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10 Do’s & Don’t of Wearing Makeup


“My name is Devi-Ann Rampersad (rather be called Devi) and I’m a marketing management student from Brooklyn, NY. Expression of emotion was what inspired me to tap into makeup. I’ve always loved it. But around the ages of 12 or 13 was when I really started going hard at trying to perfect it. I was the only one in the 7th grade coming to school worrying about how my makeup looked, and a lot of the times I got made fun of for that. I learned to do makeup by watching various beauty influencers on YouTube and recreating their looks. Yup! YOUTUBE!! I spent a majority of my time doing that even when I had nothing to do, so thats how I’ve learned. I continue to do makeup because it is something I really love. It’s a form of art, and I am an artist. Making people of all shapes, colors, and sizes is what inspires me to continue.”


  1. SKIN PREP! 

Protect your skin by prepping with a base. Always create a barrier between your bare skin & your makeup for protection. Skin prep is so important; moisturizer, eye cream, and maybe even a serum/facial oil is all you need to protect your skin while having a nice moisturized base!


Primer is so necessary when it comes to beating a face! Whether it’s a natural or full glam; adding a primer with your skin prep is what’s REALLY going to keep that make up lasting all day long. There’s tons of primers that all do different things. Find out what kind of primer your skin desires, incorporate it into your skin prep routine & watch that makeup last all day!


Lashes are something that complete almost every eye look! All you need to do is apply a strip of lash glue, let it dry for about 3 minutes, hold your mirror below your face, look down & place your lashes right in the middle of your lid. Fix the corners to your desire. Looking down into your mirror is KEY!


Ever confused on where/how to contour? Take the handle of your brush, place the tip at the top of your ear, & hold the handle along side your face to help you vision where you should place your contour! Picking up product with your brush, tapping off the excess, & swirling the product in an upward angled motion will help you get the perfect chiseled cheekbone.


Priming your eyelids is necessary if you ever want to make those shadows pop. It’ll also help your shadow last all day long and prevent creasing, while covering up any veins or discoloration on your eyelids. This helps to give you a nice camouflaged base! Concealer can be used as an eyeshadow primer as well!



When doing contour and highlight, one thing people tend to do is place their concealer directly underneath the bottom lash line. That’s the last thing you want to do in order to prevent creasing. Place your concealer half an inch under the eye; you’re going to blend upwards anyway!


Every female wants to create the perfect winged liner. If you have the patience for tape, make use of it. Otherwise never pull on the eye to get a valid winged liner. Try placing your pinky finger on your cheekbone to keep your hand steady, then drawing your wing. Start from the middle, bring the wing outward, & fill it in.


To each is own, but doing your eyebrows & eyeshadow looks prior to foundation will help a lot! It will help prevent fall out in your foundation, which will save much more time. Focusing on the eyes first will help your beat face come out flawlessly!


In some cases, people believe that their skin is oily, so they tend to skip the moisturizing step in their makeup or daily skincare routine. Some use nothing on their face prior to makeup; but you should NEVER skip moisturizer. This can cause dehydration in the skin which can cause the skin to produce more oil & dirt buildup.


It sounds crazy but yes, lots of girls do it. Never go to sleep with your makeup on ladies! Using a makeup remover in the form or a balm/oil can help calm & hydrate the skin, while gently removing makeup & cleansing pores.

Courtesy of GLAM by Devi

Summer 2018 Nail Trends That Every #CivilChick Should Try

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Most of us ladies love and appreciate a beautiful nail trend or color. As the summer approaches and our toes and nails will be out for the world to see, we have to make sure that we slay when it comes to our nails. Nails are fun and a great way to express yourself outside of your hair and outfit choices. Most of us love to ask our man or our best friends, “How should I do my nails this time?” or “What nail color do you think I should get?” Well, guess what? LiveCivil.com has got you covered with the latest and most poppin’ nail trends for this summer! Rock these with your sandals and sundresses all Summer 2018.

Summer 2018 Nail Trends

A Bright Orange color is fun, bold, and screams that you’re living your best life and don’t care who has a problem with it .

Checker Board nails are edgy but fun, great for the office. This is a classic french mani with a splash of black to create a different mood.

Texture Play on Play, this look plays with matte and shiny nail polishes creating a new and creative dynamic.

Feeling Wavy?, Play with different colors to create waves on your nails to create an playful and sassy look.

White, Twitter has been raving about the age old phenomenon of the classic white toe nail pedicure. It’s cute, it’s flirty, and it’s angelic.

Metallic With A Stretch, If you leave the bottom near the cuticle without polish you will be able to stretch this look out forever without needing a refill.

Nothing But Neutrals, Paint every nail with a different natural color to create a fun but neutral and professional look.

Colorful French Tips, This look is here to stay and looks gorgeous on shorter nails. Spice up your usual french tip with a new summer pastel.

Miss Jamaica, Davina Bennet Lands Natural Hair Campaign With Shea Moisture

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Davina Bennett, Miss Jamaica and 2nd runner up for Miss Universe made waves when she rocked her all-natural afro during the glamourous competition.  Constantly using her platform to empower black women to embrace the beauty of their kinky and curly textures, Bennett recently became the first ever face of Shea Moisture for their “Jamaican Black Castor Oil” line.


When Davina Bennett stunned the audience and lit the internet on fire with her natural hair and commanding presence. The Miss Universe pageant is a rare host of afros and Bennett chose to take a step forward to change that narrative. Following the beauty pageant, Bennett continued to highlight natural crowns. She began using the hashtag #AfroFriday and uploaded pictures of users, tagging photos of their natural hair with the hashtag.

Shea Moisture and Bennett seem to make a perfect pair as both the brand and the beauty celebrate beauty of all shapes, shades and sizes. Becoming the first ever face of the Jamaican Black Castor Oil line is sure to be the first in a long list of future campaigns led by Davina Bennett.


EDEN BodyWorks Launches “Beyond The Label” Women’s Empowerment Initiative

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Beauty brand EDEN BodyWorks launches a new campaign to highlight the versatality, strength and nature of women with their Beyond The Label initiative.  The campaign aims to declassify women, abandoning labels placed on them by society.  The EDEN BodyWorks feuled campaign will begin for Women’s History Month, recognized in March.

Beyond the Label was created to encourage women and the communities they thrive in to look past social constructs and celebrate every facet of their being.”

The series begins with an intimate dinner, featuring women of different paths. The brand will celebate their contributions to the world, address the challaenges they face and affirm the success experienced beyond labels placed on them by others.

On February 28th, the “Beyond the Label” dinner series will kick off in Los Angeles with special guests including celebrity hair stylist Felicia Leatherwood, fitness expert Lita Lewis,  founder of My Fab Finance Tonya Rapley-Flash, Assistant Professor, University of California, Dr. Constance Iloh, author and founder of karmabliss.com Devi Brown and Kiki Ayers founder of Ayers Publicity. 

Beyond The Label will also craft original video content and launch an interactive website featuring a closer look into the lives of each guest featured and an opportunity for women across the globe to share their own compelling stories.

Glass ceilings are made to be broken, so we shatter them every day. From the home to the boardroom, women around the world continue to create their own paths and define victory on their own terms,” said EDEN BodyWorks Founder, Jasmine Lawrence.





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Living beyond NICU. __ Becoming a mother hit my bucket list later in life (started getting the itch after 35) and dating with a purpose was now a mandate, not simply a thought. Becoming a mother at 24 weeks during my pregnancy was unexpected and life altering. It catapulted our lives and shook my faith to its core as I watched our son fight for his life month after month. BUT God! __ Ten months after he was born, we were able to take our son home. This journey hasn't been easy. There have been a lot of moments of "why" and days that we will never understand the full plan for his/our lives. We do believe that many are called, but few are chosen so this path is one that God destined for our home, our family. __ Living beyond NICU sounds easy when you've left the hospital and are home. It's really a mindset for me. I had to release all the fears of caring for my son, of how the world would receive him, of how he could thrive if I couldn't be there. I thanked God for a year of no hospital stays recently. I thanked God for the power to move on and enjoy where we are. I thanked God for letting me go beyond caring for him and refocusing energy on being the best me – for him and me! I am living beyond NICU! #beyondthelabel #nofearonlyfaith -@browngirlmktg __ Thank you @browngirlmktg for sharing your inspiring story! Head to GoBeyondTheLabel.com to download + post your image on social media using the hashtag #beyondthelabel. #LinkInBio #EDENBodyWorks

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Lori Harvey Lands Spokeswoman Deal As New Face Of Pat McGrath Labs

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Lori Harvey, a supermodel on the rise in the fashion industry has joined iconic makeup artist and businesswoman Pat McGrath.  Harvey, who got her standout start during men’s fashion week 2017 in Milan has tapped into the commercial market with this major campaign.

Although raised in a Hollywood adjacent lifestyle, Harvey says she was able to have a normal childhood.

“My parents did a good job of keeping us out of the spotlight and letting us have a normal childhood so we could be kids and not live life under a microscope…They let us decide if we wnated to be in the industry” says Lori Harvey to Vogue.

Parented by comedic superstar Steve Harvey and wife Marjorie Harvey, Lori Harvey grew up with access to glamourous behind the scenes moments. Often traveling with her mother, Lori Harvey watched as MUAs prepped Marjorie Harvey for events and frequently went to the bathroom and imitated those looks on herself.

Harvey stars in the newest video for Pat McGrath Lab’s #InTheMirror series which celebrates new eye and lip products. The Mothership IV: Decadence Eye Palette and new MatteTrace lipstick shades all co-star with Lori Harvey in the sultry advert. McGrath and Harvey became acquainted during fashion week where Harvey remembers McGrath taking great care of her.

While this partnership is new, 21 year old Harvey is no stranger to Pat McGrath Lab’s product. Lori Harvey reveals she has been a long-time fan of the high-end makeup brand. The Skin Fetish highlighter in “Golden” is one of her favorite products.

“When she wanted to work together it was a such a dream come true because she’s always been one of my biggest beauty icons.” remarks Harvey.

Pat McGrath shares similar exciting sentiments about Lori Harvey.

“Lori is an obvious muse. She’s a true beauty who radiates with effortless glamour and has such a rare energy.

Take a peek at Lori Harvey slaying in Pat McGrath Lab’s #InTheMirrorSeries below:

Aja Naomi King Joins The L’Oréal Paris Family

Aja Naoimi King, a rising actress in television and film joins the L’Oréal Paris family as their newest celebrity correspondant.  King who currently stars in ABC’s ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ will lead digital, print and television advertising campaigns for not only cosmetics but also hair and skincare.


King, excited about her new career move with L’Oréal has her mom to thank for her love of beauty and cosmetics and can remember watching her mother’s beauty routine in her youth.

“Growing up, I watched my mom apply her makeup in the morning and wanted so badly to be part of that daily ritual with her. Seeing how much she enjoyed putting makeup on, including her go-to L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Lipcolour, inspired me to love makeup as much as she did,” says King.

King’s first campaign will be for True Match Lumi Glow, a new collection that aims to create an effortless glow for consumers, including glow boosting drops, and bronzers.  Aja Naomi King will also serve as a presenter at the L’Oréal Paris Women of Worth celebration, an annual event celebrating the inspirational lives of 10 women making a difference in their communities.


Aja Naoimi King’s enthusiam is reciprocated by L’Oréal.

“In welcoming Aja to the L’Oréal Paris family, we are thrilled to strengthen our diverse roster of spokeswomen and further connect with a younger generation of consumers…Aja has openly and powerfully shared her journey to overcoming feelings of self-doubt and as such, inspires others to embrace their own beauty and self-worth. She is incredibly talented, accomplished and most importantly, fully understands and embraces our brand philosophy of ‘Because You’re Worth It'” says Tim Coolican, President, L’Oréal Paris USA.





Halima Aden Covers ‘Glamour Magazine’, Talks Fashion & Being Her Own Person

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Halima Aden is not only a gorgeous model, but she’s an important figure in the fashion world in 2017. The 19-year old, IMG-signed superstar was the first Somali-American model to compete in a Miss Minnesota USA pageant and was also the first to wear a burkini doing so.

She’s become a voice for young minority girls and boys who aspire to follow in her footsteps; at such a young age, Halima is breaking down barriers left and right giving thousands of people hope and motivation to be themselves.

The young model recently covered the front of Glamour Magazine and wrote an open letter explaining her love for fashion, how she got involved in the industry, her mindset of “being her own person,” what she hopes to do with her success and much more.

Read some excerpts below and visit Glamour for the full thing.

On her origins and changing the stereotype:
“I’m Somali, but I was born in a Kenyan refugee camp, and we came to America when I was seven…Muslims make up only about one percent of ­America, so it’s a very small group and there are plenty of stereotypes about us­—we’re not often portrayed as people doing good things. I want to change that. I want everyone to live to their full potential without having to fear someone will try to knock them down or discriminate against them.”

Overcoming fears:
“I wanted to challenge certain people’s ideas of Muslims, especially around standards of beauty. I wish I could say I was calm backstage, but being the first hijab-wearing Miss Minnesota contestant was nerve-racking. How were Somalians going to react? I didn’t want to let anybody down. But then I thought: It’s Miss Minnesota. I am a Minnesotan. I know I qualify—I shouldn’t limit myself.”

Advice to women and young girls:
“I want to show people there’s not just one way of being Muslim. Mostly I want to show all women: You don’t have to conform to one standard of beauty. And to all the other Muslim girls: If you’re into something and you don’t see other Muslim people doing it, that’s your job.”

Ramona Griggie Makes Millions After Launching Line Of Do-It-Yourself Teeth Whitening Kits

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Ramona Griggie wanted to whiten her son’s teeth as a graduation gift for completing his bachelor’s at Duke University. While price matching and trying to find the best teeth whitening service, she found out that the service was quite expensive ranging from $700-$900.

So, Griggie took the matter into her own hands and decided to buy the $250 machine offline and do it herself; this investment has now turned into a business for the mother and wife.

Griggie went full force with her new business as she rented out a work space and began to gather clientele. “It was a cute little setup where people would come and pay $100-$200 for a one-hour procedure,” Griggie told Essence. She began selling $35 do-it-yourself kits online, which became a big hit. After some successful marketing and advertising, Griggie’s product has attracted many celebrities such as Amber Rose, Monica, and Kevin Hart. She made $1 million in her first 60 days of business and she has a flagship boutique in College Park, Atlanta.

Can you say #BlackExcellence and #BlackGirlMagic?!



Source: Blavity.com


Angela Bassett Set to Launch Skincare for Darker Toned Women

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When it comes on to aging, Angela Bassett has mastered the secret to looking absolutely flawless. Luckily, she’s  going to share her fountain of youth with us.

The Golden Globe winning actress is teaming with friend and skincare professional, Dr. Barbara Sturm to cure the image setbacks ladies of color deal with. Issues, such as hyperpigmentation, were the motivations for finding a solution for African Americans and Latinas. Thus,  Darker Skin Tones by Dr. Barbara Sturm was born!

Thanks to these ladies, women everywhere will figure out how to let their melanin glow without any hassle. Black America Web reported, “The product line includes a foam cleanser, enzyme cleanser, face cream, face cream rich and hyaluronic serum.” The prices range between $58 to $335. Pick it up exclusively at Harrods in-store and online now!

Sephora Launches New Program To Support Female Beauty Startups

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One of the leading beauty products brand Sephora has made a major move today. Due to the lack of female entrepreneurs in the beauty industry, Spehora has launched a program deemed Accelerate for female founders of beauty startups.

“We saw a unique opportunity to draw from our history of working with beauty entrepreneurs to build a supportive community for women who are in the early stages of developing their businesses,” said Corrie Conrad, head of social impact at Sephora. “As a key initiative of our Sephora Stands social impact programs, which aim to use Sephora’s strengths for even greater good in our communities, we hope to build an ecosystem of support for more than 50 women-led beauty businesses with a social impact by 2020.”

According to Black Enterprise, the 12-month program is broken down into 4 key components: design support, mentorship, and grants and funding. Those will eventually lead to “Demo Day,” which is an opportunity for members of the program to pitch their ideas to senior leaders of Sephora and potentially receive a $2,500 scholarship grant.

SEPHORA will also be hosting Classes for Confidence in April of this year. initiative that utilizes the company’s existing infrastructure and programs for even greater good. Conrad continues, “This series of specialized in-store classes are complimentary and were developed to help inspire confidence in women facing major life transitions. Classes for Confidence offer a supportive environment where participants can learn and have fun, while also empowering SEPHORA store employees to make a difference in their communities.”


Justine Skye Addresses Body Image and “Perfection” in Recent Instagram Post

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The Purple Unicorn herself has been on a career high lately. Justine Skye been all over the world promoting her Emotionally Unavailable Tour that kicks off in just a few weeks. But of course with all the fame, lights, and cameras it’s easy to get caught up in the things that don’t matter.

In a recent Instagram post the singer addressed an issue that is often pushed to the side: body image. In the caption she speaks on individuals desire to pursue the dictionary’s definition of perfection when in reality, all the things we consider “flaws” are actually the things that make us unique.

Classically Beautiful “The Discussion” (NYC) Examines Beauty of Black Women (VIDEO)

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In an effort to further examine the the power of black women, Quest and Coal Crown have teamed up to provide a platform for women around the world to have a dialogue about their internal and external beauty.

The primary goal is to open up a conversation with women of all shapes, sizes, complexions, and personalities about the importance of their words and their ability to positively co-exist with one another.

“There is power in the voice, we manifest the things we speak about,” Quest shared in a recent statement. In the video above Coal Crown was able to create a visual that Quest hopes will inspire black women all over the world.

Coal Crown Creative’s mission is to encourage, inspire and agitate people of color through the manifestation of art, culture, and intellect. The above video is just one of their many initiatives.

Check it out and be sure to follow both Quest and Coal Crown on Instagram for more information.