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Scandal on ABC’s Star @ColumbusShort1 Offers His Personal Views About The Martin/Zimmerman Case

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Last week we all sat rapt, in front of our tv’s, awaiting the reading of the verdict for George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin case. The vast majority of us, while not entirely surprised, were still shocked, and deeply affected when the words “Not Guilty” fell from the lips of the jury foreman. In the days since, innumerable rallies, protests and even riots have been ignited amongst everyday citizens, celebrities and public figures alike. Stevie Wonder has vowed to not play in Florida or any other state with “Stand Your Ground” laws in affect, Beyonce and Jay Z participated in marches recently, and long-time speaker for the cause, Jamie Foxx, has committed himself to standing by Sybrina Fulton’s side forever.

Joining those that are speaking out, ABC star on the hit show Scandal, Columbus Short, has written an in-depth and very personal open letter which he addresses to the “broken-hearted” where he explores his feelings upon hearing the verdict, and what he feels should happen now, moving forward. It’s a very interesting piece, read it below then let us know what you think.A Letter to the Broken Hearted

As I have sat and listened to debate after debate, in depth analysis and tempered opinions on “The Verdict” I couldn’t help but feel helpless, frustrated, hurt and yes, angry. As I plummet into the labyrinth of my mind in search of answers, solutions, or a way I could help subdue the burning desire for things to change, my only recourse was to start writing.

Presume we step back and take pause for a moment. Pause to take a cultural and personal inventory on where we have come as a people. As oppose to being blinded by the present emotional and economical condition of our nation, our community. What if we begin by acknowledging some of the triumphs, rather than becoming consumed solely by the injustice? I ask these questions for one reason being, that if I reflect and remember just how far we’ve come, instead of sitting and stewing over what has happened, I am now ensuring that I am not going to allow this “Decision” to stifle me as a human being nor as a black man in America.

It may seem quite pretentious and easy to hear coming from my heart. However, I assure you I experience the same profiling and discrimination daily regardless of what I happen to do for a living. We must recognize that if we allow this particular ‘lost battle’ in the continuing war, that is ‘Race In America,’ to take us backwards, we will be backtracking and negating the progress that we have already made to date.

Suppose we chose today to adopt a spirit of gratitude? Gratitude of what our predeccessors marched for and died for, in order to allow us to even be where we are today. Without the blood shed of those who fought in this War long before us, it would not be possible for me to do what I do. Without those blistered hands and feet it wouldn’t be possible for a Black Woman to be the lead of a television series on network tv. Without those afraid, yet valiant, warriors, Oprah wouldn’t be one the wealthiest business icons in the world. Tyler Perry wouldn’t have been able to go from homelessness, to providing jobs for a multitude of unrecognized actors and actresses. Men like Steve Stout, who is an author, entrepreneur, former record executive and philanthropist, would have been only but a futile dream. Women like Melody Hudson would have never been accepted into Princeton, let alone graduate to become the President of Ariel Investments, LLC. A Chicago investment firm that manages over $3 billion in assets and one of the largest African American-owned money management and mutual fund companies in the United States. Oh yea and happens to be the wife of George Lucas, or should I say George Lucas is the husband of Melody Hudson.

I offer these examples of African American trailblazers who chose not to allow social economical disadvantages to stunt or hinder their evolution as humans but, to provoke a change in our thinking, which will lead to a change in results. I truly believe that adopting this way of thinking is imperative to the survival and effectiveness of our people, our voice. Only those humans, not just black, but ALL those who choose to operate in spiritual growth, unblinded by the difference of one’s skin color, religion, and social status, will experience a drastic change of true human evolution, which in turn will spark a new dream.  This will make way to understanding that WE are the owners of the spoken words from our mouths. That no matter what social economic background we are from, our word has the power to create change. Our word has the power to tear down, and to build up.If we start to speak life into our community,  into ourselves, that is when change begins. Doing away with our jealous and envious ways toward each other, our own people. Putting to bed thoughts of being less than, ideals of self hate and division. Ideals that have been propagated into our people from the beginning. Dating back to the deciding of which slaves were worthy of working in the house as opposed to those working in the fields. Killing these old beliefs may rebuild a true love and unity within our communities. How can we expect to change the ideas the world has of us, unless we first begin to truly wholeheartedly commit to love ourselves? It is time to unite, and educate, as Nelson Mandela said, “Only with knowledge comes power”. We have, as a race, experienced some ugly realities but also have experienced some beautiful truths. One being that God chose us all to be here and be afforded all the the world and heavens have to offer.

We may not see the mountain top MLK spoke of in our life time.  However, if we instill that same belief and that same unwavering strength into our kids and our youth. They will continue to claw their nails into the rocky mountain side and evenutally get there. Find solice in the fact that we have come so far. Granted not at the speed in which we have hoped and prayed for, for many of years but, in the ever so apparent evidence that progress has been made in spite of the challenges we’ve faced. What we do as a people, and as a nation from this moment on will decide if we are progressing or digressing. The outcome of the Zimmerman trial can’t allow us to implode on ourselves nor engage in self sabotaging behavior by looting and rioting. Reacting in self damaging behavior only reinforces all the other perceptions projected towards us. To get the right answers requires asking the right questions. Who paid Zimmerman’s defense? What companies were in support of his acquittal? By identifying those companies and choosing whether or not to economically contribute to their growth is one small example of expertly mending OUR POWER. This may seem to be a daunting task but, unquestionably effective in its result. Trayvon was a victim of racial profiling but WE are the SURVIORS and always have been survivors. We shouldn’t let Trayvons death be in vein, but rather use this time to do a cultural evaluation into how we can unite in a way that will force our voices to be heard and undenied by our government and politicians. In the mean time, my prayers are with the Martin’s during this trying and heartbreaking time. Lets truly look at their example of what finding peace in the middle of the storm looks like. May this letter bring someone out there hope, and a desire to rise up and help lead us to change. We have work to do. But nothing we can’t handle.

Willing, Hopeful and Grateful,


Jay-Z’s Candid Moments On Twitter

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Yesterday, mere hours before the release of his highly anticipated, much talked about and critically disputed album Magna Carta…Holy GrailMr. Carter took to his personal twitter account @S_C_ to interact with fans and field some burning questions using the hashtag #FactsOnly.

Roc-A-Fella/RocNation blog Roc4Life has posted a list of 10 things We’ve Learned About Jay-Z which you can view by clicking on the link. You can also search his timeline for all the tweets in their entirety, however, out favorite part was towards the end where Hov conducted his #NewRules shoutouts to some greats (including THE Hip-Hop journalist Elliott Wilson), delivered some witty punchlines and gave his thoughts on Billboards new Platinum selling qualifications. Check them out below!





The Talented @Sincerely_AK Gives Us Her Drake Cover With “Dudes Love Jay-Z”

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Not too long ago we posted one of our favorite covers of Drakes song Girls Love Beyonce  and now we have a new version from a female perspective.

After receiving requests for a cover, youtube sensation AK (From MY hometown of Dallas!) decided to release her version entitled Dudes Love Jay-Z. In it she sings about the problems with not being able to find a guy that’s worth her time, but lets you know wassup when she sings Jay-Z’s lyrics to 99 Problems. Check it out and be sure to show her some love by liking, commenting, subscribing and copping her mixtape Relationships 101 out right now here!

Back On The Block: Roc-A-Wear’s Triumphant Return To Fashion

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Last week Live Civil had the privilege of attending the holiday press preview for legendary urban menswear line Roc-A-Wear. If anything crossed your mind along the lines of “How could Roc-A-Wear be anywhere near relevant in 2013?” not only do we understand, we took it upon ourselves to get some answers.

Walking into the Roc-A-Wear showroom for the holiday press preview was instantly attention grabbing. Their were about 20 different looks displayed, some styled on mannequins and others pieced together on hangers, and were seperated by their respective release dates, October, November, and December. Immediately, the first things you notice about the look of the line is the lack of blatant Roc branding which was so popular in the 90’s and early 2000’s. The new looks on display showcased straighter fits, more vibrant colors and even some urban interpretations on trends that have become outside of the urban apparel environment; deconstructed denim, for instance.

Drawing inspiration from classic films such as Boyz N ‘Da Hood, Do The Right Thing, and Juice, Roc-A-Wear has done an amazing job with mastering 3 key hot points. First, establishing their “guy” and providing the appropriate looks for him. Second, taking advantage of the “New Age 80’s” look that millenials, Brooklynites, and swagg kids are so fond of emulating today. And three, successfully and in a way that makes sense, bringing the brand from the 90’s into the 2010’s; all while maintaining their voice and not compromising their brand integrity.

Roc-A-Wear’s 5 Borough Camo Jacket, as explained by creative Director Just C, is a near tessellation of camo colored images shaped after the 5 boroughs of New York. Dope concept!


All in all we expect Roc-A-Wear to bring the heat this fall and winter (keep a look out for their tapered leg sweats, we’re waiting on ours!) and with no real competition in the urban apparel market we’re anxious to see how well they’re received and how inspiring they’ll be to up and coming lines. Check out some pics below and be sure to keep a look out for new arrivals later on in the year!


Jay-Z Surprises Everyone With New Album Release Date #MagnaCarta

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Jay-z recently released a 3-minute video of himself in the studio with music icons Timbaland, Pharrel, Rick Rubin and Swizz Beatz! In this video that has undoubtedly shook all of social media and has people going crazy right now, Hov talks about his new album Magna Carta, the July 4th release date and even get to here snippets of songs that might make it to the album.

Through a special promotion with Android, Samsung Galaxy and Note, and Google Play, Jay will be releasing an app on June 24th that will allow the first 1 million users to download his album for free 72hours prior to the July 4th release date. The magnitude of all of these statements Jay-Z is making is absolutely insane!

“The internet is like the wild west, we need to write the new rules” – Jay Z

Check out the full commercial below!

Could This Be Drake’s Tracklist For “Nothing Was The Same”

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By now you guys should be conditioned to take leaked tracklists, set lists and release dates with a grain of salt. That being said, a while back Drake’s father Dennis Graham let word slip that the rapper’s junior album Nothing Was The Same would be released August 27. Now it seems he’s leaked the albums tracklist and features via his Instagram account.

It appears that this could be Drake’s most feature heavy album to date. With appearances from Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake to YMCB and the new artist PartyNextDoor the collaborations seem pretty solid. Something else we’ve noticed, IF this is the actual track listing, is that he’s branched out from being exclusive to his friend and in-house DJ Noah “40” Shebib. Also, no features from The Weeknd. Could this mean we should be getting ready for his big release.

Lots to speculate about, I just wish artists would stop with these feaux “leaks”. Is there anyone you guys would like to see added or removed from this lineup?


Weekend Review: White House Correspondents Assoc. Dinner & Prez. Obama Addresses Jay-Z!

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Friday night was the Annual White House Correspondents Association dinner and just about everyone who was anyone was on in attendance looking their Sunday best. Check the pics below!

Among the celebrity guests were Katy Perry, Oprah’s BFF Gayle King, Olympic Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas and many more. At the dinner, President Obama also took some time to out to address the Cuba/Carter’s crisis involving Jay and Beyonce saying, “…it’s unbelievable, I’ve got 99 problems…and now Jay-Z’s 1!. Our Prez’s hilarious speech is below in its entirety!

Conan Michelle

FLOTUS and the host Conan O’Brien


Kerry and Shonda

Televisions leading ladies Shonda Rhimes and Kerry Washington



Tracy Morgan and his Fiance Megan Wollover are expecting!

Tracy Morgan and his Fiance Megan Wollover are expecting!


Victor Cruz Alaina Watley


Jay-Z Adds WNBA’s Skylar Diggins To Roc Nation Sports

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Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Sports announced Thursday that Skylar Diggins, the third overall pick in the 2013 WNBA Draft, is the newest professional athlete to sign with the burgeoning sports agency.  “It’s the ROC in here!” Diggins tweeted after the news broke on Jay’s Life+Times site.“ShockNation meets RocNation.”

The former University of Notre Dame standout was recently selected by the Tulsa Shock in Connecticut last week. The 22-year old Associated Press First-Team All-American point guard will join New York Yankee Robinson Cano at Jay’s new company, which is a joint venture with the fabled Creative Artists Agency, boasting clients such as New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony and Buster Posey, who recently inked a $167 million deal with the San Francisco Giants.

The Blueprint III MC recently divested his minority ownership stake in the Brooklyn Nets in order to be eligible to pursue NBA athletes. With the NBA Draft coming up in June, look for more breakout basketball stars to be throwing up the Roc in the coming months.

article by Maurice Bobb via rapfix.mtv.com

Beyonce and Jay-Z Are Music’s First Billionaire Couple

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BEYONCÉ KNOWLES and Jay-Z are reported to be the music industry’s first billionaire couple. The Voguecover girl and her husband made the lucrative milestone this year, according to the International Business Times.

While both husband and wife have enjoyed equally successful careers, it’s thought that Beyoncé’s current world tour and recent collaborations with Pepsi and H&M have pushed the couples’ earnings over the billion dollar mark. According to tabloid reports, the singer will make approximately $116 million (£75 million) from The Mrs Carter Show, while her H&M earnings are also thought to be in the millions.

Throughout her career, the 31-year-old has worked as an ambassador for brands including L’Oreal and Tommy Hilfiger; enjoyed a successful acting career – starring in films such as DreamgirlsCadillac Recordsand The Fighting Temptations; won 17 Grammy Awards and sold over 75 million records worldwide, including her work with Destiny’s Child. Most recently, she joined Gucci’s Chime for Change campaign, helping to raise funds and awareness of women’s issues worldwide.

Likewise, Jay-Z has earned considerable money from being co-founder of Roc Nation; co-owner of the 40/40 nightclub; co-creator of fashion label Rocawear; former CEO of Def Jam Recordings and through his shares in the Brooklyn Nets basketball. The rapper-cum-producer has also sold approximately 50 million albums worldwide.

The couple were married in 2008 and gave birth to daughter Blue Ivy Carter last year. They were named thehighest paid celebrity couple of 2012 by Forbes.

Should Jay-Z Have Mentioned Obama In ‘Open Letter’?

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The Bromance between Hova and the El Presidente has being going on ever since the 2008 election when Obama first ran for presidency and Jay-Z was a highly publicized supporter of his campaign. Lately that relationship has come under question after Jay-Z stated in his newly released track that he got clearance from the white house to travel to Cuba (which United States citizens are not authorized without special allowances because Cuba is a communist nation). A few republicans are pushing for an investigation on Jay-Z and Beyonce’s trip and if there was any involvement with President Obama granting the trip. Jay has made use of using Barack’s name in his lyrics before in the past but it’s never come under such scrutiny as it did yesterday. Is it really becoming a problem now?

Jigga even mentioned himself in the song “Obama said ‘chill, you gonna get me impeached'”,so he does understand that he’s creeping close to a fine line. The Secretary to the President held a press conference yesterday at the White House; when asked about the song he said that The President had no involvement with the trip to Cuba and all trips to that nation are a matter concerning the United States Treasury. He also said that “it’s just a song” and I think that should be kept in mind more than anything. Rappers have been embellishing the truth in their rhymes since the genre was created so if you really take EVERYTHING as factual in a rap song then that’s pretty asinine. While its pretty harmless on the surface, it has brought unnecessary attention to The Obama Administration with many more pressing issues they need to address. Maybe Obama really does want Jay-Z to “chill”.

Stacey Dash even threw in her two sense in on the situation…

“Do you care that The Jay Z’s have taken the capital you have given them and funded a communist oppressive regime?”

For the most part she was blasted for her remarks but it’s just another example on the attention high profile celebrities brings, it’s just the territory. It’s hard to be in a position of power and have a rapper in your network because the profanity and themes in their music. Beyond Jay-Z, rappers name-drop Obama all the time, most of it being in ways he can’t support publicly. Can you imagine to Barack riding around to “My President Is Black” on Pennsylvania Avenue? Rappers put The President in tough spots so of course Obama’s Secretary had to refute everything that Jay-Z proclaimed in the song.

You got to keep in mind that Hip-Hop artist are entitled to their musical expression. There’s an image you are trying to create with these songs so not everything stated is the complete truth, nor should it be. Maybe Jay-Z simply mentioned to Obeezy that he was thinking about going to Cuba, he didn’t get clearance by any means but even the conversation, again, isn’t something Obama can admit to.

It’s hard to build relationships between musicians and politicians because of the controversy that is ever-presently surrounding them. From Bob Dylan to Bob Marley, certain musicians are very critical of the government. If Obama decided to disassociate himself from Jay-Z, it would be understandable. It’s the equivalent to a government official who’s best friend was some guy named Joey “The Shark” Loronzo, it just doesn’t look right.

Even though we have freedom of speech in this country, it’s hardly free. People are picking apart a rap song that’s not even intended for an official release as evidence to open an embargo investigation. Everyone at some point has to watch what they say…

But it’s just a rap song, let’s chill…

By @Eskeino

Jay-Z and Swizz Beatz Fire Back at Critics and Inquisitors in “Open Letter”

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Amidst controversy regarding their Havana trip and wedding anniversary, as well as questions about selling his shares of the Nets, Jay-Z took to the studio with super-producer and frequent collaborator, Swizz Beatz, to address all the chatter.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard new music from Hov, especially in this particular “shots fired” mood. In the song he addresses the talk about him and Bey in Cuba, the Universal deal, ownership of the Barclay’s Center and a number of other things. Check his articulate rant below!

Jay-Z Selling Share of Brooklyn Nets to Become NBA Agent

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The biggest name associated with the Brooklyn Nets now has his sights on bigger things.

Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter is looking to divest his share of ownership in the Nets to expand his sports representation business to the NBA, Yahoo reports. Carter’s Roc Nation Sports, which is partnered with powerful Creative Artists Agency, recently secured Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano as a client. The company would need Carter to sell his small share of the Nets to avoid any conflict of interest before securing the NBA and players association’s approval to represent players.

Carter owns less than 1 percent of the Nets but has been their most visible front-office face since the franchise moved to Brooklyn last year. According to Yahoo, Carter would not handle any contract negotiations or day-to-day business with athletes.

Taken From NESN