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Summer 2018 Nail Trends That Every #CivilChick Should Try

By Posted on 0 2 m read

Most of us ladies love and appreciate a beautiful nail trend or color. As the summer approaches and our toes and nails will be out for the world to see, we have to make sure that we slay when it comes to our nails. Nails are fun and a great way to express yourself outside of your hair and outfit choices. Most of us love to ask our man or our best friends, “How should I do my nails this time?” or “What nail color do you think I should get?” Well, guess what? has got you covered with the latest and most poppin’ nail trends for this summer! Rock these with your sandals and sundresses all Summer 2018.

Summer 2018 Nail Trends

A Bright Orange color is fun, bold, and screams that you’re living your best life and don’t care who has a problem with it .

Checker Board nails are edgy but fun, great for the office. This is a classic french mani with a splash of black to create a different mood.

Texture Play on Play, this look plays with matte and shiny nail polishes creating a new and creative dynamic.

Feeling Wavy?, Play with different colors to create waves on your nails to create an playful and sassy look.

White, Twitter has been raving about the age old phenomenon of the classic white toe nail pedicure. It’s cute, it’s flirty, and it’s angelic.

Metallic With A Stretch, If you leave the bottom near the cuticle without polish you will be able to stretch this look out forever without needing a refill.

Nothing But Neutrals, Paint every nail with a different natural color to create a fun but neutral and professional look.

Colorful French Tips, This look is here to stay and looks gorgeous on shorter nails. Spice up your usual french tip with a new summer pastel.


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