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RNC Attendee Taunts, Throws Peanuts at CNN Camerawoman

By Posted on 3 2 m read

Yesterday a African American Camerawoman for CNN had peanuts and slurs thrown her way at the republican national convention. The camerawoman covering the convention had peanuts thrown her way by an attendee of the event who shouted out “This is how we feed the animals”.

Is this what Republican party thinks of African Americans? Yes I know that there are Black Republicans and yes they have supporters but this is truly sad. To antagonize a person doing her job in covering this convention is something that shouldn’t be pushed under the rug. So far CNN hasn’t made any statement regarding this and they probably won’t because they won’t want this to be a stain during the convention but this deserves to be looked into. We need names and answer as to who did this and why hasn’t CNN reported or at least giving a statement towards it as well as why hasn’t any member of the republican party stepped out to at least apologize and show us that this is a isolated individual and that the thoughts of the Republicans aren’t represented with the man that threw the peanuts.

The speeches given last night were to make Americans feel relatable to Mitt Romney and his Colleagues but with a situation like this not being addressed and more so being brushed aside how can WE truly feel equal if they don’t stand up to show us that things like this aren’t daily occurrences?

Do you feel the Republican party owes this young woman an apology for this? Is CNN wrong for not putting this story out there to make the public more aware of what’s going on?


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