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Mya Launches Her Very Own Vegan Wine

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Grammy award-winning recording artist Mya has always looked absolutely amazing. One of her secrets to her all natural glow is her vegan diet. Many wine manufacturers are still using animal-based fining agents and there are only a select few vegan options when it comes to choosing a good wine. Mya has decided to launch her own vegan wine, The Planet 9 Fine Wine by Mya.

The product is now available on her online shop for shipping to select US states.

Planet 9 has a red cabernet sauvignon with plum infusions. Planet 9 and many other vineyards and wineries are beginning to switch over to plant-based fining agents due to increased consumer awareness and the mistrust of animal products.

Mya hopes that her wine promotes the vegan message specifically to fans who aren’t too familiar with the lifestyle. Hopefully, her consumers begin to do their own research on the vegan lifestyle and its benefits after seeing how its impacted her life.

Mya told The Root,  “Some of the pros of veganism? Let’s start with clarity in the mental space, even spiritual connection with the rest of the world, environmentalism, it takes about 25,000 gallons of water to produce one pound of beef.”  She created an online vegan transition guide for people who are unsure of switching over.

“[Veganism is] a lifestyle, it’s not just about diet, it’s about your home décor, your fashion, what you are driving, what you are wearing, all kinds of things. Everything that you already are used to and love, there is a vegan version. Or you can organize your meals, it’s a beautiful thing.”  – Mya

So, who’s trying to get fine like wine with Mya?

Send your thoughts on veganism and let us know some of your favorite vegan brands and alternatives!

Kehlani Receives $50K Investment Deal From Backstage Capital For Her Health And Wellness Startup

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Kehlani has talked a lot about health and wellness throughout her career. She has mentioned wanting to create her own sustainable garden and has always been an advocate for mental health awareness.

She has recently developed a health and wellness startup called Flora, curated green content is the slogan. Flora will focus on health and wellness for the artist’s target audience of people between the ages of 16 and 25. The project has yet to launch but Backstage Capital, a venture capital firm dedicated to funding people of color, has invested $50,000 into the company.

“Bridging the gap between my career, activism and my audience is important to me as a next step. I am incredibly honored to work with Arlan, not only due to her outstanding work in the tech world, but her consistency in supporting queer women of color. I look forward to creating positive change and making strides in tech.” – Kehlani

Arlan Hamilton, Backstage’s founder, and managing partner will join Flora’s board and serve as a mentor and adviser.

“Kehlani is at the Soul Train Awards tonight in Vegas where she is up for Best R&B Female and is still Slacking with her co-founders and me about startup business. It’s been this way from all of her shows the past few weeks, including Voodoo Fest. She’s taking this incredibly seriously, and in my opinion, is approaching it like she would a new album or tour. It’s exciting to see her learning about the tech world, and I’m impressed with her interest in sharing the journey with her fans.” – Arlan Hamilton

Let’s go Kehlani, keep rising above! If you would like to learn more about Flora, subscribe to their mailing list here and be the first to hear about the launch.

Kehlani will also be a speaker at Afro Tech get your tickets here.

A Discussion on Herpes & The Importance of Understanding The Disease

Lets face it, Herpes is one of the most common sexually transmitted virus in the U.S. While many don’t like to talk about this issue,  1 in 5 adults and adolescents carry the virus. In many occasions, Herpes can be spread from person to person and through various forms of sexual activity.

While the disease is mostly prevalent to people ages 14-49, anyone can suffer from Herpes. Sadly, most don’t even know that they’re suffering from it because they don’t show any symptoms; this factor makes it one of the more dangerous STDs.

At the current moment, there is no known cure for genital herpes, and while those infected can still practice safe sex, there’s necessary precautions to take. That said, there are some medicines that can reduce sores and blisters, or make them go away quicker. The only true way to avoid an STD is abstinence, but for those who still plan to have sex, using a condom 100% of the time is necessary.

Most people know little or no facts about Herpes, so having the correct information about it not only makes it easier for you, but it makes it easier for your partner and those around you. Having open and honest dialogue with your partner is a must as there’s no need to be embarrassed or afraid. If this is someone you can open your body up to, then you can have an adult discussion beforehand to ensure both of you are safe.

Take for example, AIDS Healthcare Foundation ambassador Jenelle Marie Pierce, who contracted the disease in college. Since then, she’s made it her mission to educate others on the importance of knowing the ins and outs of the disease, while also reassuring those infected that everything is OK.

Check out a series of videos she’s put together below.

While there’s no need to panic, there is a need to pay attention. In addition to learning and studying the disease, we encourage you all to have more conversations about the disease with friends and family so that they too can spread the knowledge. Let’s all work towards a safer and healthier society.

Monica Opens Up About Having Endometriosis Surgery

Over the weekend, singer Monica opened up for the firs time about having endometriosis. Endometriosis is a disorder in which tissue that normally lines the uterus grows outside the uterus, 1 in 10 girls and women are affected by this disease. Monica has just undergone a successful surgery to remove cysts, fibroids, and a hernia.

“May 30th I had an almost 8-hour surgery to remove my endometriosis (which I didn’t know I had until two weeks prior), 2 cysts, fibroids & a hernia that all were making me very sick,” she wrote in an Instagram post. “I’ve known something was wrong but I also knew victory & better health would be near again!!”

This disease can affect women’s reproductive organs and can be extremely painful, thankfully Monica had a success story and is able to share her battle with endometriosis with women around the world. Lena Dunham is another celebrity who has been very open about her condition, which came back last month.

Although Monica is undergoing a tough time now she did not let it dim her light. While opening up about her condition on social media she also debuted a new lavender hair color that she got to celebrate her successful surgery.

Endometriosis is a difficult diagnosis because it is not often discussed. Moments like this help open up the conversation which will ultimately help women, doctors, and researchers find better ways to deal with the disease.

We wish Monica and other women who are suffering from endometriosis lots of health and wealth, keep fighting and remember that us women bend but we don’t break!

7 Egg Beauty Beats That Will Leave You Flawless

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While they’re known for being the main ingredients to a delicious breakfast, eggs have more benefits than you’d think.

The farm-raised protein is responsible for having some of the most profitable components to use in everyday life. That also includes beauty regimens! Not only are eggs cheaper than buying expensive products, but they’re also organic and easy find. That means no working about what chemicals your applying to face and body or what effects it may or may not have.

Still not convinced? Well we’ll just let the rest of the article do the talking. Here are the top beauty tips you can use with eggs.

6 Reasons Why You Should Get Fit & Live A Healthy Lifestyle That Doesn’t Include Body Image

If you’re into pop-culture or keep up with new music or new music videos, then you have witnessed Teyana Taylor’s jaw-dropping body in Kanye West’s new music video “Fade”, which premiered during the VMA’s this past weekend. Moments after women on social media went into a frenzy about how they need to get in the gym and start getting fit.

Teyana Taylor screams fitness and body goals for a lot of women. She is a mother to a newborn child, with a body of a goddess. We are so happy that Teyana Taylor’s bod has inspired women everywhere to start living a healthier lifestyle, but body image should not be your only reason to want to be healthy and get fit. No matter your shape or size you should strive to be the best you possible, mentally and physically. People associate the gym and eating right with losing weight but there are so many other benefits to living a healthy lifestyle that we should all consider.

Here is a list of 6 reasons why you should live a healthier lifestyle that has nothing to do with body image, and we hope this inspires you just as much as the alluring Teyana Taylor!

  1. Mental Health – Exercise naturally releases endorphins which are peptides that activate the body’s opiate receptors, causing an analgesic effect. More simply put, endorphins are “happy chemicals” that just make you feel really good. These happy chemicals release feelings of euphoria. Studies have shown that exercise can reduce symptoms that come with depression or anxiety. For some people, exercise has been just as effective as antidepressants in treatment for depression. If you are suffering from any mental illnesses or recovering from addictions, exercise should be your best friend. Even if you are not some crazy fitness guru, you can become happier with just a 30 mins work out 2-3 Times per week.
  2. Memory – Have your thoughts ever been significantly clear after a workout or yoga session? It is because your brain is getting more energy and oxygen. Many studies have shown that exercise can boost your memory and clear your train of thought.
  3. Sex Life – If none of the other reasons have caught your attention, we know this one will! Exercise has been proven to increase arousal and decrease men’s risk for erectile dysfunction in men. This is because exercise improves blood circulation, which is a major factor when it comes to sex. Being healthy will also improve your sex life because you will feel more comfortable about your body and yourself, which allow you to open up more to your partner.
  4. Creativity – If you’re having a creative block before you pick up drugs or alcohol, try a jog in the park or a two-hour heart-pumping gym session. Studies have shown that aerobic exercise increases your cognitive creativity. Nature and enjoying the outdoors will also keep your creative juices flowing, remember to be in the moment and observe your surroundings.  While you are working out don’t hesitate to jot down anything special that you feel or see in your phone, it can help spark new ideas.
  5. Relaxation – If you have trouble sleeping, a moderate workout can have the same effect as a sleeping pill. If you move around for 5-6 hours before bed you will increase your body’s core temperature. When your body temp. drops back to normal it will signal your body that it is time to sleep. This is perfect for people with insomnia.
  6. Productivity – Studies have shown that workers who take the time to exercise are more productive and have more energy than their peers who don’t. Your favorite celebrities are not always in the gym because of their body, their strict exercise regimen helps them to be more productive and execute everything on their busy schedule. If you are an entrepreneur or creative, working out should be a no-brainer because you must be as productive as possible.


‘Little Things’ Shares 14 Shoe Tips for Happy Feet

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A perfect day can be totally destroyed by one thing: aching feet.

Luckily, Little Things gave readers some advice on how to handle any foot issue. This guide gives 14 ways on how to keep shoes clean and other basic shoe care to keep feet comfortable.

The most interesting thing about the article is that it’s full of basis household products to do this! From using baking soda to keep sneakers fresh, to  using cornmeal to absorb stains on suede shoes. Little Things has the big things to make life a little easier.

Enjoy the entire article in the link here!

Watch A Mom Hear Her Son’s Heartbeat In A 4-Year-Old Girl’s Body

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A mother shared a very touching moment with the mom of a little 4-year-old girl, as she was given her late son’s heart.

Heather Clark chose to donate her 7-month-old son’s organs after he passed away in 2013 following abuse from his babysitter’s boyfriend.

This past month, Clark came face-to-face with Jordan Drake, the girl who received his heart, and her mother, as she contained her son’s heart.

Clark was able to listen to the heartbeat of Jordan, making for a very emotional moment for both her and Jordan’s mother.

Esther Gonzales, Jordan’s mother, said of the moment, “I think I’ve run out of words at this point now.”

Heather even commented that her son’s heart was “so strong” when listening to it beat in Jordan. It’s definitely a moment that will make you tear up, but be sure to watch it here.

Kanye West Offers a Yeezys Deal to Failing Kidneys Fan

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Every sneakerhead and Kanye fan have been vying for the new Yeezys, but things got real when a kidneys trade began part of a deal for the new kicks.

Matt Neal took to the world wide web in hopes of curing his health situation. In need of two new kidneys, Matt offered to give his size 10 Yeezys to anyone willing to give him a pair of organs.

Very creative.

The strong-willed fan got many responses on his Facebook page about the offer, but one he didn’t expect was from Kanye, himself.

Ye agreed to give Matt a new pair of the pricey kicks if the everything played out. Unfortunately, the law doesn’t allow anyone to trade human organs for money/ merchandise.

Nice of Kanye to offer, though. Hopefully Matt will find someone to help him out. Check his Facebook page for more info. Good luck, Matt!

A$AP FERG Hosts 1st Ever Ferg Health Fair in Hometown of Harlem (VIDEO)

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A$AP Ferg may be well on his way to the top but the rapper hasn’t forgotten his roots.

The A$AP Mob member partnered with The Children’s Village and People of Peace to host the 1st annual Ferg Health Fair day in Harlem on August 9. The event provided health supplies, check ups, and fun activities for Harlem youth.  Jam Master Jay Foundation and Scratch Academy also got in on the fun by providing one-on-one DJ lessons for the participants.

“Growing up, my Dad always emphasized the vitality of giving back to the community and making sure we never gave up on our dreams. His encouragement motivated me to never settle and he’s the reason I am where I am today, but I’m not the only one. My dad spent his life helping kids in the community stay off the streets and make something of themselves. He may be gone but his legacy lives on through the people of our neighborhood and all the lives he touched.”

He then took to his Instagram to share some photos of the event sharing a bit of his story in the captions

ASAP Ferg 4

“My father D-Ferg senior died of kidney failure 3 days before my 17th b-day , 3 days before he was suppose to get his transplant .  Yesterday I did the 1st annual #fergfair in honor of him. The way it worked was you show up to the event and get schooled on your health status to see a free show with me and some surprise guest. The #fergfair was a success yesterday and I appreciate everybody that came out to support the cause”

asap ferg 3 ASAP Ferg

10 Women Athletes We Can’t Get Enough of!

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We’re only about two weeks into July and it has already been quite the month for women in sports. First, Serena Williams defeated her older sister during the Wimbledon tournament and that was the talk of the town. Then our wonderful women’s soccer team kicked their way to victory at the World Cup and the world rejoiced. And back to Serena, because we just can’t get enough of her, she went on to beat Maria Sharapova in the Wimbledon Semi-Finals making her that much closer to  her sixth Wimbledon championship. So we thought it was only right that we take some time to acknowledge some of the bad ass, hardworking female athletes that make us smile.

1. Serena Williams

Serena WilliamsSerena Williams is the ultimate badass that continues to defy odds for women in sports and specifically black women in sports. Now, working on her sixth Wimbledon championship, she continues to serve as an inspiration to young people on and off the court. We can’t get enough of her tenacity and determination to reap the benefits of all her hard work.

Pretty Girls Sweat Encourages Ladies to Get Active

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PGS Elle Varner

In a nation where the obesity rate is steadily rising, studies show action needs to be taken. There have been numerous organizations created dedicated towards halting this epidemic and changing lives. Pretty Girls Sweat happens to be one of these empowering organizations.

When President Obama took office, First Lady Michelle Obama launched Let’s Move, a campaign designed to raise a healthier generation of kids. In support of this campaign, Aeisha DeVore Branch started the Pretty Girls Sweat movement that encourages high school and college ladies to create healthier lifestyles through non-traditional workouts, group activities, and recipes.

Since its’ inception, Pretty Girls Sweat has  partnered with celebrities such as Angela Simmons, Elle Varner, Melanie Fiona, Keri Hilson, Adrienne Bailon and many more to encourage ladies to get of the couch and get on the move.

Be sure to follow the movement on Instagram and Twitter and visit their website for information about their upcoming events and how you can get involved.