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Meet The First Black Woman Trying To Visit Every Country

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Some people set records by jumping the highest or running the fastest.

But for Jessica Nabongo, a UN employee turned travel blogger, becoming the first black woman to visit every country on Earth isn’t just about getting her name in a record book – it’s about paving the way for women and people of color to do the same.

Nabongo’s experiences traveling the world undercut many of the exhortations travel brands have to “live like a local,” being able to seamlessly blend in anywhere simply by changing clothes or ordering coffee a certain way. Often, as the only person of color in a crowd, she stood out whether she wanted to or not. Nabongo also has dark skin and shaves her head.

To date, there are about 150 known people who have been to every country, the majority of whom are white men traveling on European passports – the ones who have the option to “blend in” in more places.

As of April 2018, there were 193 recognized countries in the United Nations, plus two with “non-observer status.”

Since she began her project in earnest in 2016, Nabongo has been to 109 of them. Her goal is to reach 172 by the end of 2018, and the remaining countries by summer 2019.

Watch 7 NFL Players Travel To South Africa For The First Time In New Documentary ‘Through Our Eyes’

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Visiting Africa for the first time as an African-American has been considered an experience of a lifetime. To see and experience the beauty and essence that is the motherland can be life changing for most.

In an all-new documentary Through Our Eyes: South Africa produced by Jonathan LeSane, seven different NFL athletes are followed as they visit Africa for the very first time.

The astonishing cast includes 2016 Super Bowl Champions Omar Bolden and Brandon Marshall of the Denver Broncos, PJ Williams (New Orleans Saints), Mike Adams (Carolina Panthers), William Gay (Pittsburgh Steelers), Duke Ihenacho (NY Giants) and Tony Carter (Denver Broncos).

“Our goal was to create something positive and entertaining while also educating people of color on the importance of travel. We really think it will connect well with millennials, sports fans, travel lovers and multicultural audiences. This is also a chance for viewers to see athletes up close and personal, experiencing a variety things like a wildlife safari, shark diving and giving back at an orphanage.” – Jonathan LeSane

This documentary celebrates travel by people of color, showing the true beauty of Africa and not what we see on the infomercials. The crew enjoyed a Wildlife Safari at Kruger National Park, explored shark diving in Gansbaai, toured Table Mountain, and visited Silikamva High School and the Abaphumeleli Home of Safety, an orphanage in Cape Town.

“There has always been a stereotype that people of color don’t travel…But it wasn’t that people of color weren’t traveling, it was that mass media wasn’t documenting it.” – Evita Robinson (Nomadness Travel Tribe)

Watch the inspiring documentary below and if you would like to support please donate to the  Abaphumeleli Home of Safety by clicking here. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook for more updates:


5 Budget-Friendly Destinations For Millennials To Travel To This Summer

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It’s getting close to the summer and it’s time to travel and get your flyer miles up. Traveling is important because it helps us grow as human beings; the world is much bigger than what and who we surround ourselves with on a daily basis.

Millennials are in the prime of their lives and while we’re deciding what the next 50 years will look like, we might as well go explore and see as much as we can. We spend our money on the newest iPhones, clothes, and bottomless mimosas at brunch — you can’t spend the same for an all-inclusive trip to the Bahamas? If you can afford the material stuff, you can afford to save up for an intangible experience that will last a lifetime.

Over here at Live Civil we want everyone to live their best lives and be their best selves. Everyone deserves to recognize how beautiful life is before it’s over. We want to encourage millennials to get out of their comfort zone and see the world.

That said, we decided to put together a list of budget friendly places for millennials to travel this summer!

South Africa (Cape Town, Cape Point, &  Johannesburg)

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 9.15.31 AM

With the rise and relevance of African Americans realizing their worth and standing up for what we deserve, visiting South Africa will take your “wokeness” to the next level. South Africa is a great place to visit for people who are yearning for African culture. We suggest visiting Nelson Mandela’s cell, going on a safari, visiting the beaches, and camel riding.

Crete, Greece


Are you looking to party like a rockstar internationally on a budget? Greece is perfect for that! Greece offers a large variety of clubs and restaurants with affordable prices. Described as idyllic, not only are the beaches overtly peaceful and picturesque, but the lodging areas located near the water are cost friendly. Instead of taking that wild trip to Miami this summer, convince your friends to cop a ticket to Crete, Greece.



After The Obama administration decided to allow U.S. air carriers to offer direct flights to Cuba last December, flights have dropped by almost 50%. Cuba is filled with a rich history, from it’s immense architecture to the bad ass old school vehicles that most of us would love to take a picture with. Cubans are known for being some of the most friendly and hospitable people as well. Now that we are able to safely travel to Cuba, this year would be a perfect time to go. Beat the crowd, get a cigar, and make your way to Cuba!



If you’re looking for a tropical vibe, Belize is where it’s at. Belize has some of the most beautiful rainforests, beaches, Mayan cities, and reefs in Central America. If you’re worried about the language barrier, don’t be — Belize is the only English-speaking country in Central America. The weather in Belize resembles Los Angeles (always perfect), and your melanin is guaranteed to be popping after this trip. Activities like snorkeling, touring the Mayan cities, yachting, and zip-lining are extremely cheap compared to other destinations. Belize the hype, this place is amazing.


Great Pyramid , located at Giza Egypt.

Cues Frank Ocean’s “Pyramids”, Egypt is another inexpensive place to travel to in Africa. Due to political unrest and up and down currencies, living and traveling to Egypt is as cheap as it will ever be. Egyptian food is on the top of the list when it comes to international cuisine, and you’re guaranteed to get treated like a celebrity by all of the locals. Learn the ins and outs of the pyramids, pharaohs, and all of the important Ancient Egyptian history.

Happy traveling!

Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone Let Me Travel To 77 Different Countries

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Written by Danielle Pointdujour

I’m many things in this life.  A daughter, a friend, a Brooklyn girl, a Howard woman, HR professional, a writer and more.  Yet the one question I get asked the most is “Why do you travel?”  I guess it’s a fair question to ask someone who has been to 77 countries and counting, but it is definitely not an easy one to answer.

Born to a Guyanese mom and a Haitian dad in Brooklyn, I had the childhood of most New Yorkers. Ice cream trucks, front porches and block parties were how I spent most of my free time.  We weren’t poor, but we were far from rich, however, my dad always made time to show me what he could of the world.  From trying new restaurants and museums to trips to Mexico and Florida, we were always exploring.  It wasn’t too fancy and it wasn’t too far, but it was always enough to show me that there was life outside of my East Flatbush neighborhood.  My dad worked two jobs to make sure I could go on the school trips to Europe or visit family in the Caribbean during the summer, anything to expose me to more than my grandparents were able to give him.

This is why I travel.  Because someone worked hard to make sure I would always see the world.

From 9-5 I’m just like most of you.  Working in HR wrangling personalities, benefits, payrolls and strategies all day is no easy feat.  Rent is high, bills are due and money flies out of my hand faster than time in a day.  I see the magazines and the blogs and lust over pictures of Rihanna in Thailand and Bey and Jay in Cuba.  I eat Southern for breakfast, Mexican for lunch and Caribbean for dinner.  The world is around me, but I’m not in the world.  That has never been good enough for me.  I love Air Max and Chanel bags like any other woman, but I love the deals I find on TheFlightDeal.com and Airfarewatchdog more.   I love how the sacrifices I make in my budget to contribute to my travel fund, allow me to do more than look at pictures of places I dream of, but allow me to make my dreams come true.  I love how finding travel groups like Up in the Air Life, that not only fit my travel style, but offer flexible payments, allow me to travel at my own pace and make new friends.  I create my own Rihanna moments and the “Yaaaassss!” I scream at my own slayage is way more satisfying.

This is why I travel.  Because travel isn’t an expensive experience only for the rich.

Life in the U.S. is a bubble.  Living in NYC is a bubble within a bubble.  You could never leave and experience what feels like the entire world at your fingertips.  Except it’s not.  Every time I land in a new country I feel every part of myself literally stretch and grow.  I see the world through a new lens and learn that the world is more than newspaper clips, stylized photos, UNICEF commercials and memes.  I meet people and have experiences that challenge all that I know and force me to think beyond the basics.  I travel solo and learn to trust myself and trust others.  I learn to open myself up to new adventures and step out of my comfort zone.  I learn that the bubble has kept me ignorant to a lot of things, but that in the same breath living in the bubble has been a form of protection.  I’ve learned to accept, be humbled and appreciative of both.

This is why I travel.  Because travel is growth.

We all have daydreams of quitting our jobs and roaming the world free to do whatever we want.  Living life in our true purpose and working for ourselves is a daily thought for many.  Travel has taught me that anything is possible.  From poor families making a way out of no way, to entrepreneurs building digital empires from all over the world, the limitations are only in your mind.    When you travel the world and see how people live lives outside of what seems “normal,” you start to rethink the rules of your own life.  My love of travel and luxury hotels has led me to rewrite my life’s rules.  With my website Hotel Whisperer, I’m slowly creating a life that I don’t have to daydream about.  I get to travel the world exploring amazing cities and indulging in luxurious hotels, then come home and write about it.  I get to share my love and expertise in luxury hotels with friends, family and people all over the world, who look to me for where to stay on their next travel adventure.  I get to help connect brands and personalities with my favorite hotels and create influence and social media campaigns targeted towards people of color that these luxury hotel brands would normally miss.  I get to rethink the status quo and create my own lane.  I use my PTO from my 9-5 to work on my brand from the beaches in Thailand or while drinking Krug champagne in Mexico.   I may never make a million dollars from what I do (though I hope so!), but the satisfaction I get working on my brand every day keeps me going and growing.

This is why I travel.  Because travel taught me to create my own lane and live life on my terms.

These days there are tons of travel clubs and brands encouraging us to see some world.  Some of these clubs try to shame people for choosing shoes over flights, for going to one destination over another or for having “only” X amount of passport stamps.  One thing travel has taught me is that all of that is irrelevant.  You don’t travel to feel superior, you don’t travel to judge or brag (well…we all brag a little) and you don’t travel for sport.  Travel is not a race to be won.  Each of us are on our own path and whether you see ten countries a year or one, the most important thing is that you get up and go in the first place.  The most important thing is making the decision to no longer limit yourself to your immediate surroundings, to no longer let your finances hold you back from your dreams, to challenge yourself to grow and create a lane unique to only to you.  The decision you make to explore the world outside yourself is the first step in a journey that will change your life forever.

This is why I travel.  Because travel is not a race, it is a journey and the key to endless possibilities if you dare to take just one flight.

See you on the road!

Learn About The Ka’ana Resort in Belize & The Many Things They Are Doing For the Community

Tucked away in the beautiful country of Belize is the Ka’ana Resort that is dedicated to providing guests with personalized service, luxurious appointments and modern amenities. But that’s not all — this life-changing resort uses their platform to give back to the community, making the world a better place one vacation at a time.

The resort, which was recently recognized as the Leading boutique resort in Central America, has a number of initiatives that align with their mission to providing visitors an intersection of style, culture and adventure. For starters, their sustainability initiatives include an onsite organic garden, a greenhouse starter display area for newer plants, an upcoming turtle pond, biodegradable seed starter in nutrient rich eggshells, compost heap as natural and organic fertilizer.

Additionally The Ka’ana is very high on the importance of education. They have partnered with the Pack for a Purpose program that provides under-funded schools with the resources they need. Guests are encouraged to donate anything from money, to school supplies, to their time if and when they can during their visit.

The resort’s popularity also allows them to successfully support programs at Holy Cross Primary including their scholarship fund, bathroom rehabilitation project, and their annual sports program.

With all the great things The Ka’ana is doing for the community, it’s hard not to make them your resort of choice on your next vacation. Giving back to the community and having the time of your life? What more could one ask for.

Be sure to check out their site to learn more about their luxurious resort and their amazing accommodations.

The Ka'ana Resort 2 The Ka'ana Resort 3 The Ka'ana Resort 4 The Ka'ana Resort 5

Travel In Style: 5 Affordable and Fashionable Luggage Pieces

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For many, Winter has definitely worn out it’s welcome. And though Winter’s end is around the corner, it can’t get here fast enough. Spring break is quickly approaching for many college students and others are already planning summer trips. So of course you’ll need some luggage to travel with.

Below are a few fashionable and affordable finds if you’re in the market for some new luggage pieces.

1. Darcey Wheeled Luggage Set by Kipling

Kipling Luggage


Premier fashion brand Kipling always delivers with luggage in funky colors and affordable prices. Their Darcey Wheeled luggage set is a favorite amongst customers. Kipling provides customers the option to monogram the set should they so desire making for a more personal traveling experience. The set also comes in vibrant colors and prints.

2. 4 Wheeled Luggage by LeSportsac

LeSportsac Luggage


Although LeSportsac does not have an official luggage set, you can certainly make your own. The fashionable and chic company offers luggage pieces in 18 inches, 22 inches and 24 inches and is ideal for any spring or summer vacation.

3. Fast Lane 3 Piece Luggage Set by Anne Klein

Anne Klein Luggage Set


This three piece hardcover luggage set is ideal for the no nonsense traveler. With a four wheel spinner system, the pieces in this set makes traveling more convenient especially when rushing through airports. This set also comes in a couple eye popping colors for a more fashionable excursion.

4. Dominic Pangborn Flower 3-Piece Set by Jourdan Travelware

Jourdan Travelware


This eye catching luggage set features art work by Dominic Pangborn who is a Korean-American artist and graphic designer. In addition to sporting talented artwork, this hardcover luggage set also features a four wheel spinner system for a more efficient travel experience as well.

Skyline Four-Piece Luggage Set at Target

Skyline Luggage Set

$44.99 – $59.99

Target is a store frequented by many. If offers almost all household essentials, even luggage sets. Target provides this Skyline luggage set which features a toiletry kit, a wheeled duffle, a travel tote, and an expandable 21′ piece. It is claimed to be ideal for business trips or mini vacations.

A Guide To Eating Healthy When Traveling

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Hydrate - GP8 - Live Civil

Travel doesn’t have to be the death of your healthy diet. A little bit of planning and some strategic ordering at restaurants will help you stay on track and eating clean.

When you are on the road or ordering from restaurant always check  from this list of 21 Superfoods provided by Precision Nutrition and Train It Right to see if your food choices are on the list. If the food choice is not on the list DO NOT EAT or DRINK It.

Your food CHOICES do MATTER, try to stick to the following guide of options when traveling. This will help you stay on track while you enjoy your time away.


1. Lean red meat (grass fed)



– Elk

2. Salmon (wild caught preferred)

3. Eggs (omega 3 and cage fed preferred)

4. Milk (Almond, Coconut preffered)

5. Protein Supplement (whey or plant based)

– Kaizen

– Poliquin Brand My favs

Vegetables and Fruit

6. Spinach

7. Tomatoes

8. Cruciferous Begetables

– Broccoli


– Cauliflower

9. Mixed Berries (low on glycemic index)



10. Oranges (vit c)

Other Carbohydrates

11. Mixed Beans

12. Quinoa

13. Whole Oats

Good Fats

14. Raw, unsalted mixed nuts

15. Avacados

16. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

17. Fish Oil

18. Flax seeds (ground)


19. Water, Green Tea, Coffee (cream has less sugar than milk)

20. Liquid Exercise drinks (or BCAA’s)

21. Greens + Supplement

Don’t forget to drink plenty of water. The human body needs water for virtually all of its functions. Drinking plenty of water will flush your body of toxins, keep your skin fresh, and help you eat less. It will also help you avoid travel lag, symptoms of overexposure to the heat or sun, and food cravings.

You can find more healthy tips on www.trainitright.com or follow Alicia on Twitter.

Fitness Tips For Travelling

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Most of us live in a very busy and fast paced environment. We are all in a constant state of movement. Traveling from place to place and always on the go. Sometimes we spend hours in a car, on planes, buses or trains and days, weeks, months away from home in hotels, motels and inns. This makes it a constant challenge to workout while you are traveling. It may be difficult but it is not impossible. Follow these tips to make travelling and working out a breeze and part of your traveling routine.

1. Research the hotels facilities. A lot of hotels have facilities for working out. Some are better than others so do your research first. Check out hotels near where you need to be and call and ask what facilities are available for fitness. Some hotels even have their own trainers if that happens to be in your budget. If its not plan your workout a head or make sure the hotel has wifi so you can log onto www.dailyhitt.com and do your daily workout.

2. Create a travel workout kit. If you don’t want to use your hotels facilities, they don’t have wifi for you to log in and do a www.dailyhiit.com workout or they don’t even have a workout facility you can plan ahead and create a travel workout kit. Items to include can be a TRX with door mount, exercise bands, skipping rope and a yoga mat. You can do an array of exercises in your hotel room with these items or a combination of these items.

3. Make use of whatever space available in your room. If you don’t have a travel kit, wifi or a facility to workout at you can use your body weight. Push aside chairs and tables and do some of your favourite body weighted exercises. These can include exercises such as squats, lunges, push ups, supermans, hip raises, glute bridges, planks, bicycles, jumping jacks and burpees.

4. Get outside. If the weather permits grab your running shoes and hit the streets for a long run, intervals, hills or even a brisk walk. Remember to check with the front desk or a local to make sure the area is safe and always tell some one where you are heading. There are plenty of apps to help you with your workout. If you happen to have an iphone try www.pearsports.com and download their free coaching app. It will help you keep your heart rate up and in a personalized training zone.

Happy travelling and training!

Follow Alicia on twitter: www.twitter.com/trainitright