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Tyler Perry Gifts Actress With A Home For Her Mother

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Tyler Perry has been known to be a  very generous person, making everyone around him wishes come true. Earlier this year Perry  gifted Tiffany Haddish with her dream car, a Tesla. Then he offered actor Geoffrey Owens a spot on his hit TV show “The Haves and The Have Nots” after being “shamed” for working at Trader Joe’s as a bagger. Now the 49-year-old filmmaker has granted another wish. This time he gifted   one of his actors with  a house for her unwell mother.

TMZ reports,

Tyler dropped $350,000 on a home in Georgia … and gave it to the ailing mother of LaShun Pace, who worked alongside Tyler on a play all the way back in 1999.

Tyler and LaShun stayed in touch ever since they worked on a play Perry wrote and co-produced two decades ago … and his connection to the Pace family runs deep.

LaShun’s family makes up a Gospel group and Tyler put one of their songs in “Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Family Reunion.”

So, when Tyler learned Bettie Pace had fallen ill and her dying wish was to own a home big enough for her large family … he stepped up and bought a property close to where the Paces were born and raised in Atlanta.

We think it’s safe to say that Tyler Perry is one of the greatest boss!

Oprah’s OWN Begins to See a Profit Only Two Years After Launch + Tyler Perry Instrumental In The Shift

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When Oprah Winfrey’s OWN channel took over Discovery Health Network back in 2011 officials at Discovery made the radical claim that they would be able to see a return on their investment within it’s first year. Unfortunately, and to everyone’s surprise, OWN didn’t do nearly as well as everyone anticipated and instead of seeing that immediate return, Discovery began paying more money to help ensure the success of this new project, totaling in $510 Million in loans.

After some reconsideration, soul searching restructuring by Discovery’s Chief Executive, David M. Zaslav and Oprah herself, Discovery released a more tangible outlook that forecast OWN turning a profit in the second half of 2013. Well proudly, just short of their predictions, Zaslav went on record to say that OWN was “ahead of the originally anticipated second half of the year goal of cash flow break even.”

In addition to axing Rosie O’Donnell’s elaborate talk show and some internal lay-offs, a great deal of this turn-around goes to the investment in new sitcoms such as Tyler Perry’s “Have and Havenots” and “Love Thy Neighbor” which lead to more ad sales and better subscriber fees from cable and satellite providers.

While officials say it could still be a few years before Discovery’s full investment is recuped, it’s anticipated that OWN will be “tens of millions” of dollars ahead of schedule for the full year. Great news no doubt for Oprah’s team and a huge step for Mr. Tyler Perry. With things finally going in the right direction we’re excited to see what new programming we’ll get to see with the new freedoms OWN will be able to operate within.