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Remember The DC Sniper Beltway Shootings 10 Years Later

By Posted on 0 2 m read

10 Years ago the nation was terrorized by the then unknown ”DC Sniper”. For 23 days John John Allen Muhammad and his apprentice Lee Boyd Malvo not only shook up a region of the country but a nation that was still dealing with the tragedies of 9/11.

Since 2002 they have executed John Allen Muhammad for the murders and sentenced Lee Boyd to several life sentences without the possibility of parole. Now from the confine of his prison Lee Boyd speaks on the situation.

10 Years later Lee Boyd Malvo now 27 reflects on their plan for the month of terror. The moment that stands out to Malvo is the moment where he saw Ted Franklin’s eyes after Muhammad pulled the trigger. Malvo remembers being in the blue Chevrolet Caprice, in which police found binoculars and walkie-talkies. He scanned the area to make sure John Allen Muhammad had a clean shot. After giving the Go Ahead Muhammad shout Franklin as she entered Home Depot.

I remember the DC Sniper situation clear as day just seeing the nation in fear again made my heart and mind uneasy. We had just started the healing process from 9/11 and gotten over the recent anthrax attacks that had just happen. Only difference was that this terror was homegrown. For weeks we wondered where the DC Sniper would choose to go. When it finally ended I was relieved but also saddened by the fact that someone so close to my age could help commit such atrocities. The shootings not only ruined and ended lives but also tore fear into everyone in the DMV Area.

Do you have any memories of the DC Snipers month of terror? A day that made you realize that this could possibly go longer than it was?


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