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Teyana Taylor Bares It All In New Photo Shoot With ‘Self Magazine’

Teyana Taylor isn’t one to shy away when it comes to loving her body, and since becoming a mother, she’s expressed how her daughter has inspired her in every way.

However, the singer, songwriter, actress, dancer, and entrepreneur says she’s struggles with her weight just like anyone else.

“It’s crazy because everybody says, ‘OMG I want your body, how do you stay so small?’ ” Taylor said in a recent interview with Self Magazine.

The dancer told the magazine that stress makes her lose weight. “Like, the same ways people try to lose weight, there are people trying to gain weight. My whole life, I’ve always had issues gaining weight.”

The 26-year-old mother adds, “We all have the same insecurities. Whether it’s losing weight or gaining weight — we all feel like, ‘Oh my eyebrows look crazy today!’ or, ‘My hair is thinning!’ or whatever it is.”

Needless to say, that doesn’t stop Teyana from being the best she can be.

Watch Teyana Taylor dance in a pool of water and hear what she has to say about her body changed since having her baby.

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