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Sprinkles: A Lil Advice, A Lil Comedy, A Jamaican Host and An Unhappy Caller

By Posted on 0 2 m read

Be clear… this is no “Think Like a Man, Act Like a Woman” but this is my personal nightmare of where I see these philosophies going.  In contrast to the ever-growing philosophies of men finding another way to control the emotions and actions of women (cough), this video is a hilarious showing of a mixture of the two.   Through the comical act, and much of the raunchiness, the self-awareness approach to the answer is a bit frightening and telling at the same time.


Usually when you call into a radio show for advice, you expect the host to hear you out. Things didn’t seem to work out in such a way this time around. Instead, the caller received some blatant, uncensored advice on how to keep a man, but the advice isn’t the norm of what you’d expect.  The host gives the woman some sex tips and some sprinkles of self-empowerment in between telling her own life stories and sex escapades.  In the end, it turned out to be a spectacle of comedy as the two became defensive, but there are one, two, maybe even three legit pieces of advice that women may want to take notice of… and none of them are related to “quintting”… but i digress… Most of what she has to say is outrageous and wildly entertaining, but there are some gems amidst the heathenism (lol). Even gems that we at Live Civil could abide by… can you rummage through the bull and find the shining stones? Give it a try. Teeheehee….


What’s the verdict, ladies and gentlemen? Did you agree with her on anything?

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