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Nicki Minaj Gifts Pink Wig to 5-Year-Old Cancer Patient

Nicki Minaj and Miyah

Five-year-old Miyah had one very specific wish that she communicated to NBA All-Star John Wall: meet Nicki Minaj …

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10 Reasons To Avoid Sugar


According to the Huffington Post most of use consume an excess of up to and beyond …

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Civil’s Look of the Day: Pink for Awareness

The month of October is dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness. Throughout the month various organizations, companies, individuals, etc… organize walks, fund raisers and …

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Do Juice Cleanses Work?


What is a juice cleanse?

According to the Huffington Post “During a juice fast …

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Sugar Addiction and It’s Effects


Did you know that today’s 12-ounce soda can contain up to ten teaspoons of sugar and that the …

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We Remember Talia Joy Castellano

The young, vibrant and talented Talia Joy Castellano, who grabbed our attention through her YouTube make up tutorials and warmed our hearts with …

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It’s a Wig Hair Company partners with American Cancer Society

As the numbers of females battling Cancer heightens, It’s a Wig continues to put forth an effort to help  tackle  one …

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A Bald Barbie to Comfort Kids with Cancer

Barbie has proven a controversial figure since her shapely beginnings in 1959, but as time and different civil rights movements …

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“What Makes You Beautiful” Lip Sync Video Pays Tribute to Local Cancer Patients

It is a battle too many of our young children and teenagers must face every day. Each year, more than …

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Personal VS Profit: Cancer Cure VS Pharmaceutical Industry

"medicine industry" "pharmaceutical industry"

What’s the value of life?  With the recent battles between Healthcare Plans in the White House, it is …