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#WakandaTheVote Campaign Registers Voters During ‘Black Panther’ Screenings

The amount of hype around Marvel’s Black Panther was matched with crowds of people rushing to theaters to get the Wakandan experience.  While …

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Black Panther Has Inspired An Upsurge In Fan Art and We Are Absolutely Here For It

In case you have been living under a rock, #WakandaForever is the current moment that is catching fire since the record breaking premiere of ‘Black …

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Read Yara Shahidi’s Essay On ‘Black Panther’ And The Full Potential Of Black Talent In Hollywood

Yara Shahidi continues to shine on and off screen as a talented actress, influential activist and now she displays her powerful writing skills. In an …

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Providing The Wardrobe For Wakanda, Costume Designer Ruth E Carter Says Inspiration Came From AfroPunk

Black Panther is projected to reach monumental numbers at the box office. The film encompasses extraordinary acting, directing, producing and writing talents. One …

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Lupita Nyong’O Discusses ‘Black Panther’ Importance To African People

Black Panther growing to be one of the year’s if not the decades most anticipated films follows T’Challa as he returns to Wakanda, …

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Little Miss Flint Is Raising Money For Flint Area Children To See ‘Black Panther’ Film

Black Panther debuts in theaters nationwide February 12th, and many are doing everything they can to ensure young black children are able to …