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Meet The First Black Woman Trying To Visit Every Country

Some people set records by jumping the highest or running the fastest.

But for Jessica Nabongo, a UN employee …

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Watch 7 NFL Players Travel To South Africa For The First Time In New Documentary ‘Through Our Eyes’

Visiting Africa for the first time as an African-American has been considered an experience of a lifetime. To see and experience the beauty …

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5 Budget-Friendly Destinations For Millennials To Travel To This Summer

It’s getting close to the summer and it’s time to travel and get your flyer miles up. Traveling is important because it helps …

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Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone Let Me Travel To 77 Different Countries

Written by Danielle Pointdujour

I’m many things in this life.  A daughter, a friend, a Brooklyn girl, …

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Learn About The Ka’ana Resort in Belize & The Many Things They Are Doing For the Community

Tucked away in the beautiful country of Belize is the Ka’ana Resort that is dedicated to providing guests with personalized service, luxurious appointments and …

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Travel In Style: 5 Affordable and Fashionable Luggage Pieces

For many, Winter has definitely worn out it’s welcome. And though Winter’s end is around the corner, it can’t get here fast enough. Spring …

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A Guide To Eating Healthy When Traveling

Hydrate - GP8 - Live Civil

Travel doesn’t have to be the death of your healthy diet. A little bit of planning and some …

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Fitness Tips For Travelling


Most of us live in a very busy and fast paced environment. We are all in a constant …