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Tank Exposes His Vulnerability on “Next Breath”

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In what Tank refers to as one of his most “vulnerable” tracks to date, Atlantic Records releases his latest single “Next Breath.”  As the leading track for his upcoming 5th album, “This Is How I Feel” the emotional track fits in perfectly with the album’s title.  The song was produced by Tank himself, with assistance from Kevin McCall, Micah, and Sammie.

As I pour this glass of wine

I hope it helps me express these thoughts of mine

No, I don’t think I’ve ever felt the way I felt for you girl

So i’m turning these lights down and I’m telling you right now

“Digging deep into the male ego,” as Tank put it, is the consensus of theme throughout the video.  Following a string of video teasers, the complete product is definitely one fans have been awaiting.  In an industry where most of our r&b singers are turning pop, pop singers are turning rap, and so on and so forth, “Next Breath” is promised to be a breath of fresh air.  The question is– does it disappoint?

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