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Meet this Young Media Maven: Perri Janelle, Brand Ambassador of Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty

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Straight out of Detroit city, 26-year-old Perri Janelle Halsell has been growing her own brand and platform as a fashion and lifestyle blogger for today’s Millennials. After a short start to curating content for her social media platforms and website, this beauty was able to land an opportunity to work alongside of Savage x Fenty Lingerie Line and here’s how:

“I actually went to a Robes & Rose’ event in my hometown and I wore this green tiger print pajama set and a purple fur robe, which were both purchased from the Savage site!  Since I have been blogging, I was not tagging the brands, I actually was just using the content on my website to increase my traffic…Basically telling everyone you had to go to my website to find out where I got a look from,” says Perri.

However, when it came to her Instagram post about her pajama set, Perri decided for once to tag the brand’s profile in her photo. And even though the picture received a minuscule amount of likes, the post still caught the attention of the official Savage x Fenty profile.

“They DM’d me on Instagram asking to use the photo but it wasn’t a great photo, I actually cropped my face,” she says. “So I sent them the original but they responded saying they couldn’t use it because the resolution was low so I was soooooo upset. I was really beating myself up. So many people were telling me to take the photo again, but I just said forget it.”

Fast forward to a couple weeks later, the lingerie brand messaged Perri again offering her a position as a brand ambassador.


“It’s been wonderful ever since. I’ve been a brand ambassador since October of this year,” says Perri.

Since beginning her role as a ambassador, Perri has been reaping many benefits from the company, including receiving FREE unreleased pieces of lingerie before the public gets to set their eyes on it. But it’s not all fun, freebies, and free pub; according to Perri, a brand ambassador for Fenty has many requirements to fulfill.

“What it takes to be a brand ambassador for Fenty is that they send you different looks and basically you have a time frame to get your content up and you go from there,” she says.
“It’s actually awesome because Savage x Fenty uses so many different woman of all shapes and sizes. Even though I don’t feel like I have a perfect body, Savage makes me feel confident in my own skin.”


Since working with Fenty, Perri has also been able to expand her network and gain more attention on social media.

“I think I am definitely being noticed and recognized by so many different people and companies,” Perri explains. “It’s a great feeling because they see your hard work and they want to see you win also! Being a Brand Ambassador for Fenty has been more positive than anything. My engagement has been through the roof!”

Although this boss gal is getting more traffic to her platform from showing off different styles of Savage x Fenty undergarments, she still keeps in mind of what she posts and who’s watching her post.

“I will say I have to be mindful because I am posting lingerie and it is a lot of young girls who look up to me. I don’t want them to feel like oh, I’m selling my body on the internet but realize I’m actually a grown woman who also likes to feel confident and sexy in a tasteful way. So everything I do it definitely has to reflect me!”

But Fenty isn’t the only brand Perri represents. She has a resume of businesses and brands she’s worked with as an ambassador in the past and presently.

“I actually am a brand ambassador for a another company in my home town and it’s called, ‘The TEN Nail Bar’ which is a modern black owned nail salon,” she says.


Additionally, Perri also has worked with Charlotte Russe, a female clothing store, in the past and starting in 2019 she will begin a new partnership with another brand that is based in Detroit.

“I am hoping to start working with more brands in 2019, so I just can’t wait and I’m pushing myself every day to reach my goals,” she says.

In the end, Perri offered some advice to those aspiring to be brand ambassadors and media maven’s of this millennium. Here’s what she had to say:

“The advice that I can give to anyone is really stay true to yourself! Never doubt yourself! There are going to be so many people out there who try to tear you down, not support you, hate and think your dreams are a waste of time, “ she says. “Just keep going hard, be original and believe in yourself. Those goals will start getting checked off your list one by one, and reach out to brands if you are trying to work with them!”

Meet Detroit’s Own, Jasmine Matheney, the Face Behind ‘Brooklyn Body Butter,’ A Homemade Shea Butter for Natural Skin Care

If you’re an all-natural type of person, then get a load of Brooklyn Body Butter, a special collection of shea butter for all men, women and children around the world. Based in Detroit Michigan, Brooklyn Body Butter is an American family-owned and operated company that was founded by Jasmine Matheney in 2017 and is now recognized as an authentic producer of homemade, natural shea butter.

“I began the development of ‘Brooklyn Body Butter,’ the winter of 2016 after I took my daughter to a doctors visit for what I thought was the chicken pox, but it was a flair up of her eczema,” says Matheney. “The doctor prescribed her topicals to use but they would not moisturize and hydrate her skin like she needed. I was using Shea Butter in its purest form, but I didn’t like the consistency or scent of it. That’s when I began researching different ways to use Shea Butter and how to make it ‘whipped’ for an easier application.”

Brooklyn Body Butter, which was named after and inspired by Jasmine’s daughter, is made up of original Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Apricot Oil, and Avocado Oil. These oils are mixed together to a secret consistency to created the creamy, animal cruelty free, melt-in-your-hand ‘Brooklyn Body Butter.’

Jasmine says that she was encouraged to share her product with the world by family. “My parents were two of the first people to try Brooklyn Body Butter and give me positive and negative feedback. My mother is a natural hairdresser and hair braider. She started using the product on her client’s hair and they were loving the results,” says Matheney. “My father is a contractor. He also uses his hands all day long in different elements. Once he started using Brooklyn Body Butter, he said that his skin felt amazing.”

She also mentions that her personal experience with having a skin condition is what drove her to share her product with the rest of the world. “As a young girl I suffered from a skin condition called pityriasis which is dandruff on the skin. I remember using so many different topicals and nothing would work,” she says. “I would use the thickest of the thickest creams to heal my skin and they would only sit on the surface of my skin, not moisturizing my skin at all. I remember being frustrated and embarrassed as a young girl walking around with scaly skin.”

With Brooklyn Body Butter, people suffering from similar skin conditions and dryness can use this product to regain their confidence, as its ingredients are made to instantly hydrate the skin. The available collection of Brooklyn Body Butter includes Almond Coconut Milk Butter, Aromabutter, Baby Powder Butter, Natural Butter and Squeaky-Clean Butter.

Shea butter is a great skin product that is produced from the seeds of the fruit of the Shea (Karite) tree, which is naturally rich in vitamins A, E and F. The concentration of natural vitamins and fatty acids in Shea butter make it a perfect skin moisturizer, while it is also known for reducing skin inflammation. It also offers UV protection (it is SPF ~6) and provides the skin with essential fatty acids and the nutrients necessary for collagen production.

Still operating as a home-based business, the future goals that Jasmine has in mind for Brooklyn Body Butter is opening up a warehouse. “I would like for my business to be away from home and make home a home again. I will like to be a distributor of my product to local growing businesses and give them an opportunity to carry Brooklyn Body Butter.”

Brooklyn Body Butter is available in stock on the company’s online store. For more information and to order now, please visit:

Bags to Butterflies: A Detroit Business that Reduces Recidivism in Style

There’s nothing like a black owned business thats supportive towards its community and offers second chances to those who’ve been incarcerated. Black own businesses like Bags to Butterfliers, L3C helps provide support, resources and a caring network to help citizens redefine their life’s purpose, with hopes to reduce recidivism.

Bags to Butterflies, L3C is a social enterprise located  in Detroit, Michigan. The goal of this black owned enterprise is to empower formerly incarcerated women with transitional employment immediately upon their return to the community from incarceration.

Bags to Butterflies helps create jobs using a very common accessory for women — a purse! While not only creating jobs, this business also handcrafts gorgeous handbags and clutches made from wood, leather, and high-quality textiles; allowing these returning citizens to showcase their creative abilities.

Bags to Butterflies was founded in 2015 by Detroit native, Michelle Smart. Smart’s founding purpose was to empower formerly incarcerated women with employment in an creative environment.

“The ladies are encouraged to be creative without boundaries,” said Smart.

In support of its mission, these ladies are provided with the materials to design and market a collection of handbags and clutches. “The handbag collections function as a reminder to the women to ‘let go’of their past, ‘live life’ with a sense of purpose, and ‘fly’ towards their dreams,” as mentioned in an issued statement.

Each bag holds symbolic purposes. The smaller handbags that are crafted are supposed to symbolize the downsizing of personal baggage and the focus on mental and emotional stability. The wood used to help create some of the items is repurposed, symbolizing that old materials can be given a new life, just like the designers.

The handcrafted bags each come with a message about the designer, creating an emotional connection between the creator and the buyer. Bags to Butterflies provides an opportunity for the previously incarcerated to become reinvigorated. With commitment, perseverance, and from the help of Bags to Butterflies, these women are creating new, successful lives for themselves through designing fashion accessories.


Uprising Black Businesses In Fashion: Detroit’s Billionaire By Confidence

When It comes to some of the dopest BLACK owned fashion lines, Billionaire By Confidence (BxC) is the clothing line that should come to mind.

BxC is a Detroit owned fashion line that gives fresh looks for both men and women. BxC has a wide variety of styles from custom-made and limited edition jackets, joggers and graphic tee’s.

It’s not like your average clothing line, you know, the ones where they constantly print the same exact logo on different color shirts or pants. You’ll find many designs to choose from, starting with the BxC logo itself, apparel featuring the Goat mascot of the brand and much more. The brand was not only made to make people look fashionable, it was also made to bring confidence to anyone who wears it. If you look good, you’ll  feel good.

Blake Hare is the 25-year-old owner and designer behind BxC. The young entrepreneur launched his clothing line back in March of 2016.

The Western Michigan University graduate used his degree in Business Management and Marketing to make his dream come true, but of course he had to make a few moves before bringing the dream to life.

“The steps I took was watching other clothing lines that were launched around me from local to global— mainly local,” says Blake. “I’ve seen people start brands then stop and I always wanted to know why people stopped. Of course thinking of a logo and etc is hard, especially finding a consistent one to use…As an entrepreneur, you’ll sometimes run into road blocks like lack of resources, finances, creative cramps, marketing strategies or just having to go back to the drawing board to reinvent a design that you thought was poppin, but sales said otherwise; are a few reasons why I think people quit.”

After taking note of other brand owner’s mistakes, Blake took the extra step to make sure his resources, finances, marketing strategies and design ideas were in order. And after trademarking his logo ideas and copyrighting his brand, he was ready to make his first launch.

“It was March 13th when I launched BxC. I was still in college. And on March 25th, I was at my brother Gene’s store, Fresh Baked Prints on 9 mile and Coolidge, where I printed off my first shirt.”

As of today BxC has reached many milestones, gaining the attention of the whole city of Detroit, including people out of state— even celebrities. Today you’ll see public figures from Dave East’s camp rappers Drano and NBA star Edmond Sumner from the Indiana Pacers wearing Blake’s clothing line.

“Today BxC is at a great point, 2 years in since we launched and sales are better than last year, so there’s an increase, which is important for business,” says Blake. “You really don’t want to stay constant and of course not decline.”

Alongside, Blake also added four brand ambassadors from Detroit, Atlanta, Chicago, and Cali to further promote his brand. In addition to expanding his business and marketing his brand, Blake is also looking for ways to include other Black artist, aspiring designers and others in his vision for BxC, and help them expand their portfolios as well.

“I’m expanding the service side of my business… there’s the flip side of it where people who are just starting brands or doing anything to help a business that may need a model, a videographer, a website designer, a photographer, or even a free hand artist; they would be able to find these specific talents on BxC’s website that live in their same state and city or out of state,” he says. “When I first started BxC a road block was ‘who am I going to get to do this?’ ‘who can do this or that?’ Luckily I have a great network of friends but someone else might not be lucky… I want them to look at BxC to find the help.”

With the many accomplishments that this black owned clothing line has seen, Blake is now a part of a new founding organization called Forbes The Culture, which surrounds others with like minded individuals and has an ultimate goal of building success within the community.

“My inspiration was always to create a clothing brand that people actually want to wear and genuinely like the designs on the apparel,” he says. “You catch this irreplaceable vibe of seeing your idea alive out here like.. I love going out and seeing somebody in BxC, or scrolling my media timeline and see a picture of somebody sportin’ it… that feeling of knowing people rock with you based on what you create from your own ideas is a feeling I always wanted to experience.”


If you’re interested is supporting this Detroit brand, then you can purchase BxC’s new fall line with the promo code “readbxc” for 10% off at www.bxcwehere.com

American Girl Doll Introduces ‘Melody’, A 9-Year Old Black Girl Living In 1963 Detroit

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American Girl Doll has done it again with their latest edition of their “BeForever” collection. Introducing Melody Ellison, a 9-year old black girl, who is living in 1963, an obviously troubled time for folks of color, especially women.

But Melody isn’t your ordinary American Girl Doll. In fact, she’s being used to teach young girls all over the world about what life was like in 1960s Detroit and the issues and struggles black women faced. According to an announcement released on Thursday by American Girl, Melody is a “civil rights believer, chorus leader, and daughter of Detroit.”

To make sure that Melody’s look and backstory were accurate of 1960s Detroit, the American Girl company called on a six-member advisory board that included the late civil rights activist Julian Bond to, “review and provide input on all aspects of Melody’s development.”

When we look back on the “BeYourself” collection in a handful of years, it’ll be clear how vital Melody will be. Visit the American Girl website to shop everything Melody.

melody american girl doll

melody american girl doll

melody american girl doll and book



Pharrell To Help With Housing Development in Detroit

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It’s no secret that Pharrell Williams is extremely talented. It’s a fact. He’s now taking his talent and love for art to help develop housing in Detroit.

Williams plans to partner with Alexander Gorlin, who is known for his innovative housing designs and of natural light and space noted for his inventive use of space, light and natural materials.

While the details of the project have not been finalized yet, the plan is to create a few housing complex in empty city-owned spaces. The two plan to use the prefab model which means the houses will be built in factories and then shipped out and placed in their respective locations.

Anything Pharrell touches seems to be great. We’re quite sure this project will follow suit.

Big Sean Gives Away 2,000 Thanksgiving Turkeys In His Hometown Of Detroit

In the spirit of the holidays, Big Sean gave back to his community by hosting his Annual Thanksgiving Turkey Drive.

The “One Man Can Change The World” rapper gave away more than 2,000 turkeys in his hometown of Detroit. Along side with Sean, we’re also his proud parents who helped out with the great cause.

The east coast native took to his Instagram and Twitter account to share pictures from his turkey drive, as he wrote:

Mom n Dad w/ me at our annual Turkey Drive reppin the @seanandersonorg Gave over 2,000 turkeys n sides! Luv to Tarence Wheeler, Mayor Bing, Tommy Hearns, @hiphopdetroit n everyone involved! Boss up!

This isn’t the first time Big Sean gives back to his community, in previous years, he’s also partnered with Tarence Wheeler and the mayor to give away turkey baskets to families in need.

Big Sean’s Foundation, The Sean Anderson Foundation, Partners With Detroit’s Former Mayor And Ford For ‘Men Of Courage’

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Big Sean launched The Sean Anderson Foundation in order to make the lives of young people better, and now he’s getting some familiar partners for the ‘Men of Courage’ campaign.

The “Play No Games” rapper’s foundation teamed up with the former Mayor of Detroit, Mayor Dave Bing, as well as Ford Motor Company, for the campaign, which was created to change the perception of black men in America, “one story at a time.”

50 men, between the ages of 20 to 70, gathered at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African-American History for a day-long forum this week.

The topic of discussion was to focus on “identifying personal challenges and turning points in their lives,” and share their struggles.

Reports say that Ford plans to spread the campaign to other states, cities, and locations, hoping to spread people’s stories.

Photo Credit: Monica Morgan

Fundraiser raises over $230,000 for Man That Walks 21 miles To and From Work

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James Robertson is a prime example of the old saying, “when there’s a will, there’s a way.” For the last 10 years, the 56-year-old has made a 21 mile and six hour trek to and from his factory job. He has never missed a day and he has never shown up late.

Inspired by Robertson’s story of resilience, Evan Leedy, a junior college student, created a campaign on the popular crowd-funding site GoFundMe which has since gained over $230,000 in donations.

“I gotta say, this is Detroit, this is how people are in Detroit. They say Los Angeles is the city of angels. That’s wrong. Detroit is the real city of angels,” Robertson said.

Ten years ago, Robertson’s aging Honda car stopped working. He hasn’t been able to afford a new car on his $10.55 an hour pay and so he worked with what he had. Although he does take a bus part of the way, the remainder of his trip is completed on foot through some of Detroit’s toughest weather.

After hearing about Robertson’s story, a couple car dealerships have offered Robertson a free new car. The funds would then be used for maintenance, gas, insurance and some medical and dental expenses.

Jeezy Encourages Youth at Detroit Juvenile Center

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Jeezy is known for using his rap lyrics to reach the hearts and minds of his fans. He lines his music with first hand accounts of his personal struggles and his ability to overcome them. While traveling for his “Seen It All” tour, the rapper made a surprise pit stop at the Wayne County Juvenile Detention Center in Detroit, MI to offer the youth words of encouragement despite their current circumstances.

Jeezy gave an inspirational speech to the 120 residents ranging from ages 10-18 years old.

“Detroit is like a second home to me and I really wanted to let you know that it is never too late for a second chance,” Jeezy shared. “You have your entire life ahead of you and there is no reason why you shouldn’t dream big,” he continued.

Following his speech Jeezy took time to speak to residents and staff individually for a more personal exchange.

Check out some of the photos below!

Jeezy Motivates Youth 1Jeezy7 Jeezy2 Jeezy3 Jeezy4 Jeezy5


Join The Cause: Dream Hampton Rallies Detroit and Beyond In Search of Justice for Renisha McBride

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If you’ve never been in a car accident suffice it to say that no matter how thick your skin is or what you’ve been through previously, that immediate shock of impact will undoubtedly get your adrenaline going and heighten the awareness of your mortality. Now imagine, leaving you car after a crash, walking around scared and in search of some help or just a cell phone to call the police…and being shot and killed without any questions asked.

Precisely was the fate of 19-year-old Renisha McBride on the evening of November 2, a little over a week ago. If this sounds at all familiar it’s because the 54-year-old gunman has yet to be taken into custody and tried, due to the same “Stand Your Ground”/”Shoot First” laws in Detroit that saved Floridian George Zimmerman earlier this year. With the taste of that salty defeat still in our mouths writer and activist Dream Hampton has taken the reigns on a full campaign rallying citizens of Detroit and anyone near or far with a voice in an effort to bring Renisha’s killer to justice. Details from the investigation have emerged stating that it will be hard for the gunman to evade the charges under the “Stand Your Ground” law seeing as Renisha died on the porch and not IN his home and the bullet that killed her was not fired at close range. While that may sound promising, we also remember the FACT that a man chased after an unarmed 17-year-old boy, while ignoring the advice of the police and is still roaming the streets freely after beating the case brought against him.

It would be foolish of us to allow a repeat of this and thanks to Dream the ground-work is already laid. Watch the video of her Detroit rally below and head over to sign the petition at Color of Change and lets collectively put an end to this senseless slaughter of innocent persons of color.

[Clip] Beyonce Dedicates “A Change Gon’ Come” Performance To Residents While In Detroit

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Beyonce is currently in the thick of the United States leg of her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, however, in light of the financial woes and on-going crime taking place in Detroit, while performing she took a moment to dedicate a special performance to all the citizens of Motown.

While singing Sam Cooke’s A Change Gon’ Come, a video montage representative of Detroit’s history and great musical accomplishments played behind her wowing concert goers both sonically and visually. Check out the clip below!