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Recognizing and Pursuing The “Side Hustle”

By Posted on 0 2 m read

Gone are the days where a 9-5 was enough. Your grandmother, and perhaps even your mother, may have survived with a 9-5, eight hours a day, 40 hours a week, work week but this generation is a little different. The millennial generation has uniquely incorporated side hustles into our work weeks and it has changed the game immensely.

A side hustle can easily be defined as, “that thing you do on the side” but for many it’s so much more than that. Side hustles have become an opportunity to pursue additional passions, explore new things, or simply earn extra income. Because it is done on the side, it requires much more time than your typical 9-5 and that’s something to take into consideration when embarking on a side hustle journey.

The idea of working even more naturally scares some people. If the thought of putting in extra hours for your side hustle scares you, do not do it. By no means should your side hustle create additional stress.Do it because you love it. Do it because it’s going to make you happy. Do it because you’re good at it. Do not do it if it’s going to take away from any of the aforementioned. It won’t be worth it.

If you’re considering doing something on the side, think of the many things you’re good at and find a way to strategically turn it into  a little business. Are you good at planning events? Are you good at graphic design? Are you good at writing? Seek out opportunities to enhance your experience, help you make additional connections, and build a name for yourself. If you’re good at what you do and if you put in all the necessary work,  slowly but surely people will start flocking to you for business. The thing is, you have o do it wholeheartedly or not at all.

For whatever reason you decide to embark on a side hustle, understand, you are not hustling alone. In fact, side hustles are becoming such a norm that many have turned their side hustle into their full time job. Imagine getting paid for doing something you’re both good at and that you love! If that’s not motivtion enough, we don’t know what is. Keep hustlin’!


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