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Exclusive: Shelah Marie & Aisha Thalia Talk Self-Acceptance & Mindfulness Movement ‘Curvy, Curly, Conscious’

By Posted on 11 5 m read


Shelah Marie

Talk to us about the Curvy, Curly, Conscious (CCC) movement, and how did it start?

Shelah Marie: It started pretty organically. I was beginning to share my story with depression and anxiety on-line, along with starting to talk about my body acceptance and loving oneself. I then started identifying it with the hashtag #CurvynCurly. During that time, I was also getting to know Aisha, and I was literally a fan of Aisha’s work. (laughs) So when we became friends, I told her it would be cool if we did something for these women whom we were constantly connecting with on-line. At that time, Aisha also had the hashtag #CurlsCurve&Consciousness, and that’s how it came along.

Another major reason why we started CCC is because women of color tend to suffer from this superwoman syndrome in a very particular way. Women of color are seen as being strong, which included their body appearances too. At the end of the day, this tells us that we should be strong and fearless everyday, but when we aren’t, we automatically think we’re weak or something’s wrong with us. So to me Curvy, Curly, Conscious is a safe space.

Aisha Thalia: This has been Shelah’s baby. I’ve literally just come in to help with the panels and whatnot. It’s been her, the website, and everything that’s come down with it.

When someone attends one of your (CCC) events, what can they expect from it?

Shelah Marie: They can expect a group of women who are looking to grow in a fun and light way. You can expect to have a dope panel discussion that are engaging and will give you tools, tips, and techniques for a healthier, happy life.

Aisha Thalia: We also found out that based off last year’s events it was some of these ladies first time doing meditation and yoga.

Since creating the CCC movement, what has been one of the most defining or fulfilling moment for both of you?

Shelah Marie: Something that’s inspiring and keeps me going is the impact that we’re making. Even thought we’re a small team, I get messages and emails from women thanking us for what we’ve done in their lives or how meditation has changed them. Also, hearing first hand accounts of how our movement is helping women become more confident and self aware, while embracing the characteristics that make them unique.

Aisha Thalia: For me, I think it’s the trust that people have in us. You know… They put a trust in you with their secrets and when they open up. Not only that, but I think way before our platforms (as individuals) the fact that we put ourselves as listeners and to be a sounding voice for others struggles. That to me is the most fulfilling part.


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