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Pharrell Partners With Verizon To Launch Music Education Program

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Pharrell is giving back to his hometown of Virginia Beach in a major way. In addition to bringing the highly anticipated Something In The Water music festival to the coastal city, the songwriter and record producer has reportedly partnered with Verizon to launch a new music education program in nationwide Verizon Innovative Learning schools, according to Billboard.

Launched under the Verizon Foundation, the organization will provide free technology, internet access, technology-focused curriculum to under-resourced middle schools. The partnership also includes the building of a Verizon Innovative Learning Lab, which will feature cutting-edge technology such as augmented reality, virtual reality, robotics, and machine learning. The lab will be located in a middle school in Virginia Beach.

“I want all children to have access to that kind of creative growth, access, and support. All kids, not just my own,” Pharrell tells Billboard. “There’s a lot of variables in a situation as to why something falls apart, but there’s only one scenario where it holds together, and that’s when all the variables are there. The environment, the family, the school, the system — there’s so many things. We just want to do what we can to balance the odds so that as many kids as we can afford, or help and assist in whatever ways, get this access and support.”

Pharrell’s Something In the Water festival kicked off last night in Virginia Beach. The event will be going on all weekend long with performances by Chris Brown, Travis Scott, Sza, Pusha T, Jhene Aiko, and many more.

Power Moves: Pharrell Williams Has Been Named Artist In Residence At NYU

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Congratulations are in order for the legendary Pharrell! It was just announced that the megastar has been named an artist in residence at the prestigious New York University (NYU).

P’s residency will begin on October 26th at Town Hall in Manhattan where NYU professor and NPR Music host Jason King will handle the hosting duties. The retrospective is free for students of the Tisch Art School at NYU and it’s bound to be a historic day.

According to the NY Daily News, Pharrell is “honored and excited” to have this opportunity to work with the students of Tisch and NYU. Pharrell believes these students are “among the young minds who will change this world by means of their creativity.” Powerful stuff.

Congratulations once again to the man with all the accolades — Pharrell Williams! NYU students, don’t miss the October 26th retrospective.


Pharrell Launches Children Press Conference for ‘Happy!’ Book

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Pharrell stopped by a British school full of excited kiddie journalists to ask some pressing questions about his Happy! children’s book.

The children with microphones at hand and inquiries in heads were more than ready to get the lowdown from the artist turned author. Things like what his favorite page in the book and if he would read Happy! on the toilet or bed to if he has any pets and if “Happy” if his favorite song.

Even though there was a clear distinction between Pharrell and the young ones, he admitted that he is definitely still a big kid at heart.

“Without the kids, I would not have this career. There so many adults in the world right now who lode what you guys have and that’s the joy and importance of being a kid. I’m still a big kid, and I don’t wanna lose that…You have to continue to give back to what’s given you so much, which are the kids.”

Watch the clip below answering what a “Happy helper” is,  what Pharrell orders at McDonald’s, and more above!

Pharrell’s New Video Helps Define ‘Freedom’ Internationally

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Pharrell Williams is back at it again with another song that’ll get you right up out your seat. His new song ‘Freedom’ was  debuted on Apple Music back in June and now has a video to match.

Williams expressed, that ‘Freedom’ is the “one record that means more to us than any other,” according to Entertainment Weekly. In an attempt to spread positive vibes and images, the video takes a trip around the world showing men and women working tirelessly in their respective fields portraying their unique definitions of freedom..

Check out the official video above.

Pharrell’s Throwing a ‘Happy Party’ and You’re Invited!

In honor of International Day of Happiness, Pharrell Williams and the United Nations are throwing a “Happy Party – we’re all invited!

On March 20, party people around the world are encouraged to get in on all the fun by participating in the Happy Party festivities. No cover charge. No long lines. No traveling. From the comfort of their very own homes, attendees are encouraged to submit four pictures which will be turned into an animated dancing GIF. The GIF will then be placed into the party where everyone will dance to Pharrell’s hit song “Happy.”

In an effort to raise awareness about climate action, Mr. Williams has committed himself to spreading the word about #HappyDay and the importance of maintaining and creating a #HappyPlanet. Partiers will also be asked to sign the Live Earth petition for climate action and awareness.

So, put your dancing shoes on and get ready to dance the day away. See you there!

Pharrell Williams Uses Twitter to Support Anti-Bullying Movement

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With the help of social media, Pharrell Williams has been able to show his support for a movement dedicated to bringing an end to bullying.

Last week, a man name Sean took the Internet by storm with his dance moves. Instead of being applauded for his lively spirit, a few individuals snapped photos of Sean and took to Twitter with words of shame and taunt.

Writer, Cassandra Fairbanks was bothered by the photo and the comments, she decided to do her part in making this world a better place. Fairbanks garnered the support of about 2,000 other ladies, raised nearly $40,000 and threw a party for “The Dancing Man.

The movement caught Pharrell’s eye and he took to twitter to show his support.

Pharrell Williams Tweet

Pharrell Williams Delivers “A Warm Gesture” with Clothing Store Uniqlo

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The holiday giving just keeps getting good. Renowned producer, rapper, creative director and all-around genius Pharrell Williams partnered with clothing company Uniqlo for their annual “A Warm Gesture” event, which provides clothing for children in need.

More than 300 children across the country have been selected to shop Uniqlo’s winter collection at one of eight designated locations. Each child is gifted special shopping tokens and personal shoppers to help them along the way.

Williams surprised children and their parents when he stopped at one of Uniqlo’s Los Angeles location for the special event. He has been a proud supporter of Uniqlo for some time now and even launched a collaboration line with them earlier this year.

Williams took to his instagram to share some photos from the event.

Pharrell Williams x Uniqlo

Pharrell Williams


Pharrell Gets Chatty About New Beyonce Album, Almost Done?

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In a recent interview with Billboard, Pharrell let loose some details ona myriad of topics and projects he’s working on. First on the list was his “Follow it. Find it.” campaign, hosted by eBay which he curates with other greats like Solange Knowles and several other contributors. It’s essentially a list of great things the curators love and think are dope that can all be found on eBay. Check it out and you might find it to be a little reminiscent of Fancy or Pinterest with their purchase ability.

Afterwards he spoke about his ARTST TLK show where he interviews industry greats and asks them questions about their careers, and calls for them to opine on various popular topics. We actually reported his episode with film legend Spike Lee not too long ago.

What you’ve all been waiting for however, is about as close to an official word on Beyonce’s newest album as we’re probably going to get. When speaking on the amount of time Bey’s been taking he had this to say:

B’s album is crazy. Let me tell you what it is. She’s very particular. She’s a Virgo. And she’s not going to put it out until it’s ready and feels like it’s right to her. She’s got a very specific taste.

This is what we know and love about Beyonce, so there’s no surprise there. But what got our spirit jumping was this next bit:

 [Other people are hearing her album] and are like “Whoa!” And she’s like, “Yeah, I’m almost done.” And she’s the queen.

We’re sure the anticipation is killing us and we’re sure it’s hard for you guys too. Unless she pulls a Magna Carta, we don’t really expect the album for this year, however, 2014 looks promising. You guys have any guesses on what season???




*Pharrell shot courtesy of friend of LiveCivil Ms. Tasha Bleu. Stay tuned for a recap on what all Tasha’s been up to !*

Pharrell Interviews Film Icon Spike Lee for Reserve Channel’s Artst Tlk Series

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It’s rare that two greats such as Pharrell Williams and Spike Lee come together for a meeting of the minds. Recently, production and musical maverick Pharrell Williams sat down to interview the iconic filmmaker Spike Lee for Reserve Channels ARTST TLK series. In the interview Spike discusses how it is that he was “chosen” to be a filmmaker, the inspiration and stories behind some of his greatest films and just how important filmmaking is to his life. Check out the full interview below and let us know what you think!

[Video]Pharrell Williams Offers Words of Wisdom and Insight On YOUR Road to Success

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Music icon and super producer Pharrell Williams  gives a quick pep talk via The Novus Mindset on youtube, and as someone who’s reached the upper echelon of success, especially for his industry, our ears were wide open.

In the video Pharrell speaks clearly, and insightfully about believing in yourself and not waiting for the right opportunities to happen on their own, but going out to create them for yourself. He even gives you his inner monologue on how he’s handled dealing with his own ideas and weighing the pros and cons of his own innovations. Check out the super cool vid below and hopefully it’ll bring you some inspiration to do whatever it is you’ve been putting off. If you’re looking for a sign, this is it!

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Pharrel Performs “Happy” From Despicable Me 2 Soundtrack = Only 2 Days Left In Our Despicably Civil Giveaway!

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This past Wednesday Pharrell hit the Jimmy Kimmel stage to perform his hit song Happy in preparation for the release of Despicable Me 2 this coming week.

The 60’s inspired song is a big hit and Pharrell hit the stage dressed for the part along with his live band and back up singers, check out the ever-so-smooth performance below!

Also, the end of our Despicably Civil giveaway contest is drawing near, if you’re not familiar here are the rules. In order to enter the giveaway there are three things to do:

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See more here and check out the Despicable Me 2 trailer while you’re at it!

New Lyric Video For Pharrell’s “Happy” Offering For @DespicableMe 2 + Full Soundtrack Now Available

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With July 3 swiftly approaching, we’re keeping our eyes focused on all things Despicable Me! In case you didn’t know we’re running a Despicable Me 2 contest with some really cool giveaways that you can read all about right here. 

In keeping with his great creative partnership Pharrell, who was responsible for the soundtrack on the first Despicable Me, has penned another song entitled Happy that will be featured in the sequel Despicable Me 2. Check out the song and lyric video that’s now on Vevo below!

Also if you’re wondering just how this collaboration came about with Pharrell and the Despicable Me franchise (like we were) be sure to watch the featurette called The Songs of Pharrell where he discusses that relationship and more. Also, if you’re as excited about the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack as we are, be sure to head over to iTunes or Amazon to get your copy today! Our contest ends June 29 and Despicable Me 2 hits theaters July 3!!