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Everyday Habits That Drain Our Energy

How long does it take to form a new habit? Science says 21 days. If these everyday habits apply to you, (which it most likely will), you have 21 days to get rid of it! Of course it’s not going to be as easy as it sounds, but let’s be on our way to getting there!

Here are 20 everyday habits that drain our energy.
  1. Taking things personal
  2. Holding on to the past
  3. Always checking social media
  4. Over-stressing (even in the smallest situation)
  5. Sleeping in late
  6. Not sleeping enough
  7. Procrastinating
  8. Fueling drama
  9. Having a poor diet
  10. Complaining all the time
  11. Doubt
  12. Overthinking
  13. Gossiping
  14. Not living in the moment
  15. Trying to please others
  16. Not taking a moment
  17. Not adjusting to a new work space
  18. Clutter or Disorganization
  19. Having a negative attitude
  20. Over- confidence