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Singles Awareness Day: How To Make V-Day Enjoyable

By Posted on 1 3 m read

Valentine’s Day isn’t only for spouses.  But for the many who are single on this day,  some tend to take it harder than necessary.  This day is for lovers.  All lovers.  That’s love for your family, friends, life and blessings.  It also helps to remember that you’re not the only single person on Earth.  Most of all, if you’re one of these people who aren’t so sure of what you could do to make this day go by faster without getting all caught up in your feelings, here’s our Top 5 Tips for Singles Awareness Day.

1. Don’t think of it as Singles Awareness Day! (aka S.A.D)

Yes, that’s right!  I sucked you in, I know!  But thinking of Valentine’s Day as a big old pity party will be the first downfall of your day.  It’s still Valentine’s Day.  If you recently lost someone close to you (or not recently), take a moment to buy flowers for them and visit their grave-site or memorial.  Call up friends and family, see how their day is going, and don’t feel down if they may be doing better than you believe you are.  Valentine’s Day is all about love.  You get what you receive.  Make this day a powerful day of positive vibrations!

2. Get out of the house

All of the movies will be about love.  All of the television shows will have a Valentine’s theme.  And while for some it can instill hope again for a new love, others may be too sensitive for the over-sensationalism.  You’ll be stuck inside all day wishing and daydreaming. And well, that’s just pathetic!

3. Grab another single friend

From personal experience, there’s always someone you know who feels just like you.  If you recently spoke to a friend– who you may or may not be interested in– but you are sure they have no plans, make plans!  Head to the movies for anything anti-romance!  (Maybe an action or suspense movie.)  Make it a cute day without the pressure of impressing anyone.  And if you do have a crush on them, there’s nothing wrong with flirting, but don’t set yourself up to believe anything may come out of it.  Live in the day and live in love.

4. Don’t troll on Facebook

If you do decide to loathe around your living quarters feeling miserable about yourself, the last place you should be is Facebook.  You will see engagements, pictures of presents, heart graphics, tagged lovers’ names in statuses and more.  Now, of course, this will not phase you if you’re not distraught by this day.  But you must be aware of what you may see once you log in.  Old flames will have a new; arch enemies will be happily in love; and you will feel as if all of the hype and hallabalooza is true.  Maybe it’d even make a fun game to write down all the names of those in love, and check back on it in May… you may be surprised 😉

5. Don’t be one of those people

“One of those people” definition: people who use V-Day to make others feel bad for them; friends who can’t show excitement for another friend’s happiness; people who call/text their exes to see if anything should re-spark or re-kindle.  Just be wise about the actions you take.  Sometimes your emotions can get the best of you, we all are guilty of this.  But don’t bring down someone else’s day to benefit your own selfish feelings.  Keep it together.  Keep it stable.

Love isn’t only about a spouse.  It’s about life and happiness.  Don’t let your relationship status dictate your love.

Live Civil

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