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It’s Not Too Late: 5 Benefits of Creating A Vision Board

It’s officially 2019 and it’s time to start putting your goals for the New Year into action. I assume that by now most of you have already written down what you plan to accomplish over the next 12 months. If you haven’t, that’s absolutely okay because you still have time!

A few weeks ago, I took the time to write out my resolutions for the New Year, but I’m also considering creating a vision board. A vision board is a tool used to help clarify, concentrate, and maintain focus on specific life goals. This can be geared toward personal, business, travel, or financial aspirations. There are several benefits to creating a vision board and I want to highlight a few of them that I consider being the most influential.

It forces you to be clear and precise about what you’re looking to achieve.

Vision boards consist of pictures, which doesn’t allow you to be as vague as you would be if you were simply writing your goals on a sheet of paper. It forces you to be clear about what you’re looking to accomplish. For an example, if you want a “better life,” that’s great, but there can be so many different interpretations of exactly what a better life means. For you, is this a new job? Is this a new home? Is this a much healthier diet?

It helps you to practice law of attraction.

Law of attraction is described as the ability to attract into our lives whatever we’re focusing on or giving our energy to. If you’re creating a vision board full of these amazing life goals you’re looking to achieve, you’re allowing room for those amazing things to manifest. Power of the tongue and the law of attraction go hand in hand, so learning to speak things into existence is just as important and beneficial as what you put on your vision board.

It’s fun.

Of course, creating a vision board requires you to be productive and focused, but it can also be a lot of fun. Going through magazines or searching for pictures online is like building your interpretation of the perfect life. You get to choose the perfect home, car, travel destinations, daily affirmations and also reflect on the great things you’ve already accomplished that you want to build on. Vision boards allow you to get a creative as you want.

It keeps you focused, productive, and driven.

For me, waking up every morning knowing that I have goals to meet keeps me focused, productive, and driven. There’s no better feeling than having a purpose. Creating a vision board is like establishing tunnel vision. It’s like, “I know what I want and this is my blueprint to how I’m going to get it.”

It increases your chances of success.

Now, this is self-explanatory and the sole purpose for setting goals and creating a vision board. I believe we can all attest to knowing that if you’re constantly setting goals and putting in the work necessary to accomplish those goals, your chances of success is going to increase. After all, we are doing all of this to be successful, right?

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Here’s What Everyone Should Leave In 2017

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The new year is the perfect opportunity to wipe your slate clean and begin anew.  Reflecting on 2017, the good, bad and ugly moments all shaped a year full of triumph and tragedy.  Take the standard tradition of creating New Year’s resoulutions up a notch. Do not just list goals to reach, places to travel and items to check off your bucket list. Think about the behavior necessary to make these things attainable rather than make a list that is forgotten about before April Fool’s Day.

In order to reach new heights in 2018, drop toxic people and practices and begin the new year on a positve note. Need help identifying who and what needs to go?  Here are 5 things everyone should leave behind.

Self Doubt

“Self-esteem means knowing you are the dream.” – Oprah Winfrey

2018 is the year of confidence. Leave all self doubts in 2017.  Celebrate your accomplishments, seek out opportunities and step boldly into a new mindset.  Combat negative thoughts with positive affirmations whether it be empowering quotes or self compliments. Speak only positive thoughts about yourself daily and remember all the great qualities you own.


“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” – Maya Angelou

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.  If there are goals you want to reach, step outside of the comfort zone and go for them.  Break your normal routine and take chances that may put you closer to your dreams. Attend events, network with professionals, send texts first, run the extra mile, no matter the goal, break out and do it!  Being uncomfortable makes room for necessary improvement and growth.

Faux Friends

“No person is your friend who demands your silence, or denies your right to grow. ” – Alice Walker

Make the conscious decision to end toxic relationships going forward. Identifying these people may be difficult at first yet in the end, weeding out these faux friends will only lead to positive results. Distance yourself from people who spill your tea to anyone who will listen, constantly takes aim at your insecurities or any other detrimental behavior.


“Life is short, and it’s up to you to make it sweet.” – Sadie Delany

What good is the hard work if you do not get to enjoy the fruits of your labor?  Make relaxing and enjoying life a priority and stop overworking in 2017.  Create a balance between work and play and drop the “no days off” mindset. Days off are imparitive to health. Do not get burnt out working 24/7. Stop, and smell the roses.

[Video] No More Resolutions

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With this being the last Monday of the year, you’ve undoubtedly begun to see posts, lists and suggestions for New Year’s Resolutions running rampant across your various methods of surfing the internet. Every year we return to this same place of false promises and empty commitments in our attempts at pursuing better lives for ourselves and our families. Some stick, but more often than not, they don’t. If 2013 taught us anything it was that it’s timeout for traditional and expected ways of doing things. Gone are the days of orthodox practices producing textbook results. Now, in order to get more you have to do more. At Live Civil we want to see you at your best and because of this we’re challenging all of readers to push outside of the norm. Do things you’ve never done before and begin to expect things you’ve never seen. We’re right there with you and we’ve got a little motivation for you in the video below! Amazing things for 2014!




Avoiding The Resolution Trap in 2013

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Typically I stray far from New Year’s Resolutions. At first it was because I was young and my mother used to make us write them down every year, so when I moved out I had a rebellion of sorts. But as I got older and more mature, I realized the failure we set ourselves up for with the types of things we resolve to do at the turn of a new year (see Are You Hustling Backwards). However, in place of resolutions, I made it a regular practice to have constant checks for myself; milestones that I plan to reach, or implement on any given basis, dependent upon the task I set forth. So that’s what we’re going to do today. Irrespective of the date, but taking advantage of that brand new feeling we’re going to make a proclamation of something that we’re going to own and take accountability for on a day-to-day basis. Not to be confused with a daily basis, sometimes you’ll have a bad/weak day. But the beauty of day-to-day is that the challenge is in the moment and the cumulative rewards are all up to you. The more you perform, the stronger the record; the stronger the record; the more likely to become a learned behavior. This is the goal.

I’ll start. Today I, Ryan, will be just a little more honest with myself than I think I should be, a little more often than I’m comfortable with. I also commit myself to getting back in the saddle after any situation that causes me to momentarily lose sight of this commitment I’m making to the most important person I can make a commitment to, myself.

The mechanics of it are like this. Growth and forward movement are things I literally live by. It’s what motivates me in everything. In compliment to this, we know that in order for anything to grow it has to be tempered with some form of resistance. If you lift 50lbs. every day, at some point you will no longer be growing muscle, merely maintaining what you’ve established. This is why I chose to be more honest with myself than I think I should be, a little more often than I should. To force myself to step out of situations I would normally bulldoze my way through and reevaluate if I’m really handling something the best way I can, or if I’m really as justified in my feelings as my hurt or anger would lead me to believe that I am. Lord, THAT’S gonna be the struggle. Which leads me to the next point of getting back in the saddle; I have to be realistic (read honest) with myself about the fact that there are going to be times that I’m just not strong enough…yet. I’m committing myself to not be defeated by these minor losses, but instead encouraged by the lesson learned and prepare better for the next time. I know me. There’s ALWAYS a next time.

Now that you’ve seen the formula, what are you going to effectively resolve to do (or not do) and how will you successfully achieve it? We sincerely want to hear your replies, so take your time and don’t hold back. Meanwhile…Live Civil!



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