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Tatyana Ali Gives You A “Reality Check”

By Posted on 5 2 m read

Former child star Tatyana Ali has started a spoof series poking fun at VH1 shows Love And Hip Hop  and Basketball Wives. Seems as if she has had enough of people buying into the unrealistic aspect of these shows. Tatyana takes on the role of Mona O’Neil (combination of Mona Scott Young the producer of Love and Hip Hop and Shaunie O’Neal Producer for Basketball Wives). Tatyana brings to the forefront the scripted nature of these shows; Their ability to seemingly catch the most “ratchet” personal moments, the women who wake up in the morning with a full face of make-up and ready for runway outfits.

When you watch a majority of these shows you can tell that they’re scripted. The random product placements during some scenes, The all to perfectly dressed person heading to the local grocery store, The mother who won’t let the son go and the often problem of the unfaithful partner. if you genuinely believe that these shows portray reality I have a bridge in brooklyn for sale to go along with the beach front property I have in Idaho for you.

Although these shows provide entertainment they also portray many African American females in a negative light. The seemingly planned arguments already feed into the concept that the average black female is aggressively confrontational. And the ones who need a man to help them stay above water gives life to the preconceived notion that some black women need assistance to live. I’m not knocking anyone’s hustle because if that’s how you have to eat then by all means do what works for you but don’t be mad that people on a weekly basis are judging your life and given a perception of you that you may or may not be.

Overall this video hits the nail on the head while being funny it gives you the funnier side of these “Reality” shows. Can’t wait for the next installment in this series.


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