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5 Couples That Have Been Together Before The Fortune and Fame

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Although it’s rare, it’s certainly not impossible. There are quite a few couples that have been together long before the lights, cameras, and action.  They may be high school sweets hearts or the ideal love and basketball story. Whatever their individual journey may be these five couple below prove it’s not always about the money and the fame, and we love them for that.

See our list below and be sure to add your own!

Ice Cube and Kimberly Woodruff Ice Cube and Wife

 Ice Cube and his wife Kimberly Woodruff have reportedly been together for over 20 years. The two were romantically involved during the 90s but kept their relationship status away from the public eye for a while. They now have four children together O’Shea, Darrell, Kareema, and Shareef.

Celebrity Friendships We Wish We Were A part of

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Although they are celebrities, we forget they’re just like us … sometimes. They like going out to eat. They, too, like shopping. They like taking selfies, and above all they love hanging out with their friends and they won’t hesitate to post it on “the gram” for the world to know. Just like us, celebrities have road dogs. You know, that person that’s always down for the cause in every way. It’s always so heartwarming when celebrities bless our timelines with their friendships and we wanted to take same time to acknowledge a couple.

Take a look below at some of the duos that have us screaming #SquadGoals to the top of our lungs.

1. Kelly Rowland and BeyonceBeyonce and Kelly Rowland - Copy

Best of Youtube: Celebrity Make-Up Tutorials

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For many of us, when we go to do our make-up, we have a certain look in mind when beginning. Most times, even if done well, it never ends up the way we initially planned. This tends to be especially true for African-Americans and other “ethnicities” because our complexions range on a variety of levels, not to mention a lack of properly mixed foundations and blush that matches. For this purpose, Live Civil compiled a few of our favorite celebrity make-up tutorials. The hosts also have a plethora of other options, so if you’re searching for any specific look, you’re bound to find it from one of these ladies. Enjoy & Spread.


1. Rihanna’s Pink Lips, Winged OutLiner & Cat Eyes

From Celebrity Make-Up Artist Alana Dawn, she covers Adele make-up to Rihanna nails


2. Kelly Rowland’s Blush & Woodwinked Eye Shadow

 As a MAC enthusiast, Erin Bailey offers great looks with the perfect tools


3. Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” Lashes, Eyeshadow & Smoulder

Sisters Sam and Nic make a collaborative effort to provide the most daring make-up tutorials online from Beyonce to Kim Kardashian.


3. Drake Look-A-Like/Celebrity Impersonator Make-Up Tutorial

Definitely perfect for Halloween.  But Tamang Phan has plenty more to offer for everyday looks, including Snooki to pageant queens.

Do you have a favorite look you’ve been trying to immolate?  Let us know who’s make-up you think would add the za-za-zoom to your already fierce look!

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