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#TBT…Kinda..Hit Songs and Their ORIGINAL Singers

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I don’t know about y’all but I’m constantly intrigued by finding out which of my favorite songs were meant for other artists. In my mind I imagine what the original artist would’ve sounded like on the track instead of the one we’ve all become familiar with. For instance, I bet you didn’t know that Beyonce’s soulful tear-filled track, Resentment, was actually written and originally sang by our girl Jazmine Sullivan. In an even stranger turn of events it was then sung by former Spice Girl and newfound fashion icon, Victoria Beckham, before making it to  the B’Day album.

Apparently shares my fascination with these little gems as they compiled a list of some major hits and their original singers. Click here for the full list but we’ve got some of our favorites below!

Disturbia – Rihanna
It’s not much of a surprise that this song was co-written by Chris Brown, if you’re a serious fan you know he sings about it on his track Famous Girl from his Graffiti album. This was pre Chrihannagate so it was very welcomed from his then, and now, girlfriend Rihanna who accepted it and turned it into a #1 hit. Chris probably would have done the song justice as well but instead he chose Forever which was a part of his Doublemint Gum campaign.

N***AS in Paris – The Throne
Apparently the track produce by Hit Boy was originally intended for G.O.O.D Music member Pusha T but in an interview with VladTV he admitted that he didn’t know if he would have attacked the track in the same way that Jay and Kanye did. He’s said “the record might not have been as special once I got on it.”

How Will I Know – Whitney Houston
Whitney Houston’s smash #1 and one of her more iconic songs was originally meant for another icon Ms. Janet Jackson. Janet’s team dismissed the track which was later picked up by Clive Davis for Nippy and turned into one of our favorite jams. I’m curious how Janet’s breathy, lyrical vocals would have changed the feel of the track. For some reason the thought of it puts me in the mind of her other hit Miss You Much.


Be sure to check the full write up for more songs and artists including Pink, Brittney Spears, Frank Ocean, Justin Timberlake and Michael Jackson.


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