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Kendrick Lamar Brought Compton High School Students To the Grammys

There’s no hiding the fact that Kendrick is all about being a …

Black History Month (Day 14): Kendrick Lamar

Black History Month can’t pass without recognizing Kendrick Lamar.

Kendrick …

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Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Alright’ Inspires High School Scholarship

Kendrick’s “Alright” left a huge impact on people since the police shootings that’s left …

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Kendrick Lamar Visits New Jersey High School For a Day of Poetry and Advice

Back in March Brian Mooney — a teacher at High Tech High School …

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Kendrick Lamar Throws First Pitch at LA Dodgers Game (VIDEO)

Last night (April 27) Kendrick Lamar threw the first pitch at the …

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[First Listen] Jhene Aiko Solidifies Her Star Power in New “Sail Out” EP

Known for her stirring, emotionally articulate lyrics and her spritely, dancing vocals …

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Kendrick Lamar…More Harm Than Good?

Kendrick Lamar on ‘Control’ has been widely accepted as the standout verse …

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11 ‘Scariest’ Moments From Music In 2013

It’s Friday the 13th today (muhahahahahaha!) so now would be a good …

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Fashion Spotlight: Vintage For The Vain


When it comes to the fashion world, it is …