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A Guide To Eating Healthy When Traveling

Travel doesn’t have to be the death of your healthy diet. A little bit of planning and some strategic ordering at restaurants will help you stay on track and eating clean. When you are on ...

Motivation through Monthly Goals

 Do you want to be GREAT, but do not know where to start? I admit, I was once this person. I had a ton of unorganized plans, goals and ideas in my mind, but didn’t know exactly how to execute ...
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Face Your Fitness Fears

I was recently reading John Maxwells book, The 15 Invaluable Laws of growth. One particular subject that struck me the most was a section on fear. We all have different fears. Our fears keep us ...

What Are Your #1’s?

Want to optimize your life? Try this simple exercise to identify the top things you could *start* doing and *stop* doing that will lead to the most positive impact in your life!