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Somewhere At The VMA’s Miley Cyrus Was Still Twerkin’…How Do You Feel?

By Posted on 0 3 m read

So…if you happened to watch MTV’s Video Music Awards last night, you might be aware of the performance that included Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke as they performed their hit singles “We Can’t Stop” and “Blurred Lines” respectively. This was easily the most shocking moment of the show which started with Miley Cyrus parading around with “blazed” stuffed animals and ended with Billy Ray Cyrus watching the television in tears as his daughter threw it back on a man dressed like a foot locker associate almost twice her senior. If you weren’t thoroughly disturbed and confused like the Smiths…


or completely un-enthused like Rihanna…

Rihanna reaction to Miley

Then most likely you enjoyed the performance that young Miley Cyrus twerked out.

A couple of months back Jay-Z refereed to Miley Cyrus as

“ old world’s worst nightmare”

and many American’s were definitely clutching their pearls for sweet baby Jesus during the 20 year old’s set. In the entertainment industry we’ve seen so many Disney child stars go lose their minds due to drugs, sex and violence; but we’ve never seen someone quite like Miley who has none of those aliments and all of the side effects. In all honesty, you have to admit this seems completely natural to her and that makes it even more frightening to the Blue Bloods of society. The fact that one white girl can have such reckless abandon about her image and her attitude is traumatizing. She doesn’t need their money, their sponsorship or a positive public reception being an under-aged celebrity…this changes the gameplan. Millions of young teenage women want to be just like Miley and admire her for her lack of regard. The fact the she “invented” twerking when it was “invented” about 27 years ago means nothing to these young bucks; it just makes her all the more awesome.

This is a generation of kids who just don’t care about perception anymore. The fact that Robin Thicke is married and could be Miley’s uncle is totally acceptable. When you destroy the social norms America has fought so hard to instill, these crazy concepts like acceptance, equality and togetherness start to rear their ugly head. This of course is more much in depth than what young Miley thought out when she decided it would be cool to have Teddy Bears on acid and get her hair done like Coolio…


but it’s the worst case scenario for parents who want their 20 year old little girls to be the 20 year old little girls from the Brady Bunch. Miley is the girl that everyone wants to be friends with but no one wants to be related to. I imagine this is how Hanna Montana’s brother reacted to the performance…


Depending on what spectrum you come from, your view on Miley Cyrus will come from a bias standpoint. It’s hard to look at her completely objectively. Her performance was either trashy, disgusting and a disgrace to parents everywhere or amazing because she a young, risk taking teen who’s pushing the envelope on what’s morally acceptable. In closing, whether you love or hate Miley Cyrus you have to admit that this performance was very…creepy.



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