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Have Drake on Your Lips Courtesy of Tom Ford Cosmetics

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Drake has found his way to every woman’s heart from acting, to music, and now through make-up.

Even though he loves his women “chill in with no make-up on,” Drake has surely been an influence in the cosmetic world. Thanks to Tom Ford, ladies will get to enjoy their own shade of Drizzy in the “Lips & Boys” collection. Since the rapper showed his own appreciation to Tom through is his song, “Tuscan Leather,” (a Tom Ford cologne fragrance) it seemed only right for the designer to throw some love back.

The tone of the lip is subtle burgundy-berry hue. The special shade will be one of the 50 new colors the company will be debuting for the second year.

Be prepared to get the perfect pout for $52 each when the line drops some time in the fall. Peep the color below and tell us if you want to be rocking Drake on your lips this year!




Drake Grants Cancer Patient’s Wish



Fifteen-year-old Kennedy Brown from Houston, Texas has been battling cancer for the past two years. When faced with the fear of running out of time, her classmates decided to give Kennedy the full high school experience. She attended prom that they planned as a surprise and she was named prom queen. Also, Brown received an honorary diploma with a special private ceremony, but her one special wish was to meet rapper Drake.

Last week via social media, a hashtag campaign #DrakeforKen was launched to get Drake’s attention. A friend of Kennedy’s wrote:

“Hi. I am a student at Carnegie Vanguard High School in Houston, Texas. A friend of mine has a serious case of terminal brain cancer that she has been battling for a year and a half now. Just recently, she has gotten much worse. On Monday, we will be celebrating her life, and because she is only a freshman, we will be giving her the entire high school experience in one day (prom, graduation, etc.) She is your biggest fan, and it would mean so much to her if you could come meet her or at least send something. We aren’t sure how much time she has left; she has been in hospice and is immobilized. Please help! It would mean the world to her and all of us. Thank you #Drakeforken”

After a week, an update was posted stating that he had received the message and was in the process of recording something for her. But having everyone fooled, he actually flew out to Houston to meet Kennedy with a smile on his face. Kennedy was smiling ear to ear.

Check out the pictures of Drake granting Kennedy’s wish on the next page.

Todrick Hall Covers Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home” With A Clever New Video

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Music maven and cover artist Todrick Hall is at it again with his most recent video and cover of Drake “Hold On, We’re Going Home”.

Much like the other video’s he’s created, Todrick has done a mash-up of a current take on an old classic, this time the subjects were Drake’s hit and The Wizard of Oz. Check out the video below and get into the dope “Home” sample from MY favorite version, The Wiz. This is definitely the best adaptation we’ve seen of The Wizard of Oz since Jazmine Sullivan’s “Lions, Tigers, Bears”! Also, check out Todrick on youtube for videos of Spell Block Tango (The Disney Villains perform the song from Broadway’s Chicago), Cinderonce (The story of Cinderella told with Beyonce songs) and Mean Gurlz (Mean Girls at a black school).

[First Listen] Jhene Aiko Solidifies Her Star Power in New “Sail Out” EP

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Known for her stirring, emotionally articulate lyrics and her spritely, dancing vocals Jhene Aiko is back again with another solo EP entitled “Sail Out”.

The 7-track project includes the pre-released “3:16a” and “Bed Peace” and features rappers Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino, Vince Staples and Ab-Soul. Whether this is your first foray into the world of Jhene Aiko or you’ve been a fan since day, this EP does not disappoint. The first track, The Vapors, is a good lead in to the EP that’s a parallel between smoking and a relationship she’s no longer in. Following after that is the most recent release ‘Bed Peace” featuring rapper and complicated friend Childish Gambino. As you guys can hear below, this is song is a bit lighter than the first and does well to set the balance for the remaining tracks. Check it all out in the mix below courtesy RefinedHype and let us know what you think while we wait for the full length project due out in 2014!

Kendrick Lamar…More Harm Than Good?

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Kendrick Lamar on ‘Control’ has been widely accepted as the standout verse of 2013, and with three months left in the year and no more big name releases expected, that could very well be the case. As a newcomer in hip-hop, Kendrick has been lauded for his command of lyricism and storytelling on the debut album Good Kid M.A.A.D City. Being someone who’s confidence is unabashedly displayed in his work, it’d be hard to believe Kendrick didn’t anticipate the effect his verse would have on the genre and rappers’ feelings.

With everyone reenacting scenes from The Hunger Games for studio time to reply, and social media holding presidential-style debates over who should or shouldn’t be offended, Kendrick effectively shook the proverbial table. But in the midst of the excitement, let’s take a look at another possible side-effect we might’ve been overlooking.

Earlier this year, in promotion for his upcoming album Nothing Was The Same, Drake released the track “Jodeci” with J. Cole, which fits seamlessly with the sound of NWTS but somehow didn’t make the cut. Big Sean’s “Control” also didn’t make it to the final project (for good reason) and with the exception of interlabel features and collabs with the “Gods of Rap” (Jay-Z, Nas, etc.) it seems like features and joint efforts have seriously taken a backseat to solo projects. It would appear as though the genre’s artists are giving their audience more focused efforts, and solidifying their own individual voices and ranks within the hip-hop hierarchy, but could this also be looked at as a fear; reluctance to collaborate spurned by a fear of being bodied on your own track?

I’d love to say that Kendrick brought rap back to it’s roots of battles and “Bedtime Stories” but the truth is, the majority of rappers out currently didn’t come up in that era, and/or feel they’re too “big” to reply. Both of these are evidenced by the artists that have responded such as Joell Ortiz, Joe Budden, Papoose and Kendrick’s admitted favorite, King Los of Bad Boy. To paraphrase what Live Civil contributor Eskee mentioned in his Drake vs. Kendrick post, responses form Drake or anyone else “big” is like Lebron in the dunk contest, it’s what we all want but know would never happen.

So in response to Kendrick indirectly forcing rappers to yell from their safe spaces, we present the question, how much will we scrutinize Kendrick, if at all, when it comes to collaborations in the future? Understanding that K. Dot was taking a strong stance in calling out the competition, even when stating he had love for them, he made it very clear his intentions, as far as his work versus their career. So at this point, how would you go about working with someone when you know this is no longer a collaborative effort on a song; someone who’s openly put a hit out on your career? Will we respect Kendrick for working with artists he name checked; will we respect those artists? It’s hard to say because this isn’t a regular beef over a subject that can just be resolved or looked past. From the time you enter the industry it’s your job to be the best you can be, and in hip-hop to be the best of your peers. How do you guys think this will effect Kendrick in the long-run?


Drake vs. Kendrick Beef: The Pros & Cons From Each Side

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Hip-Hop can be a blood sport at times. Every time I think of a rap beef I think of the scene in Gladiator when Russell Crowe demolished a slew of warriors then threw his sword in the stands and screamed at the onlookers…


Hip-Hop fans feed off of rivalries and general disdain between rappers in the industry. Whether or not certain rappers want to go to war with another emcee or not, they surely feel pressure from the fans to do so. The latest “victims” of the hip-hop world’s bloodlust are Kendrick Lamar and one Drizzy Drake.

All of this hoopla started over a verse that Kendrick spit on a song that wasn’t even on a label project in which K.Dot took shots at multiple rappers including Big Sean, Meek Mill and Drake. Some rappers such as A$AP Rocky took the high road saying everything is still cool between him and Kendrick and other rappers such as Meek Mill have offered their own responses to Kendrick on wax. All in all, Drake’s responses have been the most intriguing of them all.

Drake has offered his opinion on Kendrick’s “Control” verse saying it was “An Ambitious Thought” and “…the talk of the internet for 10 days” while stating he had no desire to work with Kendrick anytime soon. With all of Drake’s subtle jabs hitting Kendrick like Mayweather punches (not painful but annoying as hell), a snippet from Kendrick’s BET Hip Hop Awards cypher was released where Kendrick took a not so subtle jab at the self-proclaimed “Light Skinned Keith Sweat”.

So, here we are now hoping this beef takes off like space shuttles (probably not the best reference since the Government is shut all the way down at the moment) but each of these rappers have things to gain and lose from a beef of this magnitude. There are pros and cons to everything in life, including this.

Drake (Karen Civil)
Pros: To Beefing With Kendrick

  • He can flex his strep throat flows and stop ALL of the talkin’. Literally, if Drake were to make Tiramisu of Kendrick Lamar, the rap game has to drop that soft moniker it’s been hanging over Drake’s since he got into Hip-Hop.
  • He would be giving EVERYONE what they wanted, like LeBron James in the slam dunk contest
  • He could really embarrass Kendrick: K.Dot isn’t as untouchable as everyone seems to think. When Drake said “Kendrick isn’t seeing me in any platform” he’s not really lying. Drake has done more in four years in hip-hop than 90% of rappers have done in their entire careers (K.Dot included)
  • Garner respect from the old heads in Hip-Hop
  • Make other rappers second guess trying to go at him again

Cons: To Beefing With Kendrick

  • Drake could lose all hip-hop respect…even though Drake has a HUGH fan base, there are still a lot of hip-hop heads on the fence about his toughness and persona. If he were to get embarrassed by Kendrick, it would be hard to appeal to those rap fans regardless of how hot his music is. Drake might not ever recover.
  • There’s really no point to do so. Win lose or draw, Drake still has two (going on three) platinum album, the most number one’s in the history of Hip-Hop, thirty plus million in net worth and the keys to Toronto. Why on earth would he need a beef battle?
  • It’s not wise to get into a negative firestorm as your undertaking business ventures
  • It’s a distraction from Drake’s album and his upcoming tour
  • Kendrick is a serious ass lyricist, he really might hurt some feelings

Kendrick Lamar (Karen Civil)
Pros: To Beefing With Drake

  • Doing away with the biggest name in Hip-Hop would bring serious publicity to Kendrick and TDE Movement
  • People don’t understand how GOOD Kendrick is at what he does, if a beef occurred, they would
  • There are a lot of hip-hop fans that would applaud Kendrick for going at Drake because quite honestly, they don’t like Drake in Hip-Hop
  • Kendrick can truly assert himself as the King of Hip-Hop with  a flawless victory
  • NO ONE would cross Kendrick if his lyrics were vicious
  • Drake would never be able to live down a lost to Kendrick, which would be the ultimate win for an emcee

Cons: To Beefing With Drake

    • Kendrick might just lose to Drake, and lose embarrassingly. With all that’s said about Drake, people forget that dude can actually rap and if K.Dot isn’t on his toes, Drake might drop a verse that’s recited for years and not just “10 Days”
    • He’ll never amass Drake in success. No matter what Kendrick does he’ll never sell more albums than Drake, have more hits than Drake or more ex’s to talk about than Drake, so why bother?
    • Many people (especially New Yorkers) feel a type of way about the assertions made on the “Control” verse, if Kendrick doesn’t put away Drake there will be a lot of rappers that come for his head
    • In a way, this beef could alienate Kendrick like Drake suggested. Rappers may not be as willing to work with him

So win lose or draw, these two have a lot on the line. Question is, do they want this beef as badly as we do?
by @Eskeino

Top of the Charts: Who’s Out and Who’s Up! MMG, Drake, Janelle, Justin and MORE!

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2013 has really been a great year for music so far, with the return of Justin Timberlake, new music from Jay-Z and Kanye, offerings from newcomers Big Sean and J. Cole, this summer was a hot one. We’ve also gotten new Juicy J and 2 Chainz, not to mention MMG, Pusha T, Justin TimberlakeDrake (his commercial release, shame if you got the leak) and many other artists who are waiting for their turn at bat.

At the top of September we watched Tamar Braxton and Ariana Grande battle it out for the top spot with Ariana’s Mariah Carey-esque vocals just beating out Tamar who actually outsold John Legend who she’s OPENING for on tour. Strange turn of events there but solid numbers AND albums by all of those listed. This week (tomorrow) we get to see how 2 Chainz and Janelle Monae’s albums do in their respective genre’s and overall; but we also get some new-new from Rozay and the Maybach Music Group and after “Levels” and “Poor Decisions” I can tell you we’re ALL ready!

And then to keep you on your toes Drake’s OFFICIAL release is next week followed closely by Justin Timberlake on the 27th. Be sure to check out our sister site KarenCivil.com within the next day or so for their Billboard Breakdown to get the final recap with numbers and chart positions and even more discussion about upcoming works. And as always….Live Civil!

[Video] Last Night at #OVOFest @Drake Brought out @IAmDiddy and @MasonBetha For a Special Bad Boy Moment! #Revolt

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In what could have been a move for his new network RevoltTV, but an all around great moment regardless, music mogul Sean Diddy Combs, made a special appearance last night at Drake’s OVO Fest concert at home in Toronto. 

“Tonight was like one of the best nights of my life. I got to be an artist and a fan. I got to watch the King do his thing and be in his element,” -Drake

Check out some of the footage and Drake speaking about the special occasion in this video with Revolt. Peep the cameo from Bad Boy’s star French Montana!

Drake’s third album Nothing Was The Same is still slated for a September 17th release and his newest song Hold On, We’re Going Home is available for download in iTunes!

The Talented @Sincerely_AK Gives Us Her Drake Cover With “Dudes Love Jay-Z”

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Not too long ago we posted one of our favorite covers of Drakes song Girls Love Beyonce  and now we have a new version from a female perspective.

After receiving requests for a cover, youtube sensation AK (From MY hometown of Dallas!) decided to release her version entitled Dudes Love Jay-Z. In it she sings about the problems with not being able to find a guy that’s worth her time, but lets you know wassup when she sings Jay-Z’s lyrics to 99 Problems. Check it out and be sure to show her some love by liking, commenting, subscribing and copping her mixtape Relationships 101 out right now here!

[VIDEO] D. Wade, King James, Chris Bosh, Drake, Timbo and Others Turn Up At Bamboo Miami To Celebrate Championship Win

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After an amazing NBA Championship win last week, ballers Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade and Lebron James all headed home to Miami to celebrate with their team and other celebrity friends. 

With many big names in attendance (Spike Lee, Timbaland, Flo-Rida, Irv Gotti just to name a few) the fellas and fans out in Miami DEFINITELY took these celebrations to the next level. Hosted by BAMBOO Miami Beach, everyone who’s anyone was at this party, which even featured a guest dj set from Grammy Award Winning Rapper Drake. Check out the vid below and try your hardest not to wish you hadn’t missed this one!

Miami Heat Championship Party with Lebron James, D Wade, Chris Bosh and many more at PrestigeSundays/Bamboomiami from Prestige Sundays on Vimeo.


AUDIO: Drake Releases 4 New Tracks From “Nothing Was The Same’ + Release Date

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Last night at about 3:45a Drake tweeted a simple question to all his fans and followers, “Would you like some music?” The question being undoubtedly yes, Mr. OVO posted 4 new tracks believed to be from his forthcoming album under the title “September 17 Nothing Was The Same”

The four tracks he uploaded are all pretty different; the first being a freestyle featuring a fresh off the stage J. Cole and more clips from what seems like an endless supply of audio footage of Drake’s father speaking. The next track is a track with his new artist PartyNextDoor whom we still no soo little about.

The next track Versace might just be our favorite. Drake gets a bit creative with his flow and delivery, and even pulls a Gucci Mane style repetitious signature but with Versace instead of Gucci.

The last track The Motion is pretty dope too, really smooth mellow production and features recurring collaborator SBTRKT. It appears that Drake really took his time with arrangements and making sure he offered some new delivery for us this go ’round. Great releases so far and we’re definitely excited about what else Mr. Graham has to offer on Nothing Was The Same. Check out all the new tracks below and let us know what you think!

Could This Be Drake’s Tracklist For “Nothing Was The Same”

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By now you guys should be conditioned to take leaked tracklists, set lists and release dates with a grain of salt. That being said, a while back Drake’s father Dennis Graham let word slip that the rapper’s junior album Nothing Was The Same would be released August 27. Now it seems he’s leaked the albums tracklist and features via his Instagram account.

It appears that this could be Drake’s most feature heavy album to date. With appearances from Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake to YMCB and the new artist PartyNextDoor the collaborations seem pretty solid. Something else we’ve noticed, IF this is the actual track listing, is that he’s branched out from being exclusive to his friend and in-house DJ Noah “40” Shebib. Also, no features from The Weeknd. Could this mean we should be getting ready for his big release.

Lots to speculate about, I just wish artists would stop with these feaux “leaks”. Is there anyone you guys would like to see added or removed from this lineup?