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Oprah Winfrey Praises Hillary Clinton, Says She’s “Shattering The Glass Ceiling For All Time”

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During a recent sit down with T.D. Jakes on his syndicated talk show, the iconic and legendary Oprah Winfrey praises our soon-to-be president, Hillary Clinton and had some remarkable things to say.

When asked about the several women in the world that continue to break barriers and make history, Oprah took a moment to declare her confidence in the outcome of the Presidential Election.

“I see that we’re about to have a woman President,” Oprah says to an applauding crowd. “When you can look at somebody who has done something like what Hillary is about to do, that is extraordinary.” She continues, “What it speaks to is what it is within yourself that can do the same. She will stand forever as this beacon of possibility for all women.”

The full 1-hour episode will premiere on Thursday, October 27th on T.D. Jakes. Check out some pictures and a short clip from the interview below.

Jay Z Signs On To Join Richard Pryor Biopic Crew

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Jay Z being a “Jack of all trades,” or “Jigga of all trades,” is no surprise.

That’s why  the business mogul is adding his artistic hand in the production of the upcoming Richard Pryor biopic. Variety reported the Lee Daniels directed film already has a star studded line-up. Oprah Winfrey, Eddie Murphy, Mike Epps (who will play Pryor), and Kate Hudson are some in line for the project entitled, Richard Pryor: Is It Something I Said.

Jay will be producing and there’s no doubt that he’ll be a great addition with his work in Annie and Chris Rock’s Top Five. Not to mention his latest venture in his Kalief Browder docu-series.

Oprah Winfrey & Ava DuVernay Cover ‘The Hollywood Reporter’ Magazine

Selma director, Ava DuVernay and Oprah Winfrey are on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter‘s new issue, and to say so, their quite the dynamic duo!

One has been powerful source for decades, while the other is new on the scene, coming up as one of the chosen ones who will follow in her footsteps.

The two, who’ve teamed up to produce OWN’s new series Queen Sugar, sat down to talk about their roles and responsibilities as Black artists in the time of Black Live sMatter movement, and much more.

Check out some of the interview questions below, and to read the full interview, head over to HollywoodReporter.com


Ava, you’ve expressed strong distaste for the term “diversity,” but Oprah has made use of it. How do you both characterize the concept now in terms of the overall conversation in the industry?

DUVERNAY: “We aren’t sitting around talking about diversity, just like we aren’t sitting around talking about being black or being women. We’re just being that.”

WINFREY: “I will say that I stand corrected. I used to use the word “diversity” all the time. “We want more diverse stories, more diverse characters …” Now I really eliminated it from my vocabulary because I’ve learned from her that the word that most articulates what we’re looking for is what we want to be: included. It’s to have a seat at the table where the decisions are being made.

DUVERNAY: “That was your take on it.

WINFREYWhen Sidney Poitier came to my school [in South Africa], he gave a gift of 550 movies to the girls. He thought if you watch these 550 movies, they’ll be your education for life. He wrote to the girls that his dream for them was to be able to sit at the table of the future where the world’s decisions would be made. I realize now that what he was saying is to be included, to be valued as a person who has something to contribute.”

As black artists, what responsibility do you feel to include the challenges facing the black community in your storytelling?

DUVERNAY: “You see integration of Black Lives Matter from the beginning of [Queen Sugar] because it is literally black lives having meaning and mattering in the everyday. With the Black Lives Matter movement, a lot of the focus is on the protest and dissent. I’m hoping to dismantle the public notion — for folks outside of the community — of what Black Lives Matter means. It’s really about saying that black lives matter, that humanity is the same when you go inside people’s homes.”

We recently saw strides made by the Academy to address the inequities in the Oscar race. Is it enough, and how will the discussion change this year?

DUVERNAY: “My experience with that world, through Selma, was what it was. [Selmascored a best picture nom, but DuVernay and her star, David Oyelowo, were snubbed.] It helped me understand what I value, and my times of greatest joy had nothing to do with any of that business; it had to do with the times that I shared the film with real people and with the people who walked up to me in airports and on the street to tell me what it meant to them and their families. As I went through the awards circuit, I found it was quite a contrast between that space where people congregate around films for reasons of story and not of business and accolades. So I’ll leave the analysis of [the Academy’s moves] to someone else and wish everyone well.”

Meet The Inaugural Class Of The Super Soul 100

Oprah Winfrey’s network OWN has announced their “SuperSoul 100,” a dynamic group of 100 inspiring individuals, whose vision and life’s work are bringing a higher level of empowerment to the world.

The actor and activist Jesse Williams is among the honorees which also includes Zendaya, Misty Copeland, Common, Russell Simmons, Gina Rodriguez, and OWN’s very own Iyanla Vanzant.

Each one of these individuals is uniquely connecting the world together with a spiritual energy that matters,” Oprah said in a press release. “These inspired leaders are using their gifts and voices to help elevate humanity.”

To check out the complete inaugural list click here, and congratulations to all of the honorees!

Live Stream: The 2016 United States of Women Summit

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Today is the day! After careful planning and a lot of anticipation, we’ve finally arrived at the 2016 United States of Women Summit, presented by the White House.

With an amazing list of speakers set to take the stage today, including President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Vice President Joe Biden, and many more, today is the day we recognize all of the amazing things women have done for this country over the years, and map out what’s left to be done.

Currently underway, the White House has provided a live stream for everyone who was unable to attend. Tune in to the exciting event below and see a full schedule of the list of speakers.

Full Schedule:

8:30AM FIRST PLENARY – Violence Against Women and Health and Wellness

Opening Remarks

Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to the President and Chair, White House Council on Women and Girls
Tina Tchen, Chief of Staff to the First Lady and Executive Director of the White House Council on Women and Girls
Carol Gstalder, SVP Consumer Insights North America, Nielsen
U.S. Secretary Thomas Perez, U.S. Department of Labor with Kakenya Ntaiya
Heather Anne Higginbottom, Deputy Secretary of State, U.S. Department of State with Ginny Quillen
Walter Isaacson, President & CEO, The Aspen Institute

9:10AM THE VICE PRESIDENT delivers remarks on Violence Against Women

Introducer: Meghan Yap, It’s On Us Champion of Change

Pillar: Violence Against Women
Speakers include:
Mariska Hargitay, Founder & President, Joyful Heart Foundation

Ideas for Action Presentations: Violence Against Women
Quentin Walcott, Co-Executive Director, CONNECT NYC
Matt McGorry, Actor
Joanne Smith, Executive Director, Girls for Gender Equity and Co-Chair New York Young Women’s Initiative
Kristin Avery, Director, It’s On Us
Shaquil Keels, It’s On Us Activist
Jessica Davidson, It’s On Us Activist
Jaha Dukureh, Founder and CEO, Safe Hands for Girls
Bamby Salcedo, President & CEO, The TransLatin@ Coalition

Pillar: Health and Wellness
Speakers include:
Connie Britton, Actress
Cecile Richards, President, Planned Parenthood Federation of America
Grecia Magdaleno, Planned Parenthood Federation of America

Ideas for Action Presentations: Health and Wellness
Jo Ann Jenkins, CEO, AARP
Carolyn Miles, President and CEO, Save the Children
Dr. Carol Brown, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Dr. Sonia Vallabh and Dr. Eric Minikel, Co-Founders, Prion Alliance
Darren Walker, President of the Ford Foundation


Education: Investing in Early Childhood Education
Economic Opportunity: Breaking the Cycle of Poverty: Economic Empowerment for Women and Families
Economic Opportunity: Solutions to Increasing Women’s Workplace Participation
Civic Engagement, Leadership and Visibility: Building Inclusive Movements and Engaged Citizens
Entrepreneurship: Ideas with Us in Mind: Innovations that Create Social Impact
Entrepreneurship: Getting Credit: Expanding Women’s Access to Capital
Health: Healthy and Mighty: Empowering Women and Girls to Connect to Healthcare
Health: Addressing HIV/AIDS in Women and Girls: Lessons Learned at Home and Abroad
Violence Against Women: From Grassroots to Global: Breaking Cycles of Violence
Violence Against Women: From the Margins to the Center: Solutions to Stopping Violence in All Communities
Crosscutting: From Surviving to Thriving: Tools to Empowering ALL Girls
Crosscutting: Revolutionizing Gender Norms

12:30PM SECOND PLENARY – Economic Opportunity and Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Pillar: Economic Opportunity
Speakers include:
Patricia Arquette, Actress
Heather Boushey, Executive Director and Chief Economist, Washington Center for Equitable Growth
Mary Kay Henry, President, SEIU
Lilly Ledbetter, Equal Pay Champion
Charmaine Davis, Chapter Director, 9 to 5
Betzaida Ventura, Personal Care Attendant, SEIU
Kevin Burton, Assistant Director, NECA/IBEW Local Union #26 Joint Apprenticeship & Training

Pillar: Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Speakers include:
Laurie Fabiano, President, Tory Burch Foundation
Warren Buffett, Chairman & CEO, Berkshire Hathaway
Ayo Megbope, CEO, No Left Overs
Carla Walker-Miller, President and CEO, Walker-Miller Energy Services, LLC
Dina Habib Powell, Head of Goldman Sachs’ Impact Investing Business and President of the Goldman Sachs Foundation, Goldman Sachs
Kerry Washington, Actress

Ideas for Action Presentations: Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Julie Hanna, Executive Chair of the Board, Kiva
Alex Gorsky, CEO & Chairman, Johnson & Johnson
Seina Lee, Johnson & Johnson

Ideas for Action Presentations: Economic Opportunity
Angela Glover Blackwell, President and CEO, PolicyLink
Lakshmi Puri, Deputy Executive Director, UN Women
Prosperity Together Coalition
Elizabeth Shuler, Secretary-Treasurer, AFL-CIO
Ariana Davis, United Food and Commercial Workers
U.S. Representative Nancy Pelosi, House Democratic Leader

2:30PM THE PRESIDENT delivers remarks

Introducer: Mikaila Ulmer, Founder and CEO, Me & the Bees Lemonade


Education: Cracking the Code: Access to STEM for all Women and Girls
Education: Transcending Barriers to Girls’ Education Globally
Economic Opportunity: Get Fair Pay: How to Achieve Pay Equity
Economic Opportunity: Valuing Caregiving in the 21st Century
Civic Engagement, Leadership and Visibility: A Conversation with Trailblazers: Making the Case for Gender Diversity Across Industries and Sectors
Civic Engagement, Leadership and Visibility: “Reel” Change: Advancing Equity and Opportunity in Media
Entrepreneurship: How to One up the Start Up: Successes in Growing Women-Owned Businesses
Health: What Works: Strategies to Address Unplanned Pregnancy
Violence Against Women: Changing the Culture to End Violence Against Women
Violence Against Women: Away from Slavery and Towards Human Rights: Ending Trafficking of Women and Girls
Crosscutting: Creating Pathways towards Equity: Advancing Opportunity for Women and Girls of Color
Crosscutting: Second Chances for Success: Women, Girls and the Justice System

4:10PM THIRD PLENARY – Civic Engagement, Leadership and Visibility

Pillar: Civic Engagement, Leadership and Visibility
Speakers include:
Sophia Bush, Actress
Marley Dias, Founder, #1000BlackGirlBooks
Billie Jean King, Founder, Billie Jean King Leadership Initiative & the Women’s Sports Foundation
Jennifer Welter, First Female NFL Coach
Video from DR. JILL BIDEN
General Lori Robinson, NORAD and USNORTHCOM
Jenn Brown, Executive Director, Civic Nation
Shonda Rhimes, Content Creator, ShondaLand
Amani Al-Khatahtbeh, Founder & Editor-In-Chief, Muslim Girl
Amy Poehler, Co-Founder & President, Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls

Ideas for Action Presentations: Civic Engagement, Leadership and Visibility
Kemba Smith Pradia, Author, Public Speaker, Criminal Justice Advocate, Kemba Smith Foundation
Girls at the Margin Alliance

Ideas for Action Presentations: Education
Reshma Saujani, Founder & CEO, Girls Who Code
Angélique Kidjo, Founder, Batonga Foundation and Ambassador, UNICEF
Charlene Espinoza, Founder & CEO, Bosh Bosh
Marillyn Hewson, Chairman, President and CEO, Lockheed Martin

5:20PM Armchair Coversation on Trailblazing the Path for the Next Generation of Women with THE FIRST LADY and Ms. Oprah Winfrey

Introducers: Dorothee Mulumba, High School Student and Mpumi Nobiva, Graduate Student

6:10PM Closing Remarks

Speakers include:
Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to the President and Chair, White House Council on Women and Girls
Tina Tchen, Chief of Staff to the First Lady and Executive Director of the White House Council on Women and Girls

Black History Month Appreciation (Day 16): Oprah Winfrey

It wouldn’t be a proper Black History Month Appreciation if we didn’t honor the legendary Oprah Winfrey. So for Day 16 of #LiveCivilBHM, we do just that.

Breaking barriers early in her career, Oprah Winfrey has done nothing short of change the world. From donating millions and millions of dollars to underprivileged children, to conducting some of the most prolific interviews of our generation, Oprah has defined the meaning of black power.

IN 1986, the Oprah Winfrey Show was born after a struggle to make a name for herself. Standing out amongst her peers, Oprah revolutionized the Talk Show industry and set the groundwork for folks like Ellen, Steve Harvey and the rest of today’s hosts.

Never afraid to ask the tough questions, Oprah showed the world what it meant to be a strong, powerful black woman and more importantly how to thrive in an industry as competitive as the entertainment one. Oprah prevailed for roughly 25 years before she hung up her role as the best talk show host on television.

Once she decided to part ways with the Oprah Winfrey Show in 2011, the mogul started her own network ironically named OWN. With that network, she’s been able to produce more and more content, but done her way.

Thank you Oprah for everything you’ve done for the world of entertainment and the world as a whole. We’ll always be thankful for you!

Happy Black History Month!

Oprah Winfrey, Susan Wojcicki, Gwyneth Paltrow, Anna Kendrick & Salma Hayek Cover Variety’s ‘Power Of Women’ Issue

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Variety Magazine has just unleashed five upcoming covers as part of their upcoming #PowerOfWomen
issue, and it features some of the country’s most amazing women. The five different covers feature the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Salma Hayek, Anna Kendrick, Gwyneth Paltrow and Susan Wojcicki. On October 9th, these five women will be recognized as Lifetime Impact Honorees at Variety’s special luncheon event at Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons.

These five women have made incredible impacts on society and have really captured the essence of what the “power of women” really is. Variety’s publisher Michelle Sobrino-Stearns thinks the same thing.

“The women we are honoring this year are the perfect embodiment of the Power of Women initiative,” Michelle said. “We salute Salma Hayek Pinault, Anna Kendrick, Gwyneth Paltrow, Oprah Winfrey and YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki for their incredible philanthropic work and their personal commitment to fostering change. We look forward to collaborating once more with our dynamic partner Lifetime who has been a real force alongside Variety in championing the efforts of our esteemed honorees.”

According to Variety, Salma Hayek is being recognized for her humanitarian efforts with Chime for Change, Anna Kendrick works with The Trevor Project, Gwyneth Paltrow with L.A. Kitchen, Oprah with the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy Foundation and Susan Wojcicki with Room to Read. On top of Variety’s contributions, Entertainment Industry Foundation will match Variety’s donations to each of women’s aforementioned charities.

Give it up for these five spectacular women and be sure to grab your copy of Variety now!

oprah winfrey power of women variety magazine

Paul C. Brunson Shares 20 Success Habits He’s Learned From Working With Billionaires

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The New Year is upon us and more than ever we are feeling encouraged and motivated to achieve dreams and goals we have set forth. With or without a college education, there are simply some things that require first hand experience to learn. Text books can’t teach everything.

Paul C. Brunson, a renowned matchmaker and personal branding expert, has had his fair share of personal and professional experiences in his life. Brunson’s career has allowed him to work with Oprah Winfrey and Enver Yucel who both happen to be billionaires.

In a recent blog post for Huffington Post, Brunson shared some habits for success that he learned from having the opportunity to work with these two individuals that have paved their ways to the top of the success ladder. Some of the gems? Surrounding yourself with better people, investing in yourself and never eating alone.

As we enter a new year and embark on new journeys, adding some habits for success will certainly help you excel. Check out the full article here.

Raven-Symone Addresses Harsh Comments and Threats in an Open Letter


In a recent interview with Oprah Winfrey for her “Where Are They Now?” series, Cosby Show sweetheart Raven-Symone` shared, “I’m tired of being labelled. I’m an American! I’m not an African-American. I’m an American.”

Although Oprah warned Raven that she would receive a lot of backlash for her comment, she decided to stick to her opinion. As promised, it didn’t take long for Raven to be bombarded with harsh comments and threats regarding her statement.

In an effort to address the issue and the criticism, Raven took to Facebook and wrote an open letter:

I don’t take offense to those that are mad at my personal opinion of myself. Like before, I’m glad there are conversations happening. Our generation tends to stay comfortable ,at times, with issues and topics that need to be addressed.

QUESTION: If we are taught not to repeat history by learning it. Why do we continue to repeat? We must not be learning it correctly.

What does irritate me is the bulling tone towards myself and other opinions in the blog. Keep your disrespectful, mean, hurtful, words in a diary for yourself. Personal attacking is not needed, and no matter what race, nationality, culture, or womb you came out of; strive for respect. Strive to be virtuous, so the conversation can lead to great things, other things.

Our ancestors of all races had the courage to stand up for what they believed in no matter what the fight. Back then I hope the motto wasn’t…”the more haters the better”

We have reached a standstill in our progression as Humans. Let’s have a floor of RESPECT, KINDNESS, OPENMINDED-nESS. Showing your disagreement with my personal comments by using language you were not allowed to use as a child is just.

My momma reads this, and so do others. #bully

Even though many still disagree with her, the Facebook post has over 50,000 likes and has been shared over 3,000 times, which means Raven-Symone is not alone. What are your thoughts?


Oprah Winfrey Gives Dress Off Her Back to Twitter Follower

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s-OPRAH-AND-JIMMY-KIMMEL-O-MAGAZINE-DECEMBER-large640She has famously given away cars, trips and her favorite things on her talk show and even held a public auction of her home furnishings, but now Oprah Winfrey is literally giving fans the clothes off her back.

The former talk-show queen surprised one Twitter follower, and likely sent the rest of her 23.4 million Twitter followers who didn’t ask slapping their heads – with the dress she wore on the cover of ESSENCE magazine after the fan simply asked:

Atlanta-based Twitter user Brandi ( @snobaby28) got a reply from Winfrey herself less than one hour later saying that, yes, she could have the Brian Rennie for Basler gown Winfrey wore on ESSENCE’s March cover that featured “The Butler” star posing alongside Forest Whitaker, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Michael B. Jordan.



After a few failed attempts at reaching someone on Winfrey’s team, Brandi was contacted by one of Winfrey’s assistants, Maya Watson, who instructed her to follow her on Twitter so she could send her a direct message.

On Feb. 21, exactly one week after she first tweeted Winfrey, Brandi tweeted that the star’s dress was now in her hands.

Forest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey Narrate Audiobook Companion to Their Critically Acclaimed Film “The Butler”

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In preparation for the release of the their new film The ButlerForest Whitaker, Oprah Winfrey, and David Oyelowo have joined forces with Simon & Schuster Audio to release an audiobook companion to the critically acclaimed film they star in.

Academy Award-winner Forest Whitaker narrates the story of Eugene Allen, a butler who served no less than seven presidents, from Harry Truman to Ronald Reagan.  Allen was witness to history during his years at the White House, serving tea and supervising buffets as influential decisions about the moon landing, Vietnam War, Civil Rights legislation, and more took place around him. 

Also included in the release of the audiobook, author Wil Haygood’s exploration of the history of black images on celluloid and in Hollywood, read by Oprah Winfrey and David Oyelowo.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to have these incredible actors lend their voices to The Butler,” says Chris Lynch, President & Publisher of Simon & Schuster Audio. “It’s a very rare occasion indeed when you have such extraordinary talent in one audiobook production.”

The Butler premieres everywhere August 16th and the audiobook is released July 30th.

‘Dark Girls’ Documentary To Premiere on OWN Network

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It looks like Bill Duke’s documentary, Dark Girls is heading to Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network  this June.

It’s been traveling the film festival circuit since its TIFF debut in the fall of 2011, and, at one time, seemed like it would get a theatrical release, but that never happened.

It was a year ago when Bull Duke announced that he was developing 2 feature documentary follow-ups to Dark Girls, after a screening of that film at the Pan African Film Festival in 2012.

Sharing with the audience during a Q&A after the screening, Duke said that the two follow-up films would include: Yellow Brick Road, which will look at the *colorism* issue from the fairer-skinned black woman’s point of view (Dark Girls was from the darker-skinned black woman’s POV); and the other would be titled What Is A Man, which will explore what masculinity and manhood is, from the beginning of humanity to the present.

Dark Girls will premiere on OWN on SundayJune 23rd, at 10pm ET.