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The Importance of A Mentor On Your Career Journey

By Posted on 0 2 m read

It is very rare that any successful person will share their accomplishments without acknowledging the individuals that helped them along the way. We’re talking mentors. Whether it be a family member, a teacher, a former employer or even a neighbor, potential mentors are everywhere and they want nothing more than to see you succeed.

Far too often the idea of a mentor-mentee relationship scares people and this really shouldn’t be the case. A mentor is an individual that is willing to provide support, guidance, and sound advice throughout your career journey. The last thing anyone wants is for this relationship to seem like a burden for either individual involved. When attempting to foster a mentor-mentee relationship with someone, consider the following: make the relationship genuine, be patient, and understand that everyone you admire isn’t meant to be your mentor.

There is no right or wrong way to build a mentee-mentor relationship. The process is different for everyone. Some may simply ask, “May you be my mentor?” and for others it may just happen over time. Regardless how you foster the relationship, understand that mentors are very important. They invest a lot into you in hopes that you will go on to do great things (because we all know you will). So if it’s as simply as reaching our for an informational interview, go for it. If they don’t respond, it is okay and life will resume as scheduled.

Having multiple mentors is common considering each mentor will serve a different purpose. You may have one mentor for career advice, another for financial advice and another for academic advice. Just like friends, no one mentor is going to fulfill all your needs and that’s okay. It’s actually very heartwarming to know all these people are cheering you on.



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