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Everything A Black Woman Needs To Know About These Multi-Colored L.A. Girl Concealers

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We love a good face beat and we’d like to think that a face isn’t fully snatched until concealer is applied and used properly. Makeup company, L.A. Girl has been providing makeup lovers with very affordable concealer in an array of colors for years. Their brand is so accessible from the local beauty supply store to the local drug store. These products are not hard to find and have proven to be one of the best go-to concealers for all skin tones (including us HONEY).

You may have seen these multi-colored concealers and wondered what on earth do people use these for?!  We know that selecting makeup for a black woman hasn’t always been the easiest of tasks. Some of us feel as though anything colorful would make us look like a “clown” if not done correctly. Makeup artists everywhere talk about how the everyday black woman tends to stray away from colorful beauty products without the knowledge of what they can do for them simply because of this stigmatized issue.

With that being said if you happened to pass up L.A.’s LA Girl Pro Conceal HD High Definition Concealer & Corrector because the bright multi-colors threw you off, you’re in for a surprise (& you’re not alone)! These colorful gifts from up above are concealer color correctors. Concealer color correctors are designed to hide skin imperfections like redness, sallowness, and general discoloration. They’re particularly good for anyone with dark circles, scars, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation. If you weren’t hip to this idea already we’ve got all of our beginner’s covered thanks to some helpful gems that we found via twitter. Thank you, Kay (@yarmsforeal) for always dropping dope makeup gems. Here is everything a black woman needs to know about the multi-colored L.A. Girl Color Correcting Concealers:

Tip 1: Use this guide to figure out exactly what color you need for your target area and skin tone.

Tip 2: Orange is for correcting dark spots on darker skin tones and peach is for correcting dark marks on lighter skin tones. Make sure you know the difference between orange and peach girlfriend!

Tip 3: Apply very thin layers. Applying too much may cause the corrector to show through tour foundation and then you’ll really have a problem (YIKES).

Tip 4: You will not see the correctors cover the marks immediately so don’t look for that to happen. The product will simply offset coloring under your foundation.

Tip 5: Moisturize and apply primer before color corrector.

Tip 6: Apply colorful corrector before your normal concealer. Concealing after correcting makes the marks appear much better than if you were to apply your foundation right on top of your corrector.

Tip 7: If you don’t have any spots that truly need correcting, do not use these color correctors. They are meant to be used on blemishes with a heavy appearance. Use a regular concealer for smaller and less noticeable blemishes.

Tip 8: Don’t smear the colors all over your face. Brushing the colors all over your face will move the pigments into the wrong areas and have you looking a whole hot mess.

Youtube, Twitter, & IG are a beginner makeup guru’s best friend, you’ve gotta start somewhere if you want to be about that “beat face” life. Most importantly, always remember that you make the makeup, the makeup does not make you. Now go out there and SLAY honey.


10-Year-Old Girl Bullied About Her Dark Skin Launches a T-Shirt Line

Colorism has been a part of the African-American culture since the beginning of time. Dark skin is often frowned upon while lighter skin is glamorized. Thankfully we are entering a new day and age where beautiful dark and brown skin is being appreciated more.

10-year-old Kheris Rodgers experienced colorism when she was bullied at school for her dark skin tone. Many times Rodgers was teased by her classmates and teachers.

She told BuzzFeed News that during a class exercise years ago in grade school her teacher asked students to draw themselves, then handed her a black crayon.

Rodgers response was, “I’m not that dark….I’m brown”. Rodgers mom thankfully took her out of that school but the bullying persisted no matter what school she attended.

In efforts to lift up her little sister’s spirits, Rodgers older sister Taylor took matters into her own hands in late march by styling and dressing Rodgers for a Wiz-inspired fashion show. She shared photos on Twitter, writing: “My sister is only 10, but already royalty,” with hashtag #FlexinInHerComplexion.

The tweet went viral with over 30,000 RT’s!

Taylor showed her little sister all of the comments with strangers calling her “beautiful” and saying that her skin was “gorgeous”, Rodgers couldn’t believe it!

Now Rodgers is coming for anyone who ever bullied her with success!

The 10-year-old girl who got bullied for her dark skin has now created a fashion line that instills confidence in other young girls facing the same issue of colorism. “I am now a 10-year-old business owner please support! FlexinInMyComplexion.com.” – Kheris Rodgers.

Are you flexing in your complexion? Head over to her website and purchase a shirt!

Your brown is beautiful Kheris Rodgers, keep shining!

For Brown Girls presents: The #DarkSkinRedLip Project

“Breaking Barriers and Building Confidence!” is the tag-line of ForBrownGirls’ latest ongoing online campaign that invites women with darker skin complexions to submit and showcase a photo of them rocking a red lip (www.darkskinredlip.com). Since April, the organization has been promoting this project through social media and word of mouth to help put an end to the notion that women of a darker hue don’t look attractive wearing bright colors, in particular, red lipstick. Along with abolishing that stigma, the project will serve as inspiration to any girl or woman who have given into this stereotype and shied away from wearing a red lip.

For Brown Girls shared:

So far, we have collected over 400 photos from women everywhere proudly (and beautifully of course) showing off their pout-different shades and brands of reds! In viewing such images, a darker skinned girl who is hesitant to try a red lip will find the confidence to step out of her comfort zone, disregarding the opinion of anyone else. The project has received much support and we look forward to reaching our goal of having 1,000+ women participate. We will be hosting red lipstick giveaways until we reach our goal. In an effort to better understand the feelings, attitudes and experiences of women relating to this issue we have also created a brief survey for participants to complete which has received numerous responses as well.

LIVECIVIL is an advocate for empowering women of all complexions. We encourage women reguardless of what complexion they are  to be bold, be beautiful and WEAR YOUR RED LIPS!

To submit, all one has to do is simply send one clear photo of them wearing red lipstick to forbrowngirls@yahoo.com including their name, state and brand/name of lipstick. Be sure to also invited to follow the project via social networks using the hashtag #DarkSkinRedLip.

Recently Live Civil’s Karen Civil was scene rocking red lips at Rico Love’s EP Listening, With Ebro Darden &  Bevy Smith.

Rico Love Dinner Party