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Meet this Young Media Maven: Perri Janelle, Brand Ambassador of Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty

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Straight out of Detroit city, 26-year-old Perri Janelle Halsell has been growing her own brand and platform as a fashion and lifestyle blogger for today’s Millennials. After a short start to curating content for her social media platforms and website, this beauty was able to land an opportunity to work alongside of Savage x Fenty Lingerie Line and here’s how:

“I actually went to a Robes & Rose’ event in my hometown and I wore this green tiger print pajama set and a purple fur robe, which were both purchased from the Savage site!  Since I have been blogging, I was not tagging the brands, I actually was just using the content on my website to increase my traffic…Basically telling everyone you had to go to my website to find out where I got a look from,” says Perri.

However, when it came to her Instagram post about her pajama set, Perri decided for once to tag the brand’s profile in her photo. And even though the picture received a minuscule amount of likes, the post still caught the attention of the official Savage x Fenty profile.

“They DM’d me on Instagram asking to use the photo but it wasn’t a great photo, I actually cropped my face,” she says. “So I sent them the original but they responded saying they couldn’t use it because the resolution was low so I was soooooo upset. I was really beating myself up. So many people were telling me to take the photo again, but I just said forget it.”

Fast forward to a couple weeks later, the lingerie brand messaged Perri again offering her a position as a brand ambassador.


“It’s been wonderful ever since. I’ve been a brand ambassador since October of this year,” says Perri.

Since beginning her role as a ambassador, Perri has been reaping many benefits from the company, including receiving FREE unreleased pieces of lingerie before the public gets to set their eyes on it. But it’s not all fun, freebies, and free pub; according to Perri, a brand ambassador for Fenty has many requirements to fulfill.

“What it takes to be a brand ambassador for Fenty is that they send you different looks and basically you have a time frame to get your content up and you go from there,” she says.
“It’s actually awesome because Savage x Fenty uses so many different woman of all shapes and sizes. Even though I don’t feel like I have a perfect body, Savage makes me feel confident in my own skin.”


Since working with Fenty, Perri has also been able to expand her network and gain more attention on social media.

“I think I am definitely being noticed and recognized by so many different people and companies,” Perri explains. “It’s a great feeling because they see your hard work and they want to see you win also! Being a Brand Ambassador for Fenty has been more positive than anything. My engagement has been through the roof!”

Although this boss gal is getting more traffic to her platform from showing off different styles of Savage x Fenty undergarments, she still keeps in mind of what she posts and who’s watching her post.

“I will say I have to be mindful because I am posting lingerie and it is a lot of young girls who look up to me. I don’t want them to feel like oh, I’m selling my body on the internet but realize I’m actually a grown woman who also likes to feel confident and sexy in a tasteful way. So everything I do it definitely has to reflect me!”

But Fenty isn’t the only brand Perri represents. She has a resume of businesses and brands she’s worked with as an ambassador in the past and presently.

“I actually am a brand ambassador for a another company in my home town and it’s called, ‘The TEN Nail Bar’ which is a modern black owned nail salon,” she says.


Additionally, Perri also has worked with Charlotte Russe, a female clothing store, in the past and starting in 2019 she will begin a new partnership with another brand that is based in Detroit.

“I am hoping to start working with more brands in 2019, so I just can’t wait and I’m pushing myself every day to reach my goals,” she says.

In the end, Perri offered some advice to those aspiring to be brand ambassadors and media maven’s of this millennium. Here’s what she had to say:

“The advice that I can give to anyone is really stay true to yourself! Never doubt yourself! There are going to be so many people out there who try to tear you down, not support you, hate and think your dreams are a waste of time, “ she says. “Just keep going hard, be original and believe in yourself. Those goals will start getting checked off your list one by one, and reach out to brands if you are trying to work with them!”

Here Are Five Perfect Summertime Highlighters You Can Invest In

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With us officially being in springtime and summertime slowly approaching, I think that it is safe to say that we are officially in highlighter season. If you are new to the highlighting game or simply just want to add some new products to your collection, here is a list of five highlighters that are sure to have you shimmering like the Glow Queen you were destined to be!


Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Highlighter One thing I can say about Becca is they always get it right. They have a large range of foundation shades, and this highlighter is no different. What sets the formula apart from the typical powder highlighters is that it blends pigments with liquids, creating a creamy feel. This highlighter is perfect for someone who works a 9-5 because it doesn’t leave a glittery finish.

Fenty Beauty Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in Trophy Wife: After makeup artist Alissa Ashley reaction video to “Trophy Wife” at the Fenty Launch Party went viral on Twitter much like myself, everyone else knew they had to have it. Unlike her other Killawatt Highlighters, which are sold as a duo and leave you with a shimmer finish, Trophy Wife is packaged solo and has a 3D hyper-metallic gold finish making this product the perfect highlight for parties and celebrations. Trophy Wife applies as a cream but dries into powder instantly. It’s loaded with superfine shimmer for an ultra-smooth, creamy texture. It also serves multiple purposes. You can use Killawatt on your eyes, lips, and collarbone!

Fenty Beauty Match Stix Shimmer Skin stick: Personally, I feel like I am biased to Fenty Products but they are everything! The Match Stixs come in 10 different shades. They are magnetized makeup sticks with a long-wear, light-as-air shimmer formula. This product also has multiple uses. You can highlight, blush, and bronze with them. They are small, which means they will not take up too much space in your makeup bag.

Artist Couture x Jackie Aina Diamond Glow Powder Highlighter: I’ve been a fan of Jackie Aina for a while now. Recently, Jackie announced her  partnership with Sephora to launch her limited edition shimmering loose diamond highlighter powder to purchase online. I was so  thrilled that I accidentally ordered “La Peach” instead of “La Bronze.” When “La Peach” arrived, I was in awe. Everything down to the packing, which has a rose gold top and Jackie’s signature, is perfect. “La Peach” is the perfect combination of champagne, peach, and rose gold tones, which makes it wearable for all skin tones.

Cover FX Illuminating Prime & Set Kit: This set is perfect for women who love the makeup no makeup look. This trio includes an illumining primer, setting spray and the custom enhancer drops. These essentials are important for a long wearing highlighted complexion look.


What highlighters will you be wearing this summer?