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10 Apps for Instagram Users

Having an instagram account means more than just posting photos of yourself or your dog. It’s a genius marketing tool for business owners, entrepreneurs, creatives and many more, interested in building a brand. If you’re interested in opening up huge opportunities for your business, consider using these applications.

  1. VSCO
  2. Snapseed
  3. Canva
  4. Photoshop Express
  5. Inshot
  6. Reports+
  7. Instasize
  8. Planoly
  9. Square Fit
  10. Live Collage




5 Tips To Growing Your Personal Brand And Staying On Top

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Whether your goals include being the next Issa Rae on and off screen or excelling in music and songwriting like SZA or becoming a media maven like Karen Civil, there are tips you can follow to place yourself closer to the top. Branding is no longer only for businesses and products. Having a personal brand is important to perfect beyond skills and experience. A clear personal brand will help you stick out from the rest. Cultivate your personal brand with a keen online presence,  sharp offline presentation and professional onhand knowledge with the following tips.

Smart Networking

Networking is key to succeeding in any field. The age old adage, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” holds more weight now than ever. Network to your advantage and make meaningful connections across not only your desired industry but engage professional circles that overlap. Attend events both professional, casual and industry affiliated with business cards in hand, ready to not only work the room but make a lasting impression.

Attend as many events as possible, meeting new people as well as bumping into previous connections.  When networking, do not meet people just to say you met them. Create a lasting impression and a working relationship by following up whether it be via social media or email, keeping in contact and focusing on not what they can do for you but how your skills can benefit them.

Stay In The Know

It is important to know what is going on in your desired field as well as important news from around the world. Do not be embarassed in conversation by not being able to keep up with general facts and practices. Research basic information that is standard your specific industry. For example, if your personal brand is in fashion, learn the basics such as designer pronunciations and groundbreaking moments in history to avoid any mishaps.

Staying up to date on current facts is just as vital as knowing the basics. Use technology to your advantage.  Tailor your push alerts to provide information specific to your career path. This way you will be alerted on every news story relevant to your field. Staying up to date prevents your content from being dated as well as gives you a sharp edge in conversation on and offline.

Use Social Media

Use social media to create a digital presence and engage, create and inform. Your pages should be public and easily accessible to those looking to find it.  It is time to let go of the @sexygemini121 handle and devlop a clear and professional social media resume. This does not eliminate the fun from social media.  Engage in fun, friendly behavior on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social platforms that will allow you to gain impressions and build a following.  Use social media to hop on trends relevant to your industry as well as global trending topics that may be important to all.

An easy way to create a social strategy is to look at the platforms ran by your industry icons and take notes on how they post and what they post. Infuse your own indivual goals and indentify what is impactul to your brand and craft your ideal social media feed.  Be consistent across all of your social media platforms, developing a personality fit for your brand and online presence.  Use social media to engage with people who follow you but also those you follow. Did you enjoy an article written by one of your favorite journalists or enjoy the last podcast episode from your broadcasting favorites? Tweet them and let them know.

 Create Content

Keeping an online presence goes beyond social media followers.  Use an online platform to go beyond the character restraints of social media.  It is hard to convince people of something with no reciepts. While networking in person or engaging online, it is important to have somewhere you can link new connections to your work. Create a blog, website, YouTube channel, Soundcloud page or other personal online platform to direct followers to a place where they can see your work and hear your voice.

Use your platform to display your talents and skills live. With this platform, create a consistent schedule where content is being uploaded to give followers something to look forward to as well as keeping  fresh content available on your website.

Look The Part

Always remember that no matter how large your social media following spreads, the knowledge you have on industry specifics or being connected to industry leaders, appearance is important to success.  When hosting or attending events representing your brand, be mindful of personal appearance.  Style, personal hygiene and etiquette will create and maintain a reputation affilitated with your brand. Develop an idea of what someone in your shoes should look like. Ask yourself, “How do I want the world to see me?”



Crystal Smith Signs A Major Deal With Gobble

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You may or may not know Crystal Smith. She is a rising sensation in her own right with an amazing personality. Many people know her for being married to singer and songwriter Ne-Yo. She is also one of the leading ladies on E’s new hit reality show, The Platinum Life along with Nazanin Mandi, Shantel Jackson, Eric Bellinger, La’Miya Good, Asiah Azante, Lola Monroe, and Alycia Bellamy.

If you follow the down to earth social media queen you know that she loves to throw down in the kitchen for herself, family, and friends. When the media began to attack Crystal because of her relationship with Ne-Yo and her pregnancy, she fell into a rut. When most people fall into depression or mood change’s picking up a hobby has been proven to help heal. Crystal started to hone in on her love for cooking on her worst days and now they are leading her to her best days.

The wife and mother is a great chef and has recently secured a deal with Gobble, a food delivery service. She will be adding her own special recipes to their astonishing menu. Some of Crystals signature dishes include lamb chops, toasted garlic noodles, boo choy mui, Crystal’s sauce, and veggie mash. YUM!

Gobble is an amazing service, especially for mothers who are always on the go and want to cur their cooking time down. Gobble dishes can be made in just 15 minutes and are extremely delicious. Every minute in your day counts, Gobble is the move.

Congrats Crystal Smith on your new show and deal, keep shining!


The United Nations Launches ‘Share The Meal’ Social Media Campaign To Aid In Ending World Hunger

One of the world’s biggest issue continues to be world hunger. While strides have been made in recent years, it continues to be a never-ending battle. However, thanks to the United Nations, you too can now play a major role in the fight and all you have to do is take a picture of your food.

The United Nations has just launched the mobile app Share The Meal with their focus being on putting an end to world hunger. On the app, whenever you post a picture of your latest meal (which most of us do anyway), the UN makes a 50 cent donation and feeds a child for the day. Just an amazing project!

Here’s a rundown of how to participate:

  • Use the Share The Meal app to publish a photo of a meal featuring a Share The Meal badge, thereby donating 50 cents to the cause. Publish it on the 19th of August (World Humanitarian Day/World Photo Day)
  • Include the following in your post: #ShareTheMeal @sharethemeal
  • In your caption: Feel free to use your own words. Talking points could be the cause/how easy it is to donate/challenge your friends/personal story etc.
  • Challenge your fellow Instagram-ers to participate.
  • Include this link in your profile for one day: http://bit.ly/2tC2uaK
  • Share your meal on several other social media as well – let’s make this viral!

Here’s Why Knowing Your Social Media Platforms And How To Execute It Is Important

Happy #SocialMediaDay!

In 2017 you can be whoever you want to be by utilizing your social media platform the right way. It’s been a major key to success for our founder Karen Civil and the Live Civil brand.

We live in the day and age of personal brands, social influencers, Instagram models, and viral videos. Time and time again we have seen individuals make a name for themselves in this social media space, whether it’s good or bad. The internet has the capability of giving you true freedom, whether it’s financial or vocal.

Social media gives us a relevant space to be heard. If you are looking to start a business, build a brand, or are looking to share your opinions and thoughts to the world but don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered. All you need is right in the palm of your hands, that cellular device. Social media has made marketing more accessible, and as easy and simple as it may seem there is still some logic and strategy behind it all.

Knowing your social media platforms and how to strategically execute them is important and here is why:

  1. Recognizability – The more that they see you the more relevant you are. Your social media platforms are avenues to help you and your content be seen by more people which will result in more customers and ultimately more revenue. People are easier to trust you and your brand once they are familiar with you, posting frequently and consistently on social media will help you and your brand become more recognizable.
  2. Opportunities – Sliding into someone’s DM’s can result in more than just a date or weak text conversation. A large percentage of business relationships and opportunities are formed via social media. People are watching you even if you don’t think they are, always put your best out and never hesitate to slide into someone’s DM’s to create a connection or opportunity.
  3. Reach – Your social media platform reaches the entire world, the world consists of about 7 billion people. Now we know all of them are not lurking on your page but think about how many people that your content has the capability of reaching. Learning how to properly execute your social media can take your brand to the next level and will give you the chance to have fans and customers all over the world.
  4. Influence – Your social media platform gives you a voice to express your thoughts and opinions. Social media has the largest influence on our youth today and we have the power to change the trajectory of our social society if we push out positive content. Social media has created a platform for groups like #BlackLivesMatter and has opened our eyes to the injustices that are happening in our country. This platform is a powerful tool and should not be taken for granted. We all have the power to influence and change minds through social media.
  5. Freedom – Becoming financially free has never been easier. Social media is the million dollar television ad that none of us knew we needed. With the right product, voice, and brand you can become financially free and your own boss.


First Lady Michelle Obama Discusses Her Rise & Conquer Of Social Media

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First Lady Michelle Obama is as “hip” to the culture as any of us. Her presence on social media has been felt for the last few years through interviews, hilarious comedy sketches, speeches, and even rap songs. FLOTUS is the cool mom we all wish we had.

Recently sitting down with The Verge, Mrs. Obama speaks on her rise to social media fame, how she became so engulfed in it, and why she thinks it’s so important.

“This platform is so unique,” the First Lady says of the White House and her use of social media. “We will never have it again. So we will spend these twelve months on every issue making sure we’re driving to the very end. We figure we want to drop the mic on some of this stuff.”

The interview was shot in a 360 degree angle, so it’s recommended to watch it on the YouTube app on a mobile device for the full experience. Either way, the video is below and we encourage you to read the full story at The Verge.

Miracle Messages: Homeless Man Reunites With Family After 40 Years

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Social media is either a blessing or a curse. For 65-year old Isaac Avila, it’s nothing short of a miracle.

Thanks to the power of YouTube and Facebook, Isaac, who goes by Chico, was able to reunite with his family after almost 40 years of being homeless.

According to WSVN, Avila used to be a printer at the Miami Herald back in the day and from time to time, he visits his old stomping grounds to see former employees. One day, he met a volunteer named Gaby who works for an organization named Miracle Messages, which records and shares short video clips of homeless people trying to locate family and friends. An amazing cause, to say the least.

On January 25th, the video was posted to YouTube and just a short while later, Miracle Messages succeeded! See their touching Facebook post below and be sure to watch Chico’s message.

"His mother didn't understand what the commotion was all about & couldn't understand what was being said, she only…

Posted by Miracle Messages on Monday, February 1, 2016


Social Media 101: The Do’s & Don’ts of Social Media

Summer vacation is coming to an end and school is almost back in session. This means you’ve probably spent countless hours on your favorite social media platforms sharing the fun you had with your friends. Perhaps you said way too much.

Well, a journalism professor of mine once said, (actually, he tweeted): “Social media is like a gun. Smart people will use it as a useful tool, not-so-smart people will shoot themselves in the foot with it.”

Social media is huge these days. Sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and even Snapchat can help you find a job and connect with people whom you haven’t seen in years or who can assist you with growing in your career.

However, it works both ways. When used the wrong way, social media can backfire and jeopardize a job offer, your current job or a position at school. Which is why it is very important to be careful and consider what you shouldn’t do, as well as what you should do, when using your social media platforms.

With that being said, we’ve come up with our top 6 Do’s and Don’ts of social media. Click on the following pages and take some notes. You’ll thank us later. Enjoy! – Lupe “Looove” LLerenas

24 Hours of Honoring Amazing Fathers Everywhere!

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As the world wrapped up Father’s Day 2015, we couldn’t help but gather some of the posts that simply warmed our hearts. From actors and rappers to the Obamas, family’s took to social media to express the never ending love they have for the fathers and father figures in their lives. There are very few things more inspiring than fathers getting the recognition they so rightfully deserve.

Check out the gallery  and let us know whose father’s day post really did it for you.

@iamdiddyFather's Day Sean CombsFather son football game! WE WON! Happy Father’s Day

Taking The Road Less Traveled: Pursing an Unconventional Career Path

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With the times changing so rapidly, things are not what they used to be. Industries are evolving and career options are expanding. Gone are the days when there were about three career options: a lawyer, a doctor or a teacher.

It seems like every day there are new careers popping up left and right –careers that certainly did not exist when some of our parents were coming up. So save your frustration when your parents tilt their head slightly to the right and question you as you explain to them your desire to pursue a career as a social media influencer, or a blogger, or a radio personality, or anything that isn’t the aforementioned careers. They may not get it at first and that is okay. This is the part when you prepare yourself to kick into full gear.

Unconventional career paths are becoming quite conventional these days. Companies need individuals that understand the lingo of the millennial generation, know how to leverage social media platforms, manage brand images and so much more that did not exist a few years ago. Explaining this to others may not be the easiest thing. Instead of discouraging you, this should push you to work ten times harder.

Individuals can often become confused when presented with something new. So sharing your goals won’t always be accepted, especially if they are a little out of the ordinary. People will question you. They won’t always understand. Most importantly, people won’t always support your desire to pursue the road less traveled. Such is life. However, by no means should this slow you down or hider your journey.

The road less traveled is, by no means, an easy one (let this serve as a warning). Sometimes you may find yourself alone and sometimes you may become discouraged. Whatever you do, just do not stop. And when the going gets rough and you feel like giving up, just remember, nothing new ever came from doing things, “the way it has always been done.”

10 Women To Start Following On Twitter For Women’s History Month

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March marks the entry of Women’s History Month, rightfully celebrating, highlighting and appreciating all that the female population has to offer. Over the centuries, women have proven to be just as hard-working, strong and independent as our male counterparts, and today many are beating out the boys for top jobs in the workforce.

There are so many powerful women out there, through social media we are able to be inspired by their journeys just by scrolling down our timelines. With various social issues occurring in our country, and across the globe, these female trailblazers are fueling the conversation – using methods of humor, witty sarcasm or passionate monologues to drive their point across. With a wide variety out there, your Twitter is certainly missing something if you aren’t yet following a few of our generation’s key lady tastemakers.

See our list of 10 women you should start following on Twitter in honor of Women’s History Month. – Lindsey India


1. Amanda Seales – @amandaseales

Amanda is the perfect blend of comedian meets activist, as far as her Twitter personality goes. From shutting down Steve Santagati over cat-calling on CNN, to just telling it like it is in sporadic rants, you need to give her that follow.


2. Jean Grae – @JeanGreasy

Jean might be a veteran rapper in the hip-hop game, but she has one amazing sense of humor on social media. From one look at her social media, as well as a listen of her “instructional album for adults,” That’s Not How You Do That, you will wonder how on Earth you can become her new best friend.


3. Michele Norris – @michele_norris

If there is a racial injustice occurring, or a little positivity that needs to be spread, Michele is on it. As a correspondent for NPR, she is always up to date with all things politics, powerful women, and the fight for equality everywhere.


4. JasFly – @JasFly

Jas is the perfect inspiration for your day-to-day creative flow, and she is never afraid to speak her mind. She is worthy of a follow, as she not only encourages us to all keep creating, but she also drops some essential rants on her Timeline every so often that you might regret overlooking.


5. Christina Coleman – @ChrissyCole

Christina is the eyes and ears of everything that’s happening in the world, like many women working in news, her passion is oozing out of every letter in her tweet. From being right in the heart of Ferguson during the aftermath of Mike Brown’s tragic death, to live-tweeting during any breaking news, you will never miss a step of what’s happening right around you, or how outlandish things are getting.


7. Karlie Hustle – @THEKarlieHustle

So much of what you can expect from Karlie is just in her name. Moving from Hot 97 as a programming director, to now working with 9th Wonder Music, and much more, the girl is full of gems on the do’s and don’t’s of the working world, as well as the music industry. It doesn’t hurt that she also has some amazing signature bow ties to match her determined work ethic, and inspiring passion.


8. Nikki Jones – @socprofjones

Nikki is simply inspiring just for doing what she does. As a sociologist, ethnographer, who also wrote Between Good and Ghetto, there is so much to be learned from her Timeline, along with her fight for racial equality.


9. Jamilah Lemieux – @JamilahLemieux

Jamilah is not here for the bullsh*t, and her Twitter account proves just that. There isn’t a topic out there that she won’t step into to make a great point, and isn’t afraid to clap back at those who test that. Clicking the ‘Follow’ button on her page will definitely bring you laughs, inspiration, and a whirlwind of comebacks.


10. Chrissy Teigen – @ChrissyTeigen

Chrissy might be a famed Sport’s Illustrated model, as well as the wife of John Legend, but don’t get it twisted. She has a personality of her own, and it will knock you off your feet. From awesome food recipe ideas, to rants about the lack of intelligence in the world, you can guarantee endless entertainment, with a mix of innovation.

Leveraging Your Social Media Presence for Professional Gain

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We are living in a time where, “If it wasn’t tweeted or Instagramed, it didn’t happen.” Although this idea is widely debated, there is no doubt that social media is a thriving aspect of our culture. As we connect with individuals on these social media platforms, many fail to realize that social media can be used to leverage so many great opportunities, personally and professionally.

Almost everyone has a Twitter or Instagram, companies included. While you may already be following certain influencers in your specific industry, it is imperative to actually connect with them way past hitting the “follow” button.

So, you’re following the top tier individuals in your trade. What now? Spark conversation. Answer questions. Reply to their tweets. Let your presence be known. Granted, you don’t want to blow up their notifications. That would be slightly creepy but you do want to catch their eye to a point that they would be willing to connect with you even off social media.

Social media networking requires some bravery in the sense that you must possess enough courage to eventually ask these individuals for their e-mail addresses or if they would be willing to connect on LinkedIn. Frightening? Slightly. But the fact that you two have been communicating on social media and you are are interested in taking the “next step” shows that you’re far more interested in the person than just their Twitter or Instagram presence.

Yes, social media is very entertaining. There is no doubt about that.  However, there is so much more to these sites than just the hearty laughs they provide. The path to success can sometimes be a rocky one and it is also great to have individuals that are willing to help and guide you along the way. Imagine if these individuals are right there, on your timeline, at your finger tips than the opportunity is simply 140 characters away.