Shoe of the Week: Fendi Cuffed Suede Pumps

For this week’s shoe of the week, LiveCivil’s fashion writer, Sable Tempest, has went with the Fendi Cuffed Suede Pump. The shoe has a gold ankle cuff and pointed toe. The sexiness and boldiness of the shoe will be a great finish to an eye catching look or a simple outfit. Essentially, fashionistas can dress up or down with the shoe and still be the main attraction.


You can purchase the shoe at: Fendi Cuffed Suede Pump

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  • Bhagya
    February 12, 2014

    In saying you lost its btheorr / moving I think I am pretty sure that you mean it got lost when you yourself moved into a new house/apartment/location. But I also remember when my friend drove over a bridge with his family, and his foot was out the window for some reason, and he lost his shoe to the water below their moving car. So for when they got to their vacation destination, he only had one shoe. It just reminded me that you can lose something both actively and unintentionally. I like the idea in your poem that you’re holding onto one part of something you know that will never be complete again. Alot of things kept in cars, at least for me, have silly sentimental value, and are both always sitting there and always moving with me.

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