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Rev. Neichelle Guidry Speaks on Social Justice in ‘Curating a World’

By Posted on 1 1 m read

Curating a World: Sermonic Words From a Young Woman is the latest piece to speak on social justice issues in the nation.

Rev. Guidry used the publication to bring attention to the experiences of women and injustice. The author, who Ebony called “one of her generation’s most powerful female faith leaders,” could no longer take the constant “violence of black bodies.” That is what motivated the 15 sermon book. As well as, the messages fashioned to build empowerment for women.

“We are living in a time where the discussion of these topics are crucial for overall survival. Fruitful dialogue is an imperative part of the process of creating change, particularly if it leads to the transformative work and ministry.”

All information for Rev. Neichelle Guidry’s novel can be found here.


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