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Strangers Donate $30,000 to Single Father in Need

By Posted on 4 1 m read

Leon Logothetis’ #GoBeKind tour changed the life of single father James Moss who happens to be homless. Moss told Logothetis his story on the streets of Denver about how he left New York City in an attempt to give his son a better life.

He had recently moved to the area and his housing had fallen though shortly after he arrived. He was afraid but knew he would make a way for himself and his family. Little did he know Logothetis was going to gift him with $1,000 and put him up in a hotel for a week.

The Youtube video went viral and shortly after that Moss started to receive donations to help him get on his feet. He was extremely humbled and thankful for the donations.

Check out the heartwarming video below


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