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Lupita Set To Star and Executively Produce ‘Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood’

We haven’t been able to get enough of Lupita Nyong’o since she came on the scene as an actress and even …

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Priscillah Mabelane Becomes First Black Woman CEO in South African Oil Industry

Priscillah Mabelane takes the role of CEO of BP, South Africa, or BPSA. This notable achievement breaks barriers in South Africa and beyond …

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Watch 7 NFL Players Travel To South Africa For The First Time In New Documentary ‘Through Our Eyes’

Visiting Africa for the first time as an African-American has been considered an experience of a lifetime. To see and experience the beauty …

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First Airline Founded By A Black Woman In South Africa Is Going International

South Africa-based Fly Blue Crane, the first airline started by a black woman is about to launch its first international flight.

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Two South African High School Students Are Working On Africa’s First Private Satellite Launch

Two teen girls from South Africa are working to launch Africa’s first private satellite in 2016, which is being run by …

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#MandelaDay2015 , 67 Minutes for 67 Years of Leadership

Individuals around the world will celebrate #MandelaDay2015 by engaging in acts of volunteerism in their local communities. Today (July 18) would have been Nelson …

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The Super Ugly: Lisa Turtle, Skin Bleach, And Self-Love

Lark Voorhies as Lisa Turtle dominated the television stream in the 90s alongside her counterparts in the hit TV …