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#ThankObamaIn4Words: Reflecting On Barack Obama’s Presidency

By Posted on 0 2 m read

Yesterday was a heart-rending day for the nation, we realized that we are moments away from saying goodbye to our beloved president of 2 terms, Barack Obama. President Obama set the standard for what it means to be a true leader filled with integrity, humility, and respect no matter what was thrown his way he handled every situation with pure grace. Having to hold the entire nation on your back is one hell of a job, and no matter how many times nay-sayers tried to rip him apart and make him crumble he stood tall with his head up high. Obama came into office with a mission to change The United States of America for the better, and for the people and that is exactly what he has done. Just to name a few of his accomplishments, over the past 8 years President Obama has:

  1. Passed Health Care Reform – After five presidents failed to create universal health insurance, Obama brought the Affordable Care Act to life and now over 32 million uninsured Americans are covered.
  2. Ended The War in Iraq – Obama took all U.S military forces out of Iraq.
  3. Legalized Same-Sex Marriage – Love finally won, same-sex couples now have the constitutional right to marry.
  4. Won A Noble Peace Prize – Obama is one of few presidents to win a Noble Peace Prize. Obama won in March 2010 for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.
  5. Ended the 2008 recission – Obama’s $787 billion economic stimulus package was approved by congress in 2009. The stimulus package cut taxes, extended unemployment benefits, and funded public work projects and ended the recession.

Obama’s greatest accomplishment however may not be written down on paper with contracts and signatures. Obama’s greatest accomplishment is showing our nation that it is okay to be who you are and to embrace and respect others for who they are. No matter your religion, race, economic status, or sexuality we are all Americans and our differences is what truly make America great. Obama supporters took to twitter to thank him in four words, here are some of our favorite tweets from #ThankObamain4Words:


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