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SZA Speaks On The Importance Of Thinking For Yourself

By Posted on 0 1 m read

#LiveCivil Question: When deciding to pursue your career as a singer, there were people who told you how to should look and sound. What made you you think for yourself and record music true to your heart?
SZA:  I was broke and living out a backpack on couches. I had nothing else to lose and myself was all I really had. I always felt like no one ever did anything or said anything to me more passionately than I spoke or did for myself.  So I thought screw it, “Live and die by your own decisions. You’ll have no one to blame and no excuse.” I never understood the word NO. Once I discovered the word wasn’t real, just the sentiments behind it. I then decided the word wasn’t real, and every situation was pliable. Basically, my overly passionate broad delusions of “more” kept me focused.

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