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Rhymefest’s Situation With The Chicago Police Inspire A New Song

By Posted on 3 2 m read

This past weekend, Grammy Award-winning artist Rhymefest, known for his major contribution to Kanye West’s “Jesus Walks” and work with The Donda House was robbed at gun point on the south side of Chicago. Luckily he survived without any injuries, but the tragedy didn’t end there. When the artist, community leader, and creative went to report the crime he was treated disgustingly by local police officers and staff.

After the video went viral with over 2,000 retweets on Twitter, the Chicago Police Department apologized. Apologies are cool and all but this is yet another situation where the cops aren’t protecting their community as they should. Research shows that police injustices   are happening on many different levels. Police reports and cases in lower economic areas are handled insufficiently in comparison to rural areas.

“75 percent of police officers that I’ve ran across. They see you as a potential criminal instead of a citizen that needs protection.” – Pastor Bruce Mcclue

Rhymefest fueled his anger into art hours after the incident, and created “#copsNrobbers”. The tracks producers and engineers include Xzibit, S1, Epikh Pro, Damon Ranger and feature Chicago Rapper, John The Author. Rhyme Fest lyrically told his story on the track while John The Author followed up and addressed the bigger picture of what is happening in Chicago.

African Americans have always turned their pain into beauty, especially when it comes to the arts. The African American Art culture has so much depth, richness, and genuineness because it is a representation of all that we have been through, what we have over came, and where we are going.

Take the time out to listen to Rhymefest’s latest track entitled “#CopsNrobbers” below:

Source: ChicagoTribune.Com








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