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#BlackGirlMagic Quevenzhané Wallis Has Published Two New Books

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That #BlackGirlMagic just won’t let up! Quevenzhané Wallis is showing that becoming a boss knows no age limit.After being nominated for an Oscar at 9-years-old, the 14-year-old child actress, is set to release two children’s books.

Today, Simon and Schuster released Shai & Emmie Star in Break an Egg and A Night Out with Momma.

Shai & Emmie is about two best friends who attend a performing arts school.

 This is the description provided on the Simon and Schuster site:

“Shai Williams was born to be a star (or a veterinarian—and maybe a dentist). She attends a special elementary school for the performing arts, and her grandma Rosa and aunt Mac-N-Cheese are both actresses. So Shai is shocked when she doesn’t get the lead role in the third-grade musical. Instead, the part goes to the new girl, Gabby Supreme, who thinks she is better than everyone else.

To add insult to injury, Ms. Gremillion has now asked Shai to help Gabby with the role. Shai reluctantly agrees and enlists Emmie to help, but Gabby isn’t going to make it easy. As opening night draws near, Shai discovers that making a new friend is sometimes like putting on a show—it requires dedication, patience, and lots and lots of practice.”

And A Night Out With Momma details Wallis’ trip to the Oscars with her mother as her date.

Wallis said that she enjoyed coming up with concepts and fleshing them out with her co-author Nancy Ohlin. Shai & Emmie is illustrated by Sharee Miller and A Night Out by Vanessa Brantley-Newton.

Quevenzhané said:

“The stories have a few things that I like and enjoy. For instance there’s a part in the first one where a character is talking about her book bag and it’s turquoise, my favorite color. So there are small details in there that come specifically from me. I definitely see myself doing more of this in the future.”

The Shai & Emmie book is the first in a series of chapter books. The second is set to be released in January and there is no tentative date for the third.

Wallis said, “I really hope that people my age enjoy reading these books. I’m excited about experiencing new things and sometimes it gets to the point where I might get a little obsessed with it. But I really enjoy writing and I can’t wait to do more…Reading is one of my favorite things to do. It’s something I would want everyone to do, especially teenagers my age. I don’t think we read as much as we should.”


You can purchase Wallis’ books, on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or directly from Simon and Schuster’s website.

The Powerpuff Girls Are Getting A 4th Member & She’s Full of Black Girl Magic

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The Powerpuff Girls girl power trio transforms into a quartet this fall with the addition of a fourth member. Dedicated to fighting crime and the forces of evil, Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup add a new Powerpuff Girl to their all-star team. While full details on the character are yet to be released, the newest Powerpuff Girl is expected to add some Black Girl Magic to the cartoon.


The Powerpuff Girls created when Professor Utonium accidentally added “chemical x” to a blissful mix of sugar, spice and everything nice keep the city of Townsville safe from monsters, crime and other villains. The recently rebooted cartoon which airs on Cartoon Network will air a five-part movie, debuting the new member of the super girl squad.

South African artist Toya Delazy will voice the newest member of the Powerpuff Girls. Delazy, excited about her role shared her enthusiasm on Twitter.


“Toya is definitely a perfect fit as the fourth Powerpuff Girl.  She is confident, bubbly and quirky, all the values that we are familiar with, love and appreciate. We have a lot of surprises up our sleeves.” says Jamie Ordanza, Senior Vice President at Turner Broadcasting in Africa and Southern Europe.

The new purple Powerpuff Girl being black gives new generation of youth the chance to see themselves in ways not previously prevalent. The Powerpuff Girls: Power of Four will air on September 17th at 5:30 pm EST and viewers will get a full dose of the Powerpuff Girls’ sisterhood of crime fighting antics.

10 Amazing Black Women We Should All Be Following on Instagram

Instagram, one of the most popular social media platforms in 2017 also takes the title for most harmful. A study by Time reports that Instagram can be associated with high levels of anxiety, depression, bullying and the fear of missing out. Despite the over-saturation of superficial beauty posts, influencer ads and an influx of “Instagram Models” the platform remains a top choice for user  to get their social media fix.   

While it seems every other Instagram account is selling products, hopes or dreams, don’t fret; there are plenty of celebrity accounts worth your follow. Especially if you’re looking for strong, powerful women that radiate black girl magic. 

From fashionable outfits and style inspiration, to insightful posts and behind-the-scenes imagery of their day-to-day lives, the following Instagram accounts will add value to your timeline. Thank us later.


1. Tracee Ellis Ross – @traceeellisross

Tracee Ellis Ross’ Instagram is the definition of style and grace. Follow her account for chic selfies, moments with her Black-ish castmates, inspirational posts and the occasional throwback photo of superstar mom Diana Ross.

2. Monica – @monicabrown 

R&B singer Monica has an Instagram account full of joy. Her photos range from adorable family moments to awesome outfits.  Monica also uploads posts to inspire her fans and followers.

3. Amanda Seales – @amandaseales

Amanda Seales is the comedienne everyone needs on their timeline. Amanda’s posts are “smart, funny and black” as she describes herself in her bio.  She frequently uploads PSAs to her Instagram story feed and fills her page with artsy selfies, cute outfits and positive messages. (Check out our recent interview with Amanda here)

4. Taraji P Henson – @tarajiphenson 

Taraji’s Instagram is full of glamour shots and fan art anyone can enjoy. The actress posts red-carpet moments, funny and inspirational posts as well as moments with her cast-mates from Empire.  Taraji also posts music she enjoys to her Instagram feed.


5. Michelle Williams – @michellewilliams

Michelle Williams Instagram is a home for positive vibes and has no space for negative energies. Michelle Williams uploads include superstar style and motivational quotes.

6. June Ambrose – @juneambrose

June Ambrose style extraordinaire has an Instagram account overflowing with love, family and of course, fashion. June Ambrose frequently uploads quirky photos and videos,  motivational quotes and never hesitates to make a statement.

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Gabrielle Union-Wade (@gabunion) on

7. Gabrielle Union-Wade – @gabunion

Gabrielle Union-Wade’s Instagram is a source for black love, fabulous fashions and Being Mary Jane. Her uploads featuring hubby Dwyane Wade are relationship goals. Gabrielle Union-Wade shows off her a-list style, an occasional tasty plate of food and support for other actresses.

8. Tia Mowry – @tiamowry

Tia Mowry has an Instagram feed full of family posts, effortless style and the occasional throwback photo of her and twin sister Tamera. Tia’s husband and children are no stranger to her Instagram feed and followers get a first-hand look of their fun family life.


9. Angela Simmons – @angelasimmons

Angela Simmons posts amazing food, amazing fashion and adorable family photos.  Besides her vegan plates and killer style, Angela Simmons uploads encouraging posts that can inspire anyone.

10. Tina Knowles Lawson – @mstinalawson

Mother Tina Knowles Instagram has posts to inspire and admire. Tina Knowles Lawson uploads videos and photos that share personal moments of her life.  She also uses her Instagram account to uplift and frequently celebrates her superstar daughters Beyonce and Solange.

Black Girls Rock: Solange Provides Inspiration & Encouragement During Acceptance Speech at BGR 2017

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Last night was the airing of BET’s Black Girls Rock Awards and what an amazing night it was. With a room full of #BlackExcellence and #BlackGirlMagic, you could only expect a surplus of inspiration, excitement and encouragement.

As she was honored with the “Rockstar Celebrant” award, the beautiful and talented Solange Knowles made sure to give her dose of inspiration to the crowd as she aimed her speech to black girls and women, reminding them the importance of encouraging each other at all times.

Other honorees for the evening included Issa Rae, Yara Shahidi, Maxine Waters, Roberta Flack, Natalie and Derrica Wilson, and Suzanne Shank. For those who missed it, see Solange’s speech below.

Issa Rae and Solange Knowles Come Together To Help Save ‘My Two Cents’, A Black And Female-Owned Soul Food Restaurant

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Issa Rae and Solange Knowles are some of our “go to” girls for the culture. A Seat At The Table and Insecure are certified and profound works of art, that were both needed during this rough political and social climate. These queens are unapologetically black and progressive in showcasing all of the beauty that black women and black people have to offer to music, television, the internet, and our nation. Their artistic work truly exhibits #BlackGirlMagic in its purest form.

The duo, who previously worked together on the fire soundtrack for Season 1 of the hit HBO series Insecure are combining their melanin forces once again to help save a struggling business owner.

Last Friday, Knowles, and Rae hosted “Wine and Grind” a fundraising event that benefited the My Two Cents eatery. The restaurant is owned by Los-Angeles based chef Alisa Reynolds. In July Reynolds created a GoFundMe page to help settle a $130,000 lawsuit that the eatery is facing.

“For the past two years, I have suffered in silence because of a legal battle. Honestly, I am facing the biggest obstacle of my professional life,” she wrote, noting that the lawsuit stems from early backers of her business who she said that they, “misunderstood the culinary process.”

“If I do not raise $130,000 by August 15, 2017, I may no longer be able to continue working at Two Cents L.A.,” she continued. “My absence will affect the other 17 beautiful people who work with me and pour their hearts and souls into the food that they prepare each day.”

With the help of Saint HeronRae and Knowles were able to organize a private dinner and fundraiser at a secret location in efforts to #SaveMyTwoCents. The beautiful Kelly Rowland and talented Melina Matsoukas who was featured in #TheLivingCivilSeries served as hosts.

“Saint Heron’s Wine and Grind was a magical night I’ll always cherish. The room was filled with genuine love and support for Chef Alisa, and a reminder of how powerful sisterhood can be when we all come together to uplift one another. Hearing Solange and Kelly Rowland rave about Chef Alisa firsthand was adoring. And I can’t blame them because her food was amazing.” – Jessica Washington via The Huffington Post 

All proceeds from Wine and Grind are going to Reynolds’ restaurant.

Major kudos to Solange and Issa for stepping up and being selfless, we wish the My Two Cents soul food eatery much success in the future!

Source: Huffingtonpost.com

Learn About #HappyPeriod, A Non-Profit Providing Menstrual Products For Homeless Women All Over The Nation

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Having a period is something that every woman encounters in their life time. For many women, purchasing menstrual products are apart of their grocery lists and monthly expenses.

These products are a necessity to keep up with our health and hygiene but in a sad reality, all women are not able to afford them. Often times homeless women go without menstrual products because they have to feed their child or themselves before even thinking about purchasing a pad or a tampon.

Chelsea VonChaz noticed this problem last February when she slowed down at a red light on her way to managing a wardrobe fitting for an independent film in Hollywood. As she approached the light, she witnessed a homeless woman crossing the street, wearing blood stained clothes. She later found out that pads and tampons are rarely donated to the homeless and are not considered a requirement to be included in any shelter’s operations budget and decided to do something about the issue.

“Being proactive, I emailed all my girlfriends saying, ‘This is what I saw today and it really changed me. I really want to do something about it. I’m not sure how I feel about this issue except the fact that it won’t leave my mind. Will you guys help me out?” – Chelsea Warner via Elite Daily

Chelsea and her mother, Cherryl Warner founded #HappyPeriod on February 8, 2015, in efforts to help alleviate the high cost of menstruation for homeless women. With the help of social media, Chelsea and her friends put on the first #HappyPeriod gathering to pass out kits in the Skidrow area of Downtown Los Angeles. The nonprofit became a movement in its first year, forming chapters in New York City, Atlanta, Miami, San Diego, Chicago, and Washington, D.C.

About once a month, women gather at the nonprofit’s nine chapters to collect donated menstrual products. Each individual kit has four tampons, five pads, two wipes, five panty liners, one soap, and one pair of underwear. The kits are bright yellow including a smiley face and the words #HappyPeriod printed on them. The kits are handed out on the street and delivered to homeless shelters as well.

“A lot of us don’t think about the fact that homeless people get their periods,” founder Chelsea VonChaz told The Huffington Post. “We all have periods ― but for some reason, we don’t think about it in terms of those less fortunate. This is a real issue of women’s rights.”

The #HappyPeriod team plans to continue their expansion and hopes to soon provide reusable menstrual cups for women in halfway houses. We salute Chelsea VonChaz and the whole #HappyPeriod team for their thoughtful charitable when it comes to this particular initiative.

If you would like more information on the non-profit head over to their website www.hashtaghappyperiod.com.

Danielle Outlaw Becomes Portland’s First Black Woman Police Chief

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Portland’s Mayor, Ted Wheeler, has appointed Danielle Outlaw as the next police chief in Portland, making her the first black woman police chief for the force!

“I have concrete goals for the Portland Police Bureau, all of them challenging to achieve. I need a partner. I need a leader. More than that, I need someone with a passion for this work who will be in it for the long haul. Danielle Outlaw is that person.” – Mayor Ted Wheeler

Outlaw has been in the police force for many years and has served as deputy chief since 2013. Her career began at Holy Names High School as an explorer with the Oakland police. Soon after that, Outlaw became the second female deputy chief in the Oakland Police Department.

For her latest appointment, Outlaw beat out 33 candidates and proved that her strict attitude, excellent police work and overall tenacity was exactly what the Portland Police Bureau needed.

“My life’s passion is policing. I want to make a positive difference in the lives of my fellow officers and the residents of the community. Portland is an amazing city. I am humbled by the tremendous opportunity in front of me, and am ready to get to work.” – Danielle Outlaw

Expectations for Outlaw are very high seeing as though the Portland police department has been struggling with staffing, issues complying with settlement agreements over the use of excessive force, ongoing problems with police treatment of large protests and broken relationships with community members.

But, we’re confident she can right the ship. That #BlackExcellence will come in handy.

Congratulations, Danielle!

She’s Not Hostile, She’s Just Passionate, Educated & “Hella” Funny: A Word With Amanda Seales

Fresh off of an intense press day and a night out on the town with adopted Houstonian, Drake Drizzy Rogers, the hilarious and candid Amanda Seales welcomed us into her hotel room with open arms. When we caught up with the actress and comedian, who plays Tiffany on the hit HBO series Insecure, she was in the middle of glam and getting ready to hit the red carpet for an Insecure Season 2 premiere event.

If you aren’t familiar with Amanda it’s time for you to “Get Your Life”, literally and figuratively.

Amanda Seales got her big break as a child star when she played Deonne Wilburn in 1994 on Nickelodeon’s, My Brother and Me. You may have also seen her face grace your television screen during her time as a commentator on VH1’s Best Week Ever, or as host on MTV2’s Sucker Free Sunday’s. Amanda is also the creator of her very own show, Get Your Life, a scripted comedy about her unscripted life.

To add to the accomplishments, Amanda was recently featured in the LA Times: Black While Funny And Female list alongside actresses like Issa Rae, Tracee Ellis Ross, Tiffany Haddish, and more.

Is there anything she hasn’t done yet?

Amanda is using comedy as her vessel to not only make people laugh, but to also bring about change. From her gem-dropping moments on IG, to her very necessary and viral moment with Caitlyn Jenner, Amanda is all about the progression of society.

Amanda is pretty much an open book via social media, but the Live Civil team got the chance to dig deeper into Amanda’s life and get to know a bit more about this trailblazing multimedia star. – Pennie Anassi 

Talk about season 2 of Insecure and all of the success the show has seen thus far.

Amanda: “I’m very excited about the show. I think for a lot of us we are just so shocked that we came back so quick. For the fan’s it doesn’t seem as quick, but for us it is. We finished shooting last year in September and t went on air in October. It aired until December and we were back shooting again in April. It’s not the typical schedule for HBO shows, so we’re all just like okay we’re doing it, it’s season two, we’re ready, let’s get it.”

We met your character Tiffany last season and quickly learned she’s that one boujee friend, who can’t do much wrong. Is there more to Tiffany we should know? Is that just who she is?

Amanda: “See here’s the thing, that is the real her like legit. Tiffany really is boujee, pulled up and tight. When I say the ‘real her’ what I mean is, she is somebody who is private. Where as some of the other girls let it all hang out, she doesn’t do that. She believes that what happens in between her and her man should stay between her and her man. She’s not the type of gal to blab her business so much, but what we do get to see from her this season is just her warmth. Last season she was a little bit icier and this season she’s a lot warmer. She is definitely not there to shade.”

How do you as Amanda Seales relate to what Insecure represents for us as black women?

Amanda: “I’m really about us being the bearers of our own message and the tellers of our own stories. So the fact that Insecure is written by a black woman and it is her story – it’s something that doesn’t happen too often these days. I mean we’re getting it a little more [in entertainment], but in Television for far too long, we haven’t really had our stories being told. And for me, as someone who is ardently about defining myself, you aren’t going to tell me who I am – I’m going to decide who I am. Insecure really speaks to that spirit about me.”

Your family is originally from Grenada. How was that experience like for you growing up as a 1st generation American?

Amanda: “I mean for one, I feel like my manners level is on another level because culturally, they just don’t play that. My mother has taken me back to someone’s house because she said I didn’t fold my linens after a sleepover and I was returned to the home. Culturally we just have more manners it feels like. I had something different with my West Indian mother that a lot of other first generation kids I feel like don’t have, which is that my mom was very supportive of my work in the arts. My mom was always a very, “do you” type of parent and from an early age, I was always ardent about the stuff I was pursuing whether it be in the arts or academically and so she really just supported that.”

So, you used to be a rapper, correct? 

Amanda: Yes…..*Amanda gets bashful and starts giggling*

Do you mind spitting a bar for us? 

Amanda: “Smile in their face even though they’re green with envy, I don’t call em haters I call them eco – friendly!”

Did being a female rapper teach you anything about female empowerment, if so what did it teach you?

Amanda: “A lot of times hip hop makes you feel like women empowerment means being more like a man and what society has deemed manhood to be which is: lacking emotion, hyper tough, and loud. That to me is not accurate. Women empowerment is really just about speaking your truth fearlessly and not letting the male gaze define how you define yourself and that can be really hard in a world that is still based on how men view things. Our reproductive rights are being determined right now by a bunch of white men sitting in an office that doesn’t know shit. They’ve never seen a black titty off of a porn site. So, what are you going to tell me about a mammogram?!”

You have been selling shirts that read, “I’m Not Hostile I’m Passionate”. Can you tell all of the haters who think that you are hostile what this message means and where it came from?

Amanda: “That message came out of the incident that took place with Caitlyn Jenner that I now call the Caitlyn clinic where I had to school her on her privilege and on the difference between her America, and America for people of color. She had gotten upset with me because I was saying that Donald Trump was speaking and behaving in a way that made me say he could eventually be as bad as Hitler. She said well that’s hostile and I don’t want to talk anymore. I had to explain to her that I am not being hostile, I’m passionate about these issues because they affect us. They affect all of us.

When I say, ‘I’m not hostile I’m passionate’ that means just because something makes you uncomfortable or somebody is speaking in a way that is direct and that is sure and that is intelligent, doesn’t mean that it is an attack. When that comes from black women, far too often it’s considered as an attack.

So, “I’m not hostile I’m just passionate” is really about black women especially but anybody can wear it who identifies with it, it’s about taking ownership of the fact that when we say things and we say it earnestly doesn’t mean that it’s invalid because when people put violence behind something it makes it invalid.”

(You can purchase the t-shirts here: teespring.com)

As a “revolutionary woman” and a comedian who is described as having a huge personality, how do you handle people who think that you are “too much’?

Amanda: “F*ck Em. Next question. I am not for everyone, have you seen my Instagram bio?”

Can you tell us about the Smart, Funny, & Black comedy show?

Amanda: “Smart, Funny, & Black is a show that I do every first Tuesday at Nerd Mount in LA. We’ve had amazing guests that range from Wayne Brady to Issa Rae to Ron Funches. It’s my brain child and it’s basically using the game show format to celebrate black culture through various games that explore black history, the black experience, and black pop culture in front of a live audience. I just really was tired of seeing a number of negative images of black people in media outside of the comedies face but on the news, etc.”

What’s next for you? 

Amanda: “I am working on a book so for all the people that ask me on IG when I am going to write a book. It is in the works, it’s happening and moving forward you can always catch me doing stand up. I’m going to be hitting the road for some things as well.”

Lastly, what do you want the world to know about Amanda Seales?

Amanda: “That what you see is what you get. I think sometimes when people see people with big personalities they think that it’s being put on or that it’s coming from a fake place or insecurity and it’s not. It’s really coming from a place of I feel like I have really started to become and figure out how to live my best life and I am really fortunate to have a platform and people who are interested in my thoughts on how to do that and apply that to themselves.”

Five Kenyan Girls Are On A Mission To End Female Genital Mutilation With New App

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Five teenage girls are on a mission to end female genital mutilation (FGM) in Kenya, Africa after creating a brand new app named i-Cut. App creators Stacy Owino, Cynthia Otieno, Purity Achieng, Mascrine Atieno, and Ivy Akinyi are heading to California for the 2017 Technovation Challenge, a competition in Silicon Valley that helps girls around the world become tech entrepreneurs.

The i-Cut app provides girls with easy access to legal and medical assistance before and after FGM has taken place. This illegal, non-medical procedure intentionally alters or causes injury to the female genital organs, and is a growing problem in Kenya and other African countries beyond.

This procedure has absolutely zero health benefits for girls and women, and can cause severe bleeding, urination problems, large cysts, and infections. According to the World Health Organization, more than 200 million girls and women alive today have gone through FGM in 30 countries in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

Although FGM is illegal in Kenya, it is still practiced due to culture and tradition. FGM is a ride of passage and part of the pre-marital process.

Thanks to these strong Kenyan teens and i-Cut, girls who are being forced to undergo this procedure can alert authorities through the app. The app’s interface includes five different buttons: “help,” “rescue,” “report,” “information on FGM,” and “donate and feedback.”

The “Restorers,” as the girl’s refer to themselves as, were the only African team invited to the Technovation Challenge this year. The challenge offers winners $15,000 to help continue their app’s development. Here’s what one of the teenage girls, Stacy Owino, had to say”

“This whole experience will change our lives. Whether we win or not, our perspective of the world and the possibilities it has will change for the better.” – Stacy Owino

The Restorers hope to raise awareness and safety concerns regarding FGM, and encourage girls and women to get help when needed. Watch the girls talk about FGM and the app below.

Great job ladies, keep fighting for what’s right!

Source: Blavity.com

The ‘Phenomenal Woman’ Tee Supports 7 Different Women Organizations

July 31st was Black Women’s Equal Pay Day – a date that symbolizes how far into the new year a black woman would need to work in order to match the amount her white, non-Hispanic male counterpart earned during the previous year. Social media buzzed with statistics, important information, and beautiful photos of some of our favorite women who are killing it in their respected fields.


If you paid close attention you noticed an on going trend throughout the day. Women like Yara Shahidi, Serena Williams, Issa Rae, and Tracee Ellis Ross were all rocking the same t-shirt that read, “Phenomenal Woman.” The empowering t-shirt was inspired by the iconic poem “Phenomenal Women” by Maya Angelou and created by Meena Harris.


Meena Harris is the founder of I’m An Entrepreneur, Bitch, an organization focused on women’s economic empowerment. When you purchase the “Phenomenal Woman” t-shirt you are supporting 7 different women-focused organizations – such as the Planned Parenthood Education Fund, The United State of Women, and Emerge America.

If you would like to purchase a shirt click here.

Source: TheFader.com


Father and Son Graduate From College Together

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The #blackgradmagic has been inspiring this graduate season. A number of black graduates and their stories have been impeccable. At William Paterson University’s graduation, a father and son walked across the stage one after the other.

“It has always been my dream, my goal to finish college.” – Duvinson Jeanty via CBS 2 New York.

Duvinson is a Haitian immigrant who had been in school for some time. He completed his goal when he graduated with his bachelor’s degree in finance after studying for 10 years. Duvinson wanted to go to school but like many other immigrants, he had the responsibility of taking care of his family first. Instead of going to school full-time Duvinson took one class at a time while also driving a bus for the New Jersey Transit.

His son, Benjamin Jeanty graduated with his bachelor’s degree in psychology.“My dad has been a big inspiration for me,” Jeanty told CBS. Benjamin told Fox News that “he gave us the example that we should always look to better ourselves.”

Jeanty worked for 3 years after high-school and was inspired to go to college by his father’s dedication to education.

“I [started] making good money, and making money is cool, but how am I serving the community? How am I helping others?” – Benjamin Jeanty

Jeanty was unable to answer those life questions so he quit his job and found a position that would allow him to work with special needs children and then he hit the books! Jeanty decided to attend William Paterson because his father was already enrolled there.

Now that both Bejamin and Duvinson both have degrees they say their work isn’t over. Duvinson plans to go into the real estate business while Benjamin will work full-time at a school for special needs children.

Congrats to both of these men for beating the odds, from generation to generation!


Elaine Welteroth Officially Becomes Editor in Chief at Teen Vogue

Elaine Welteroth has officially been named editor in chief of Teen Vogue!

Welteroth has been a part of the Teen Vogue team, holding the title of editor and overseeing the title with digital director Phillip Picardi and creative director Marie Suter.

As editor in chief, Welteroth’s job is to expand Teen Vogue’s presence through new consumer experiences and products. Welteroth prides herself on being the bridge and not the divide when it comes to diversity and inclusion.

 “Elaine is incredibly in tune with the Teen Vogue audience and has used that unique insight to engage and connect with her readers on a very personal level. Over the last year, she has demonstrated a fearless leadership in her pursuit to make Teen Vogue the voice of a new generation, and we look forward to all she will accomplish in her expanded role as Teen Vogue’s new editor in chief.” – Anna Wintour, artistic director of Condé Nast and editor in chief of Vogue

Welteroth and her colleagues have given Teen Vogue’s content a unique political and cultural energy that has been noticed by journalists outside of the fashion and beauty world.

In December, Dan Rather called out Teen Vogue for their viral op-ed called, “Donald Trump Is Gaslighting America.” Website traffic skyrocketed to 7.7 million visitors last month, from three million a year earlier. This traffic continues to expand and has now reached 9.2 million views, according to Conde Nast.

Welteroth’s is more than deserving of this position and her amazing work has numbers to back it up.

Keep sprinkling #blackgirlmagic over there at Teen Vogue!