we know as Nene. Without this connection of product to personality (in this case) we as fans/consumers have no reason to patronize or support. Any of these things would have no doubt gained her an initial check but they wouldn’t have been in line with what we know about Nene, and in order for longevity to be achieved you have to establish trust and consistency with your audience. Learn what to take on and what to pass on because not every step is a step I the right direction. THIS is brand integrity.

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