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Nike Launches #BetterForIt Campaign

Nike has launched its official #BetterForIt campaign highlighting the hard work and commitment female athletes exult when working out and achieving new goals. #BetterForIt aims to inspire women ...

The Best Sports Bras For Your Workout

  There are a lot of options for sports bras from fashion sports bras, sport specific and even general. We all like a different fit, feel and style. I have narrowed down a few of my favourites ...

Nike Calls Women Athletes “GoldDiggers”?

  Maybe this time, Nike should have thought before they just did it. As one of the official outfitters for the 2012 London games, Nike released a controversial Olympic-inspired shirt that ...

Nike’s #GameOnWorld Takes Over LA

When it comes to iconic brands, Nike’s either at the top of the list or near the apex because its innovation and all around creativity. You may have seen the company’s new commercial ...