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By Posted on 0 2 m read

Black History Month Appreciation (Day 5): Nasir Jones

Nasir Jones might be a name known for his impeccable skills as an MC, but the legendary rapper is consistently working to make …

By Posted on 0 1 m read

Photo Op: Nas, Mark Zuckerberg & Ben Horowitz Have Dinner Together

39-year-old “The Don” rapper Nas broke bread last night with a couple of the most powerful men in …

By Posted on 3 1 m read

Nas Teams Up for an Intimate Night of Performance w/Hennessy


Recently, it was announced that rapper Nas has teamed up with Hennessy to be the latest ambassador …

By Posted on 8 6 m read

The Hip Hop Guide To Surviving The Zombie Apocolypse

Yesterday, many people were both jokingly and horrificly considering the possibility of a Zombie Apocolypse.  According to Gawker, there was …

By Posted on 6 5 m read

Discussing Nas’ “Daughters” & A Look At Fatherhood in Hip-Hop

While not being the first song dedicated to his daughter, Nas‘ latest single “Daughters” finally meets …

By Posted on 6 6 m read

End Of An Era: The History of Kiss FM [1981-2012]

Midnight on April 29, 2012, the 30-year-running legendary R&B station, 98.7 Kiss FM came to an end.  In result of a $96million dollar …

By Posted on 5 5 m read

CAN I TALK MY S***, AGAIN?! [Why Hip Hop Lives and Breathes Arrogance]

Arrogance in the hip-hop community is easily referred to as confidence.  And clearly you have to have much of it to become a …

By Posted on 5 3 m read

Lessons From Nas: No Idea’s Original, Nicki Minaj, and The Influence

Everyone who knows me well, knows that Nas is my very own savior in rap; whether he believes it or …

By Posted on 26 8 m read

Rap Genius: The TakeOver and The Ether of Hip-Hop Sites?

Rap Genius is currently the fastest growing site online for music. Catering to lovers of hip-hop, it provides a home for …