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Protective Styles For You To Try, In Honor of National Hair Day

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Protectively styling natural hair is officially back in season. You’ve already done the hard part, which was keeping your hair moisturized during summers most obnoxious heat.
Here are a few protective hairstyles you can try as the Fall leaves are upon us, and the winter season approaches.
Whether you’re going for a chic or simple look, this list should help you decide what style would best fit you.
Hairstyles That Require Little To No Extensions
  1. Afro Puff
  2. Natural flat twists
  3. Bantu Knots

Afro Puff

Natural Flat twists

Bantu Knots

Hairstyles That Require Some Extensions
  1. Box Braids/Crochet Braids
  2. Weave/Wigs
  3. Havana Twists

Box Braids

Crochet Braids




Havana Twists

















Why do you need protective styles? Here are two good reasons why!

1. Length Retention
2. Maintenance of moisture

Miss Jamaica, Davina Bennet Lands Natural Hair Campaign With Shea Moisture

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Davina Bennett, Miss Jamaica and 2nd runner up for Miss Universe made waves when she rocked her all-natural afro during the glamourous competition.  Constantly using her platform to empower black women to embrace the beauty of their kinky and curly textures, Bennett recently became the first ever face of Shea Moisture for their “Jamaican Black Castor Oil” line.


When Davina Bennett stunned the audience and lit the internet on fire with her natural hair and commanding presence. The Miss Universe pageant is a rare host of afros and Bennett chose to take a step forward to change that narrative. Following the beauty pageant, Bennett continued to highlight natural crowns. She began using the hashtag #AfroFriday and uploaded pictures of users, tagging photos of their natural hair with the hashtag.

Shea Moisture and Bennett seem to make a perfect pair as both the brand and the beauty celebrate beauty of all shapes, shades and sizes. Becoming the first ever face of the Jamaican Black Castor Oil line is sure to be the first in a long list of future campaigns led by Davina Bennett.


Miss Jamaica Davina Bennett Celebrates Natural Hair With #AfroFriday Takeover

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Miss Jamaica Davina Bennett slayed the stage at the 2017 Miss Universe pageant wearing her natural afro and wants to encourage and empower other women to do the same.  December 1st, Bennett began using the tag #AfroFriday and amplified visibility of natural kinky and curly crowns on Instagram.

Wearing her natural hair while participating in an international pageant, Bennett was flooded with comments on her grace and beauty.  Davina Bennett competed so well, unofficial social media judges were not pleased as she was crowned second runner up. Fans created the hashtag #MissJamaicaShouldHaveWon.  Although she did not win, Bennett continues to shine her light on and off the stage.


Davina Bennett who’s philanthropy extends to many causes including anti-bullying campaigns and deaf awareness highlights an important issue in the beauty industry. Many times, afros and kinky or coily textured hair is deemed unfit, unprofessional and unattractive by societal standards. Competing and excelling in the a global pageant while wearing an afro breaks away from the extensions, and straightened hair, popular among black women in pagentry.

With #AfroFriday the push for seeing the beauty in all natural hair continues. Bennett not only uploaded her own fro, yet shared many fans who participated in the uplifting movement. Check out her Instagram page here for a healthy dose of black girl magic.

The Living Civil Series: Nikisha Brunson

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Who? Nikisha Brunson

What does she do? Co-Founder of Urban Bush Babes and PineappleLife

Where is she from? Toronto, Canada raised in Brooklyn, NY

How is she living civil? 

Nikisha Brunson is 1/2 of the popular and critically acclaimed lifestyle and natural hair blog “Urban Bush Babes”. The Urban Bush Babe is anyone who goes beyond the labels and steps outside of the box, they are comfortable in their own skin and embraces others. Nikisha Brunson carries all of these traits and then some, but it wasn’t always that way.


Nikisha’s childhood years involved being a victim of bullying, issues with self, identity, sexual and verbal abuse. The bush babe grew up in the concrete jungle with her white mother who had the slightest idea of how to handle her ginormous set of beautiful natural curls, but she did the best she could resulting in one slicked back ponytail. Little did she know years later she will be the owner of her very own natural hair care line, (Folie Apothecary) and the co-founder of two successful natural hair and lifestyle blogs.

“Everything I’m not made me everything I am”

Everything Nikisha was not made her everything that she is today. The bullying, dysfunctional family, and sexual abuse led her to identity issues. These identity issues led her to live a life filled with uncertainty, constant exploration, depression, anxiety, and unhealthy relationships. In college, Nikisha had no idea who she was, she became attached to anything she thought was positive and even attempted to commit suicide at one point. Nikisha reached her breaking point and ultimately ended up finding herself through christ. She now lives a full and positive life committed to Jesus and her family. The hair that she was bullied for is now what she is known for. Tons of natural hair ladies look to her for the best tips and tricks. The constant style change led her to her an impeccable unique vintage style which is what made Urban Bush Babes different from other natural hair blogs, they incorporated vintage fashion and thrifting. The depression and anxiety are what caused her to dive deep into health consciousness, she now provides information on how to naturally heal ADHD, depression, and anxiety through living a healthy lifestyle.


Putting your peace first. 

Because of Nikisha’s anxiety and depression she had to move far away from New York City to a place that is more fitting and relaxing. Nikisha currently resides in Austin, Texas with her husband and son in the cutest cottage. Most people from the south who want to make it in media/entertainment are rushing up north because they feel as though that is where it’s at. Nikisha put her health and peace first and continues to kill her career while living a simpler life in the sweet south.  “First learning who you are, things you are good at and things that you fail at. You can live an amazing life knowing what you are good at, what you are not good at. If you are not good at something you can strengthen it or just leave it alone, say that’s not my thing, accept it and move on.

 “First learning who you are, things you are good at and things that you fail at. You can live an amazing life knowing what you are good at, what you are not good at. If you are not good at something you can strengthen it or just leave it alone, say that’s not my thing, accept it and move on. – (Nikisha Brunson via Kaleidoscope society)

Nikisha believes that it is important to walk with people who understand you and are willing to work with you especially if you are living with a mental illness. It is important to surround yourself with people who will be there with you and pick you up when you feel like quitting.

“To find my inner peace I pray and surround myself with people who are compassionate and considerate and won’t make me feel overwhelmed. To release anxiety and stress I turn to exercising, a good movie or series. I also just started doing yoga again. Providing insightful content for women of color.” – (Nikisha Brunson via Kaleidoscope society)

In this fast-moving society, many of us don’t put ourselves and our peace first. A default of a hard worker is that we completely exhaust ourselves in efforts of being our best selves, and when we do this we are doing ourselves a disservice. When you are not internally centered and balanced you are not your best selves, and you are not putting out your best work. Find what works for you, find people that love you (for you and not what you can do for them), be happy, be healthy, and see how beautiful and effortless your work and your life will become.


Providing Insightful Content For Women Of Color

Nikisha stuck out to the Live Civil team because of the insightful content that she provides to her following daily. If you ever need a DIY health/life hack, she is your girl! Nikisha is a research junkie and has all of the information that we need to know about living a healthy lifestyle especially for the black community. Growing up in the projects of Brooklyn she noticed there was a lack to access to important information. Her passion is sharing this information and helping others be healthy naturally when it comes to ones physical and mental health. Her natural skin and hair care line came about from her love.

Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset

Women and ADHD

Nikisha is also one of the only women who shed light on ADHD. Nikisha and her son live with ADHD, her son was diagnosed first and then she was. Too many women grew up being called lazy, selfish, spacey, or dumb because their symptoms of ADHD were ignored or disregarded. Nikisha is open and honest with the struggles she faces with herself and her son while living with ADHD. ADHD is a complicated mental illness that is often undermined or undiscovered. For those who have been diagnosed, it is hard to talk about, digest, and deal with and content creators like Nikisha are very necessary when it comes to healing and finding relatable content. Nikisha finds the beauty in her mental illnesses she believes that her ADHD is the powerhouse behind her creativity.

“I come up with the craziest, most creative ideas which I feel like it can only come from an ADHD mind. I feel like every person I’ve met with ADHD is smart. We are emotional and sensitive. We tend to be connected to things more, we notice things, our hearing is heightened, our taste is heightened, everything is heightened.” – Nikisha Brunson

Her ADHD birthed her natural skin/hair care line. She shares with Blavity.com that her ADHD causes her to get bored easily and she always has her hands in something. She realized that she loved to be hands on and tactile, loved cooking, loved crafting, interior design, and DIY projects. Her skin care line came from her love for DIY projects and her need to create something for women who care about what they put ON their bodies.

Nikisha Brunson is living civil because she puts herself and her health first, she works hard, she’s fly, and she helps others along the way. Nikisha can debate some of the world’s most accoladed Doctors and Pharmacist on health issues and the proper remedies for them. Nikisha encourages creative entrepreneurs, to be honest with their selves and work from there. Everything that Nikisha has accomplished and put out comes from the inside out, and it doesn’t get any better than that. Continue to remain open and honest and thank you for putting African American women on to the best natural remedies, you give us life! Keep #LivingCivil <3

Fun fact: Nikisha has a degree in Psychology and Education she is an elementary school teacher.


Instagram: @nikishabrunson

Youtube: UrbanBushBabes or Nikisha Brunson

Pretoria High School for Girls Students Protest Against ‘Hair Racism’

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Pretoria High School for Girls, a former whites only institute, is facing a lot of tension coming from their African students.

The ladies have been fighting against what they consider racist policies since Friday. Simple activities like speaking in their native language has been frowned upon by administration. However, the most recent restriction that pushed the young girls to stand up was forcing them to straighten their hair.

According to student Tiisetso Phetla, part of the code of conduct prohibits afros because they are viewed as “untidy” and “inappropriate.” It states:

“All styles should be conservative, neat and in keeping with a school uniform.”

Fortunately the well-organized petition gained the respect and support of politicians, like Minister Nathi Mthethwa.

Let’s keep the #StopRacismAtPretoriaGirlsHigh going for our girls in South Africa!

Doll Company Designed To Empower Black Girls To Love Their Natural Hair

Often times African American children have  a hard time accepting their natural curls and in turn resort to chemically treating and perming their hair. Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with that decision, Yelitsa Jean-Charles, a student at the Rhode Island School of Design  founded Healthy Roots Dolls to encourage children to love every natural strand of hair on their head.

Healthy Hair Roots is a mix between story books and dolls that speak on the beauty of natural hair. Jean-Charles is still in the beginning stages of bring this idea to life but we’re sure it’s certainly going to be success. With an overwhelming amount of support, Jean-Charles was able to raise nearly all funds needed to make this project happen.

“As much as my parents supported me, I still struggled with loving myself, my hair and my skin,” Jean-Charles shared. “I created Healthy Roots so that other girls wouldn’t feel that way.”

Her primary goal is to touch the lives of young girls who have a hard time accepting their natural hair because of the world’s standard of beauty.

It gets better. The dolls are designed to represent a number of countries like United States, Haiti, Nigeria and Brazil so no one feels left out.

If you would like to support this movement and learn more about Yeltisa’s journey, head over to the official site for the project.

The Best Of Youtube: Natural Hair, Weaves & Wigs Tutorials For The Ladies [& Queens]

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For a lot of people of African descent, it can be difficult to find great DIY tutorials online that caters to your needs.  With varying textures, lengths, and styles, it’s even harder to find the one perfect for you.  So, we’ve combined a few of our favorite and varying favorite from Youtube.  From natural to permed to wigs; and all shades of the brown spectrum for make-up, here’s a quick run-through of some of the best the net has to offer.  Feel free to add your own personal favorites in the comments below!


Long & Thick….HAIR

Channel: ChellyWellzShop
Specialty: Tips on healthy, long, and thick natural hair (sometimes with extensions)

ChellyWellzShop channel documents natural hair through a journey.  Chelly brings along her family for the ride as well.  Herself, who’s been natural for 8 years and her sister for the entirety of her life.  Although they don’t show much for hairstyles, they do a lot with hair maintenance and healthy tips for the scalp.  Their hair is gorge.  And it’s proof (especially through their “Are You Mixed” video below) just how versatile African-American hair can be.

They answer the question ~ 5:40

 Dark & Lovely

Channel: Black Onyx77’s “Natural hair is Divalicious”
Specialty: Versatile and Funky Natural Hair Do’s

Black Onyx twinkles and gleams, shining the true versatility of natural hair with her comprehensive tutorials. She walks viewers down a slew of user-friendly options toward managing stretched or shrunken natural hair. She also features a buffet of videos on skincare and fashion forward solutions that radiate nothing short of true natural black beauty. [Source]


Braids & Curls

Channel: BubzBeauty
Specialty: Unique Styles For Permed/Natural Hair

Bubz/Bubbi is a popular Youtuber also known for her comedy and v-logging, along with her beauty tips.  Known as an ‘Internet Celebrity’ her many faces have led her to creating her own fashion label and make-up line.  Although she’s Asian, her hair resonates with many similarities of some African-American ladies.  She makes great use of her tutorials with unique braiding techniques and curl applications.


Cuts that Kill

Channel: Alsmillion’s “Average Barbers Making Above Average Money”
Specialty: Low Cuts and Fades

As Alek Wek, Amber Rose, and the western hemisphere of Cassie’s dome have so eloquently portrayed, there is a unique and careful art to achieving the bald fade. Master barber Alsmillion provides all ladies out there that keep it lovely and low, how to achieve clean crisp line- ups, intricate cuts, and perfect hairlines with clipper happy precision. [Source]


We Still Believe in the Weave

Channel: Thomasadrianna
Specialty: Glamourous Styles with Weaves and Half Wigs

Despite popular Tyra Bank mantras and satirical box-office documentaries, some of us are not letting go of our weaves. We’ve found a place of comfortable residence under them, and really don’t want to move. For those of us, happy at home – you will also find comfort with Ms. Adrianna- the weave and half wig expert that sits cherry top above all other YouTube track stars. [Source]

Results of a Tutorial

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