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Happy Holidays! POTUS & FLOTUS Give Their Final Holiday Message From The White House

Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays to everyone!

With the new year coming to a close, and the reality setting in that President Barack …

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President Obama Names 21 Recipients of The Presidential Medal of Freedom

On January 20th, 2017, President Barack Obama will officially leave the White House and close out his 8-year historical presidency. We expect to see a …

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#ThankObamaIn4Words: Reflecting On Barack Obama’s Presidency

Yesterday was a heart-rending day for the nation, we realized that we are moments away from saying goodbye to our beloved president of 2 terms, …

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President Obama To Travel To Flint, MI To Help With Water Crisis

What’s happening in Flint, Michigan is nothing short of a terrible tragedy. This week, on Wednesday May 4th, President Obama will make a special trip …

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President Obama To Speak At Howard University Commencement 2016

How awesome will it be to say that President Obama will the keynote speaker at your college graduation? Well, the graduating class of 2016 at …

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Malia Obama Serves As Translator For POTUS During Trip To Cuba

Isn’t the First Family incredible?

Aside from the amazing things President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama have done, it’s their young daughters …

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#ObamaAndKids Will Make Your Heart Melt

As President Barack Obama’s term is coming to expiry, you can’t help but to feel pretty heartsick. History was made when the Obama family took …

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5 Lessons Barack Obama Has Taught Us During His Time as President of the United States of America

Plain and simple. We’ve never had a president like him and we never will. Barack Obama has set a standard of excellence that will certainly …