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Exclusive: Shelah Marie & Aisha Thalia Talk Self-Acceptance & Mindfulness Movement ‘Curvy, Curly, Conscious’

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Aisha Thalia

You’re both meditation and yoga enthusiasts but how would you say meditation came into your lives?

Shelah Marie: For me, I’m an actress so I would constantly be in New York performing, writing, or getting ready for a show and although I would always be on stage doing what I love, it felt like time was just passing me by. I wasn’t living in the moment. I was completely isolated, and wasn’t sharing what I was feelings. It made me feel ashamed in ways that in most situations, I would be waiting for the train and I’d get random thoughts like “how fast would it be, if I jumped in front of the train….” So for me overall, yoga was first introduced to me then came meditation, which was a way to get these negative thoughts out of my head.

Aisha Thalia: Meditation came into my life when I started to look for alternative ways to get off my depression medication. It wasn’t allowing me to be the best mother I need to be because I was always on them. I became lazy and I wasn’t the best person I could be. And by no means am I against depression medicine but I’m much more a pro in finding alternative ways to change or help something.

I also took the approach of meditation when my mom bought my daughter a book that read: ‘Sometimes Mommy Gets Angry,’ which was about a mother who would always stay in her room, and even though I wasn’t to that stage, it broke my heart. So meditation became a part of my life when I was searching to be a better person and a better parent.

Along the way, what have been some obstacles you’ve faced, and how were you able to overcome them?

Aisha Thalia: For me, it’s still a battle everyday. It’s not something that I’ve fully overcome but I will say that it’s getting better. However  I’m always fighting and constantly reminding myself of who I am, and what I’ve done. By all means, I’m not a guru or an expert but I can and will share with others what has helped me come this far. But it’s honest an everyday battle.

Shelah Marie: I agree.

The Curvy, Curly, Conscious movement is without a doubt very uplifting and empowering, but is there was one piece of advice you would tell other young girls or women?

Shelah Marie: It’s hard living on social media and constantly being targeted with images that tell us to be like this or act like this. So for me it would be to be who you are, don’t focus so much on others ideas and comments, and continue pushing through. Focus on yourself on what you can do!

Aisha Thalia: Yes, I agree with Shelah. I would also like to add that and say to be the person you want to see in the world. Don’t get me wrong, but I really think women should start letting other women live their lives and be okay with that. A big part of accepting yourself is accepting others to be themselves. Sometimes people are so many and don’t accept others, so that’s something I always tell young girls and women.

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